If I Could Be Kevin Feige For A Day

If I Could Be Kevin Feige For A Day

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never had more momentum but what moves would diehard comic fans make if they could place themselves in Kevin Feige's shoes?

Like many hardcore comic book fans, my friends and I spent the weekend talking at length about everything "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" got right. Cap has been my favorite superhero as long as I can remember and not only was I blown away by the movie itself but also by the courage Marvel demonstrated in being willing to upset so much of their cinematic status quo with what is essentially a political thriller unlike anything we've seen in a superhero film to date. Fans and critics mostly seem to agree that Feige's experiment with different sub-genres within the world of superheroes is paying off artistically and commercially, a trend that will hopefully continue with this summer's "Guardians of the Galaxy".

My friends and I got around to talking about what Kevin Feige has achieved in such a short period of time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what moves he might make in the future to keep these movies fresh and engaging. The topic turned into a drunken game that I thought would be fun to share with other Marvel fanatics online. For the sake of keeping this game interesting we can only choose from projects and story lines that have not been announced or heavily rumored about thus far. We can reasonably expect Black Panther, the Inhumans, or Doctor Strange to be announced at some point in the future, so hands off. The goal of this exercise is to find characters or story lines that break new ground for the Marvel Universe, not to anticipate obvious sequels to successful franchises (unless you can think of some brilliant new direction for an existing character).

For me personally, I would like to see Marvel tackle Jim Starlin's epic run on the character of "Warlock" from the 1970s. 


As a kid in the 1980s I first came across some special editions published by Marvel that collected Starlin's entire run on the character from 1975-1977, a run that is now collected in a great hardcover volume of Marvel Masterworks. This was my first exposure to cosmic space opera in the world of comics and I was absolutely mesmerized, particularly by the grand finale that saw Spider-Man, the Thing, Captain Marvel & the Avengers teaming up with Warlock to save Earth from total destruction at the hands of Thanos.  A lot of readers remember Warlock from "The Infinity Gauntlet" (1991) and from the 2008 run of "Guardians of the Galaxy" but in my opinion all of these stories fall short of what Starlin accomplished decades ago with this hallucinatory and often emotionally overwrought saga.

The story of Adam Warlock is uneven and ends abruptly, but the high-water marks of the tale are unforgettable and overflowing with cool ideas. The opening arc of this collection sees Warlock going to war with the Universal Church of Truth, a galaxy-spanning cult of religious fanatics that worships the Magus, a dark deity that turns out to be none other than a twisted version of Adam Warlock from the future, now hopelessly insane, immensely powerful, and rocking a huge white afro (I'm still trying to figure that one out). Just this plot twist alone about made my 8-year-old head explode. To fight the Magus, Warlock joins forces with Gamora (soon to debut this summer in "Guardians of the Galaxy"), a troll named Pip (basically Tyrion Lannister) and a total badass we recognize from the closing credits of "the Avengers", Thanos. I don't want to give too much away to those who have not had the pleasure of reading this story, but I love scenarios where villains and heroes are forced to form a temporary alliance for a common goal, in this case, stop the Magus and prevent the future where Warlock becomes the Magus from ever taking place. After many twists and turns the story climaxes in my all-time favorite Avengers story that I referred to above, one that takes place in "The Avengers: Annual" #7 (1977) and "Marvel Two-In-One: Annual" #2 (1977). 


If adapted, this tale would be an excellent bridge across several existing Marvel franchises, introduce an excellent new protagonist, and possibly even entice Fox and Sony to form a temporary partnership with Marvel so that Spidey and the Thing don't get left out of the fun. Obviously this is unlikely from a legal standpoint but the goal of this game is suggesting cool stories, not correcting the mistakes Marvel made in the 90s licensing out some of its best characters to greedy studios.

So give me a shout and let me know what stories and characters you think would bring something new to the Marvel Universe. Kevin Feige clearly doesn't need any help from us to run his studio but there's no harm in getting our thoughts out there about stories we'd like to see in the future. For now, make mine Marvel. 


