COMICS: WOLVERINE Meets His Demise As 3 MONTHS TO DIE Begins This June

COMICS: WOLVERINE Meets His Demise As 3 MONTHS TO DIE Begins This June

Strap in for a gut-wrenching, blood soaked tale of betrayal, vengeance and a hero’s death as "3 Months to Die" kicks off this June in Wolverine #8, all culminating in a grisly September finale that will apparently have the whole world on the edge of their seat...

Friend. Teacher. X-Man. Avenger. Assassin. Hero. The man called Logan has worn many faces and lived many lives. Tortured by the horrors of his past, Logan has spent the better part of his life on a path to redemption.

But all paths eventually end. And there will be no happy ending for the Wolverine. Left without his healing factor, the invulnerable killing machine has found himself mortal for the first time in his long life. And as past sins come back to haunt him – he’ll have to pay the ultimate price.

"If the title sounds ominous, it's for a good reason," says Editor in Chief Axel Alonso. "What will be waiting for readers in September, when '3 Months to Die' is over? Let's just say, it's going to be the buzz of the comics world."

Alienated and alone with no X-Men to protect him, a killable Wolverine prepares to make his final stand. Deadly forces are closing in, and time is almost up. What will become of the Wolverine? And what does the Marvel Universe look like without him in it? Nothing lasts forever, and the beginning of the end starts this June in WOLVERINE #8!

The clock is ticking. Wolverine has 3 MONTHS TO DIE!

Variant Cover by RYAN STEGMAN
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DrDoom - 3/14/2014, 1:45 PM
I wonder if it involves death.

TonyMasters - 3/14/2014, 1:49 PM
jimoakley666 - 3/14/2014, 2:03 PM
[frick] off, Marvel. Just [frick]ing [frick] off.
Dmon - 3/14/2014, 2:04 PM
I heard in issue twelve he becomes a Homosexual. Which I think is great because finally a big mainstream homosexual superhero. I think Wolverine is just perfect for them.
Nivekian - 3/14/2014, 2:04 PM
Didn't they just "kill" Wolverine?
Dmon - 3/14/2014, 2:05 PM

Interestein - 3/14/2014, 2:13 PM
Marvel's comics division is such BS right now, bring on the HARD reboot.

Heroes for Hire
The Avengers
Fantastic Four
Ant-Man and the Wasp
Black Panther
Captain Marvel
Captain America
Captain America and the Invaders (WWII stories w/ Wolverine, Fury, The Human Torch, Bucky, Namor etc.)
The Sinister Six
Guardians of the Galaxy
Iron Man
Hawkeye/Black Widow: Secret Avengers
West Coast Avengers (Scott Lang, the Wasp, War Machine, Iron Fist, Falcon, White Tiger)
Moon Knight
Midnight Sons

Those are just off of the top of my head, but Marvel is seriously [frick]ed right now.
Bl00dwerK - 3/14/2014, 2:24 PM
Most interesting thing I've seen from Wolverine is forever...
Iamthebluegoose - 3/14/2014, 2:26 PM
I hear next September they're going to kill off Marvel Comics, so we can see how the world handles it. Because people tune in to see the lack of their favorite characters.
CF12793 - 3/14/2014, 2:28 PM
I'd be way more happy if comic writers cut the BS and just told us what to expect.

"Yeah, Wolverine will die. Yeah, we'll bring him back." I mean, they're stripping away everything from the character that the fans love. They might as well just be upfront about what their plans are.
freebirdink843 - 3/14/2014, 2:30 PM
Dmon, been outta comics for a few years cuz i personally think it fell off (besides grabbing origin 2 today) but is that insert of xtreme xmen for reals?????
BATMANx - 3/14/2014, 2:36 PM
Screw you Marvel. You jerks Always kill off fan favorites. Wolverine is my number 1 Marvel Superhero.. this is BS
JaiHo - 3/14/2014, 2:39 PM
"Nothing lasts forever" - "Yeah, he`ll be back in about a year or half".
Dotanuki - 3/14/2014, 2:39 PM
I'm going to digress here and I hope this shows up on the main page but over at Bleeding Cool there are some major rumblings about the Fantastic Four movie totally imploding.

