COMICS: Tony Stark Goes On Trial As "Godkiller" Continues In IRON MAN #7

COMICS: Tony Stark Goes On Trial As "Godkiller" Continues In IRON MAN #7

Marvel has released a batch of preview pages from Kieron Gillen (Young Avengers) and Greg Land's (Uncanny X-Men) Iron Man #7. In the unlettered preview, we see Tony Stark on trial for his involvement in the death of the Phoenix in Avengers Vs. X-Men.

• THE SHI’ARD - race of aliens related to the Shi’ar - accuse Tony Stark of killing their god.
• That god was the Phoenix!
• Can Tony trust the ancient alien machine that has offered to help him?

Pencils & Cover by GREG LAND

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duncboy - 2/4/2013, 5:56 PM
I've been enjoying most of Marvel Now, including Iron Man, but this just seems a bit too off the wall now.
mctrinket - 2/4/2013, 5:59 PM
Woah Woah Woah--this makes no friggin' sense! The Shi’ar first appeared in the pages of Marvel specifically to KILL Jean Grey as The Phoenix. Now it's their God?

marvel72 - 2/4/2013, 6:05 PM
i couldn't get into iron man at all,nice artwork but that's about it.
Ambushbug - 2/4/2013, 6:08 PM
@mctrinket, It's the Shi'ard's God, not the Shi'ar's God, a related race.

Can't say I'm digging the story that much but I do like the art style.
MarvelSquadie - 2/4/2013, 6:10 PM
with all alien planets, when one guy goes on trial, he always somehow ends up as a gladiator fighting for his life.. lolzz
MutantEquality - 2/4/2013, 7:03 PM
Tony Stark is a pansy without the suit. Can't imagine him holding his own gladiator style.

Minato - 2/4/2013, 7:39 PM
I guess Caps training is paying off.
NightForce - 2/4/2013, 8:23 PM
Yeah this is going to be interesting to see...
MarkV - 2/4/2013, 10:33 PM
Space helmet looks lame.
AUSSYACE - 2/4/2013, 11:12 PM
What is up with that STUPID STUPID MASK over a Helmet...
RPD - 2/5/2013, 1:28 AM
Tony is ripped. Hope this won't be a case of "looks like Tarzan, fights like Jane"...
unknownfacts - 2/5/2013, 3:46 AM
Planet Stark.
xstryker - 2/5/2013, 6:10 AM
Ancient robot... That means UNIT is back!
Shadowelfz - 2/5/2013, 6:16 AM
Ugh. Mehval strikes again.

Seriously how can a company with the best characters in comics and nearly endless resources choose the worst editors and writers?
KaneVonDoom - 2/5/2013, 7:20 AM
@MutantEquality, @Beatnation You guys realize that Stark has plenty of training in plenty of different martial arts and fighting techniques.

Or do you feel that the genius just hung out on a team with Secret Agents, Super Soldiers, Brawlers and Masters of fighting styles without gleaning a thing...
HULK2099 - 2/5/2013, 7:22 AM
I was picturing RDJ while looking at that the whole time
NightForce - 2/5/2013, 9:56 AM
Very true sir indeed sir...

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