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marvel72 - 4/9/2014, 7:12 PM
hmmmmm,i would probably go for.

-the inhumans
-the incredible hulk 2 & 3
BubSnikt - 4/9/2014, 7:15 PM
It would be great for Guardians 2 to be in Phase 3 and have Warlock to set up for Avengers 3
BubSnikt - 4/9/2014, 7:16 PM
Cosmic is really where they should go next. Nova, Ms. Marvel, Annihilators, there's so much story to be told in space.
MexicanStarLord - 4/9/2014, 7:19 PM
Just give me a Guardians & Avengers crossover movie and ill be happy. I would pay just to see StarLord and Tony Stark in a scene together.
sikwon - 4/9/2014, 7:21 PM
I would love, LOVE, a Negative Zone movie that focused on Blastarr taking over the Nzone. Hell I would even like a comic like that.
sikwon - 4/9/2014, 7:21 PM
@mexicanstarlord.. I think we will get something like that.
AlexanderLykins - 4/9/2014, 7:28 PM
Adam Warlock is my Dad's favorite character. So this would just be perfect for him. All Feige has to do is introduce the Universal Church of Truth, Adam Warlock (We've seemingly seen his cocoon in the Thor: The Dark World mid-credits scene) and possibly the High Evolutionary.

This storyline, or something similar, is still very possible. After Thanos is defeated in Avengers 3, he is imprisoned. In the post-credits scene, we are shown the Magus. Hello Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in Phase 4. That is assuming we don't get one in Phase 3.
MexicanStarLord - 4/9/2014, 7:29 PM
@sikwon I think so too especially if GOTG is a box office success.
ruadh - 4/9/2014, 7:29 PM
Dark Avengers/Siege, always. And every new MCU release, I revise my concept slightly, but it can STILL work. As cool as I think the Dark Avenger concept is though, having them invade Asgard is just too awesome a concept to not end with.
AlexanderLykins - 4/9/2014, 7:30 PM
Of course these events in the MCU are going to have to be changed a little.
AlexanderLykins - 4/9/2014, 7:31 PM
Great article by the way!
sikwon - 4/9/2014, 7:32 PM
I seriously can't imagine Guardians not being a success. On top of Marvels over all success Batista will bring a large WWE crowd. Seriously, Monday night raw beat the NCAA title game in ratings. I am also 100% sure that we will get Adam Warlock.
AlexanderLykins - 4/9/2014, 7:49 PM
Need to introduce:

-Adam Warlock (His backstory)

- The High Evolutionary (Possibly his backstory or a quick scene showing who he is)

-The Universal Church of Truth (They need to have a presence in the MCU. They also need to already be serving the Magus. They need to have a hand in capturing Thanos at the end of Avengers 3)

-The Magus (He can either be created by Adam Warlock in a mid/post-credit scene or he already exists and is present because of Time-travel)

After Thanos is defeated in Avengers 3, he is imprisoned by the Universal Church of Truth. Adam Warlock now posses the Infinity Gauntlet and one of the gems. The rest are scattered throughout the Universe. (Likely seen at the end of Avengers 3) The Magus, who we see in the mid/post credits scene of Avengers 3, wants the Infinity Gauntlet so that Adam Warlock can't stop the Magus from being created.

The Universal Church of Truth wants the Infinity Gauntlet and Adam Warlock refuses and he is hunted by them. He goes to the Guardians of the Galaxy for help. He also enlists the help of Thanos, who in return will be granted freedom from his imprisonment or exile. They learn the corrupt history of the Universal Church of Truth and learn not only the danger of the Magus but Adam Warlock himself.