WeaponX93 - 3/14/2014, 2:44 PM
He'll be alive again by the time the next movie comes out
SimpleeComplex - 3/14/2014, 3:21 PM
Put this sad dog down...and then resurrect him 3 months later as the OG badass Logan.
arsonjack - 3/14/2014, 3:32 PM
Nothing lasts forever what about almost every single character in marvel. Wolverine os the most interesting character in marvel stop ruining him or give to DC.
marvel72 - 3/14/2014, 3:48 PM
he was my favorite character many moons ago,now he'd be lucky to make my top ten.
Dmon - 3/14/2014, 3:50 PM
@freebirdink843 Yes lol
Dmon - 3/14/2014, 3:57 PM
Wolverine sucks anyway. Here is the Greatest X-Man of all time:
J0RELLC00LJ - 3/14/2014, 5:08 PM
No, they'll put Magneto's mind in Wolverine's body and make him a worse prick for about a year until people hate themselves into oblivion.
HavocPrime - 3/14/2014, 5:14 PM
Marvel could do with a reboot/relaunch that DC had done but I do like the current X-Men series and want to see how that pans out
ManCalledSting - 3/14/2014, 5:49 PM
I'm the greatest ex man there is! I've got te downstairs mixup to prove it.
ManCalledSting - 3/14/2014, 5:51 PM
Havoc: It's much more fun to have confusing timelines and continuity, that gets retconned and then changed again, than it is to simplify things.
ManCalledSting - 3/14/2014, 5:52 PM
Also, rebooting would screw up all te cramming of the movieverse into 616 they've been doing.
Enki - 3/14/2014, 6:25 PM
Wolverine dies. That causes his healing factor to kick in again and he is immediately resurrected.

There you go. I just spared you the three month wait for this travesty of a story.
Epicboy - 3/14/2014, 7:08 PM
Good to see iron fist go back to his old costume, really didn't like the white one.
freebirdink843 - 3/14/2014, 7:49 PM
Everybody opinion is accepted my this unbias marvelite, me personally DMON, wolverine is my favorite, but i do agree his in everything. Too much n marvel isnt really doing much in comics. He was my hero growing up in 80s n 90s. Back when he was the most badass comic character out. Once the cartoon came out, everybody loved him n that is when he started moving away from what made him special. Cyclops is badass himself. Loved him in the past few years when he became a more militant leader. I wish it was back at marvel just as much as the next man, but even with a few okay movies, im just happy to see my heros on screen now.
lucio7lopez - 3/14/2014, 8:00 PM

Hell yeah! Cyclops is THE X-MAN!
MericawithanM - 3/14/2014, 8:45 PM
marvel to the fans regarding their comics "get f---ed"
OneBadDay - 3/14/2014, 9:34 PM
@HotRodFan899 Couldn't have said it better myself.
Brady1138 - 3/14/2014, 9:56 PM
Another death...woooooooo.....
loki668 - 3/14/2014, 10:42 PM
Oh yes. A comic book death will REALLY put us "on the edge of our seats". Suuuuuure!! If you really want to surprise us, have him get his abilities back and just write good stories about him, instead of trying to gimmick your way to the cash register!
Bl00dwerK - 3/14/2014, 11:06 PM
Better to be dead than continue the way they write him now...
freebirdink843 - 3/14/2014, 11:12 PM
Amen hotrod, amen
ManCalledSting - 3/15/2014, 7:23 AM
I actually think having him die, and having that cause his healing factor to kick back in, is an acceptable idea.
Iamthebluegoose - 3/15/2014, 8:07 AM
Hotrod--you're absolutely right. It diminishes the character when, years down the road, the reality is that the character was originally created as [white/straight/American/male], but was "adjusted" for diversity's sake. Hopefully Marvel has enough creativity in their ranks that they can create new characters/heroes that are diverse. Piggybacking on existing popularity is lazy indeed.

As for Wolverine--here's hoping they cut him out of most everything and stick him with the same writer/artist for a long time after his resurrection. He could use some consistency these days.
TelaVizion - 3/15/2014, 9:39 AM
I like that Octo-Spidey is the one to give him the armored suit.
BeyondTheGrave - 3/15/2014, 9:52 AM
This is why I haven't read marvel since fear itself (which I never finished) they keep changing too much, keep having crossover's...and the more I read the more pissed off I got. Wolverine is one of my favorite characters and healing factor?
batman1216 - 3/15/2014, 9:54 AM
While I am sick to death of "event" comics, especially death and resurrection of iconic heroes, for Wolverine this may be a good thing. Wolverine is my 2nd favorite Marvel character and always will be, but a break from him in the comics world may be a blessing. It gets to clean up the mess that has been made of him being on every Avengers and X-Men team and refocuses him a bit. They can eventually bring him back on one X-Team and one solo book and kind of reset him as the lone wolf bad ass he was meant to be. To be honest, personally I have never been tired of the character and actually like the continued growth and development of the character into more of a leader and productive member of the X-Men, but most don't so this could work. On a side note if they ever turn Wolverine, Spider-man, Superman, Captain America and especially Batman gay, I am done with comics and comic movies forever. I am not a homophobe and have no problem with gay people or the creation of new gay characters, but established icons that I have invested a lifetime in reading and watching should not be ruined for a political statement or agenda. As a heterosexual man these are my male heroes and I am entitled to them.
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