Embrace the Future – Your First Look at ULTIMATE FF #1!

Embrace the Future – Your First Look at ULTIMATE FF #1!

This April, witness the birth of a new team of super geniuses the likes of which the Ultimate Universe has never seen in ULTIMATE FF #1 – a mind-bending new series from blockbuster writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Mario Guevara!

Though they survived the cataclysm, the Earth lay in ruins. And though Galactus and his Gah Lak Tus swarm was defeated – the Ultimate Universe is breaking apart, and fast. The world’s greatest minds – Sue Storm, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson and Machine Man must band together to solve problems too big to tackle alone.


As the new and improved Future Foundation, they are all that stands between us and cosmic level threats that would see the entire universe extinguished.


But world ending threats are not their only problem! And old foe has returned…and he’s joining their team?! Doctor Doom has resurfaced, and he is their only hope to stop the oncoming destruction! But what is Doom’s true agenda? And will the FF uncover it before it’s too late?


Don’t miss the blockbuster first outing of a new team for a new era. The stakes have never been higher this April in ULTIMATE FF #1!

ULTIMATE FF #1 (FEB140778)



Variant Cover by GIUSEPPE QUATTROCCHI (FEB140779)

FOC –03/24/14 On-Sale - 04/16/14

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marvel72 - 3/24/2014, 7:08 AM
not sure if i like or not,i think i'm swaying more to not liking.
BATMANx - 3/24/2014, 7:11 AM
This is Intresting.. Im First
Pasto - 3/24/2014, 7:17 AM
This. Is. Bullshit.
Pheezmatic - 3/24/2014, 7:28 AM
[frick]in sucks....
Thevenominside - 3/24/2014, 7:40 AM
mckone's artwork is shit. met him at austin comic con and his personality isn't any better.
Fray - 3/24/2014, 7:51 AM
Why Sue and not Reed? Seems out of place. Guess they needed the token female character on the team.
marvel72 - 3/24/2014, 7:55 AM
@ fray

just like the new movie on the way needs its token black guy.
WombRaider - 3/24/2014, 8:28 AM
tiny heads.. massive muscles....what a [frick]ing terrible artist...almost makes the superior spider man artist look good...ALMOST
BATMANx - 3/24/2014, 8:55 AM
Wait Sue's black? what about Johnny?
Franshu - 3/24/2014, 9:10 AM
That's some terrible art...
SuperiorMrGod - 3/24/2014, 9:12 AM
No. I refuse to embrace that.
V8ER - 3/24/2014, 10:29 AM
I didn't even know Machine Man was still a valuable character. Huh. Oh well. The art is pretty crappy
DrDoom - 3/24/2014, 10:39 AM
What an idiotic line-up, and the art looks like puked shit.
l0rdleg0las - 3/24/2014, 10:53 AM
Why is Iron Man in everything now? I like the character, but there is such a thing as too much.
sameoldthing - 3/24/2014, 2:50 PM
Decent idea with new members..awful costumes. Blah!
Bearjew - 3/24/2014, 5:01 PM
Fantastic four is gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
dellamorte1872 - 3/26/2014, 2:17 PM
Tony Stark, Machine man, Invisible woman and the falcon? That's a unique FANTASTIC FOUR! No desire to read it but I like the idea of her creating a new team. Why wouldn't she include her brother though? To my knowledge GRIMM is back to being human and REED is evil now in a misunderstood way. But why this team? Odd
dellamorte1872 - 3/26/2014, 2:20 PM
Fantastic four - she hulk (Betty Ross in the ultimatverse)
Invisible girl
Miles morales
War machine

That's a better team I think
dellamorte1872 - 3/26/2014, 2:21 PM
I'd honestly put Cannonball on the team over WM but idk if he even exists anymore in the ultimatverse
dellamorte1872 - 3/26/2014, 2:22 PM
Machine man is fun though, but I bet he'll turn villain eventually
LEEE777 - 4/11/2014, 11:50 AM

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