That is a basic rundown of a way it could work. So many possibilities with this being a new timeline and universe.
AlexanderLykins - 4/9/2014, 7:50 PM
I [frick]ing hate not having Silver Surfer right now. Oh the possibilities.
dethpillow - 4/9/2014, 7:57 PM
rad!!!! great article and right on!
i wanna see these...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
that's just a bad ass cover, and it's a scary idea.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
because it is mysterious, and look at how upset the villains are, and look how strange Vision is acting about the Scarlet Witch. i actually never owned this comic, but i've only ever wondered about it and the rest of the miniseries. but i bet it's pretty good stuff, just look at that...

and finally...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

this is just pure, unadulterated mysterious things. and the story might not live up to what we expect from the cover, but this was back in the days when you could clock Spidey on the back of the head, with the butt of a pistol. and maybe have a chance of taking him down. back when Spidey with a cold had to worry about 5 thugs in a square room. and besides the crossover appeal, we really get introduced to how things never seem to work out for Peter. he still hasn't really learned his lesson yet, as he tries to invade the FF's lair, seeking a job with them, and leaves angrily, when he hears it doesn't pay.

then Chameleon sets him up with a fake job offer and ends up trying to frame him. i really love these old Spidey comics and i wish they would make a movie that really stuck to the limits set up by them. ugly spots and all... just almost like a weird movie that acted just like these comics did. that's what i wish more than anything about these movies, is different movies that felt like certain periods, didn't have to copy the stories, but that just nailed the vibe. early Spider-Man would be so strange as a movie.
sikwon - 4/9/2014, 8:00 PM
@alexanderlykins... not having Surfer sucks! Alot. And even when Thanks is deleted I don't think he'll be gone. He's a constant presence in the cosmic comics, hopefully he will pop up again in the MCU.2028 and beyond. Lots of story.
dethpillow - 4/9/2014, 8:01 PM
it's almost like Vision is tickling Wanda in a place she doesn't like being tickled. really disturbing actually. now i really wanna read that series and see if he's acting like a villain in this one or what's going on with that.

Vision's a dick. just look at that.

he always looks like some old Hollywood silent movie star. Errol Flynn or something. u know? i kinda hate Vision now that i think about it. mostly, i just remember Wanda being upset with him and how he never really understands things right. creep.
dethpillow - 4/9/2014, 8:03 PM
oh, she's having a baby.

well, i'm sure it can't be his. so i guess that's why he has to act like a dick about it.
AlexanderLykins - 4/9/2014, 8:05 PM
Phase 3:

-Ant-Man (Not sure who the villains are)
-Black Panther (Klaw most likely)
-Doctor Strange (Not sure but possibly Dormammu)
-Captain America 3 (Baron Zemo, Crossbones, Red Skull etc., basically Hydra)
-Thor 3 (Surtur or Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner)
-Avengers 3 (Thanos)

Phase 4:

-Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (Magus or Kang the Conqueror)
-Inhumans (Featuring Ms. Marvel)
-Or possibly a Ms. Marvel movie
-Something with the Hulk in it
AlexanderLykins - 4/9/2014, 8:07 PM
I have no clue why I'm drawing blanks on movies to make. Plenty of great stories to adapt.
dethpillow - 4/9/2014, 8:08 PM
@sikwon - is 2028 any kind of set date for FF rights to revert?
i'd never heard that, but wondering if u meant that, or just referencing marvel's game plan they just announced.
dethpillow - 4/9/2014, 8:28 PM
@AndrewLykins - i'd love to see an Iron Man movie with Madame Masque as the main villain. she'd have thugs and what not, probably have Ghost in it. Hammer too.

an Invaders/SHIELD 50s period movie would be great, old white Fury, Howling Commandos, Invaders, Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, weird Cap and Bucky fill ins. have the enemies be Skrulls or just go with straight up pulp horror monsters of some sort.

or do a SHIELD 60s period movie, old white Fury, young black Fury, Howling Commandos, Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, Ant-Man, Wasp. make it total Bond espionage, SHIELD vs Zodiac, u could even have Winter Soldier pop up. Egghead would totally make sense back then, u could do tons of things u couldn't get away with in a modern setting.

do like a series of those... that would be rad. 60s period movies, SHIELD goes to the Savage Land and stuff. dinosaurs, craziness. Baron Zemo, Ka-Zar and his tiger.even if it was just for 15 minutes, they could go to the Savage Land, nevermind Ka-Zar, and they could run into dinosaurs, and get out of there.

and then you got all the stuff like Moon Knight, Daredevil, Blade, Ghost Rider.

for more indie feeling stuff... do a Hawkeye movie (not with Renner) based on Fraction's latest run. Hawkeye fighting off the Bro Gang, defending his apartment building, bringing up Kate. or do a weird psychological mess of a Sentry movie. something really sad and slow.

they got a ton of things to explore still. what i would love but that probably wouldn't work would be a Journey Into Mystery movie. Warriors Three, but really just a Sif movie. I don't think that would go over well tho.

dethpillow - 4/9/2014, 8:34 PM
actually a lot of the ideas i just said wouldn't really carry a big film. maybe the SHIELD ones, if they were done right, but probably not.

i think they should start making non-comic book movie comic book movies. kinda like how Hawkeye would be. stuff that's really cheap to put out and doesn't have to clear a lot of money, so they could really drop all the blockbuster stylizations, and make something a little heavier. i'd like to see that. Netflix is cool, but i hope they don't just start acting like that's the only place for Moon Knight or Daredevil and stuff like that.

the low budget movies should be almost like bonus round movies. like they made enough money to afford them, they only have to make back a little more than that... and so they can do whatever they want.
that's kinda what i thought they were aiming for a couple years ago. and it sounds like maybe what WB/DC is thinking with it's Sandman tier of movies too. that would just make everyone happy, and u lose nothing, u just get to experiment and take chances with stuff.
ALmazing - 4/9/2014, 8:40 PM
Squirrel Girl movie!!!

aRush - 4/9/2014, 9:20 PM
A couple thoughts I've had...

Moon Knight - has an awesome character and stories to go with it, and would add a new, grittier dimension to the MCU.

"Found Footage Disaster Flick" - While not for everyone, this would allow Marvel to branch out into movie styles beyond those focusing on a specific hero, and would be a safe, low budget movie they could. The idea would be similar to Cloverfield; following a group of people trying to survive in the midst of a major battle in the Marvel Universe (such as The Avengers). It could be filled with cameos and easter eggs, and may be a good way to develop what would normally be supporting characters.

"Council of Godheads" - A throwaway line from AoS got me thinking, what's the story behind the other mythologies in the MCU? Much like in the comics, I'm guessing they are being similar to Asgardians and a movie about a clash between a couple of the pantheons (Asgard breaking a treaty to not come in contact with Earth would be a good source of conflict) could be truly epic, and allow for many more spin-offs about Hercules, Horus, and many other Godly beings. The Egyptian Gods in particular could add some good depth (learning about the source of Black Panther's and Moon Knight's powers) and exciting new abilities (shape-shifting between human and animal in particular) to the MCU.
Destined - 4/9/2014, 9:26 PM
This was mentioned on another site so I'll state it here. It would be lovely to see that time in the Comics when Cap effed up Hank Pym for beating Janet. I would be stanning so hard if I seen this onscreen. I was never fond of Hank, so that's why how they're doing the movie doesn't bother me. Dude was always wining and complaining and Janet was always too good for him. He treated her like trash most of the time. I would cry tears of joy to see Cap go HAM on Hank for Janet sake.
dethpillow - 4/9/2014, 9:54 PM
@Destined - that would feel SOOOOO good. haha. makes me happy u said that.
there's that sad sack side of Hank that's just really needs a punch in the nose.
Cap or Hawkeye would be the ones to do it too, but I'd rather see Cap do it.

he used to see his mom get beat all the time as a kid so i could imagine him just going ape on Hank. i haven't seen that in the comics, i wanna look that up now.

@aRush - found footage thing is a rad idea. at the very least... that'd be a killer one shot. nice. great idea.
AlexanderLykins - 4/9/2014, 10:24 PM
I always thought it would be cool if he hit Janet and then she kicked his butt. It would be a cool nod to the comics and it would be empowering for women.
dethpillow - 4/9/2014, 10:28 PM
@AlexanderLykins - yeah that'd be rad too.

i think the one thing we all want, apparently, is for Hank to get his ass kicked. hahaha.
Destined - 4/9/2014, 10:33 PM
@Deth no prob! I'm glad it was brought back to my memory. I would love it and Cap must be the one to do it! Give him a legit reason to lose his sh*t for once lol. And you can look in the Ant Man comics, not sure which one though. But I do believe it's in his comic storyline.

@Alexander that would be dope too just for how he treats her smh.
Kurne - 4/10/2014, 3:07 AM
I would train to become the Marvel sniper himself.
sikwon - 4/10/2014, 3:13 AM
@deathpillow.. no, unfortunately nothing to do with the FF, it was a reference to their long term plans.
CorndogBurglar - 4/10/2014, 5:01 AM
@ dethpillow

haha, Capwolf! I remember when i was little I couldn't wait to go to he grocery store with my mom to get the next issues of that. I still have them :)
Ace101 - 4/10/2014, 6:07 AM
I would love it if they made a warlock movie. Its only matter of time I think.
Lets see I would like to see movies of these characters:
1. Nova (Richard Rider)
2. Rom the space knight
3. Wraith
4. Balder one shots
5. New warriors
6. Namor
7. Bob the hydra agent one shot
9. Moon knight
10. Midnight sons
11. Movie on the Darkhold
12. Quasar
13. And of course a Thanos movie
Brainiac13 - 4/10/2014, 6:46 AM
Great Article.

I would love to see Moon knight.........he may appear in DD series.
AverageDrafter - 4/10/2014, 8:28 AM
@yossarian I figure if I was Kevin Feige I could hook that up, plus, chick dig dudes who make comic book movies.
@MrALMight Stole mine. I actually have hope that she will show up in the Luke Cage/Defenders Netflix shows as a side character.

More than anything, I want them to go FULL KIRBY. I want to see the crackle (in 3D!). I want Kirbytech designs. I want heightened dialog that ends in a ?! I want the truly bizarre.
cipher - 4/10/2014, 8:36 AM
Yeah.. what I'd do if I were Feige- I'd grab a razor, walk over to the mirror.. and shave my hair off. Just shave it all off.

I don't know why he keeps that tuft of hair on top.. but the more I look at it, the more I wonder why anyone would think the head-pubes are a good look. Or, if he insists on keeping it.. AT LEAST even it out with a pubes-transplant or somethin'.

That. Is. All.
thunderforce - 4/10/2014, 10:14 AM
I would love a team up movie where there was a threat to all the gods and have Zeus send Hercules to Asguard to warn them about it but the guards won't let him in so a big fight starts , Thor comes and a huge fight . Then they go to Odin and he agrees with Herc and offers Thor to help and the two of them team up to stop something huge .
QuestiontheAnswer - 4/10/2014, 11:31 AM
Give me Moon Knight or give me Punisher.
TheLibrarian - 4/10/2014, 12:37 PM
Great article and great idea!

I'd love to see a S.W.O.R.D. movie. It could be an awesome way to bring together the cosimc story and the earth based story. Also an Annihilators movie with Gladiator, Silver Surfer, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Ronan and Cosmo. In fact I'd just love to see on Cosmo in a movie. I'm praying to god he makes a cameo in GOTG. Now that Knowhere has been confirmed, surely the chief of security has got to make an appearance?

Oh, and entirely unrelated, an Cloak and Dagger movie. That would be class.
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