Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics

Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics

The Best of the best: Batman v.s. Captain America, Justice League vs. The Avengers, Lex Luthor vs. Dr. Doom. Who is the better comic book company?

So first im going to tell you what I think and what I want is you after you read this are you for Marvel or DC.

Im a Marvel fan i never really gave DC a chance sorry DC fans lol. I like the stories and the charcaters of marvel a lot. I think that Superman is rediculous i mean he is practically god (sorry christians) Dr.Manhattan is too lol. I do enjoy The Watchmen i think it is a very intresting stoyrline not something you see any every comic book. I cant get over the fact that BATMAN DOESNT HAVE POWERS. Any of Marvel's heros can take him out. I'm amused how many failed batmans they have made and they keep making more tillfinally they get a hit. Now i liked The Dark Knight it was a great movie.Now Iron man and The Incredible Hulk werent as succesful but hey they are making a Avengers movie do u see DC making a Justice League movie in the next 20 years i dont. Now yes the Watchmen movie will kick ass and it will suck if its a bad movie but in the next couple of years The majority of comicbook movies will be Marvel made.
Again the points i addressed were pretty much one sided toward Marvel. So make me think different express your points i wanna read'em. Please no stupid comments just saying DCDCDCDCDCDCCDCDC or MARVELMARVELMARVELMARVEL cause i wanna hear a arguement K.
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RorMachine - 1/19/2009, 8:50 AM
Well it all depends on what you look for in a comic. Ive always found Batman so interesting BECAUSE he has no powers..Superman because he is so powerful..these allow the writers to explore more storylines and get into what makes the characters tic. But i also love The Xmen and various other Marvel characters. For me its all about the writers. A character can be great written by say Chris Claremont..and then turn terrible when written by say Jeff Loeb! I find the best writers tend to work on Dc characters (Miller, Moore, Gaiman, Ennis) so thats why i tend to read more DC

loganoneil - 1/19/2009, 9:35 AM
I tend to follow individual story arcs, as opposed to the grand 'universal' schemes (such as DC's 'Infinity Crisis' or Marvel's 'Superhero Registration' fiasco) where 'everybody' in creation is somehow involved. These mega-attempts to pull in reader dollars do nothing more than drag the creative flow of comics into a convoluted mess. While the idea of cross-title themes are interesting, something on that scale is often 'below-par' and always a disapoointment.

On the idea of Marvel vs DC, I have to agree with rorscharch - the best writers DO tend to work for DC (right now). Marvel (at the moment) seems a bit... full of itself - preachy. Rather than let the stories develop organically, they seem... forced - like a PG-13 version of those old 'after-school-specials'. It's the 'Ooo, we're the comic with heart-and-soul, and damnit you're going to learn/feel something because we said so'. About as subtle as clubbing a baby harp seal...

DC, on the other hand, seems more organic in their approach to storytelling. The story arcs seem more 'believable' and characters development (for the most part) is treated with more respect.

I believe it all comes down to one fundamental difference - DC pays more attention to character first while Marvel focuses more on the action. Which is better? Let the discussion begin....
CaptainDeadpool - 1/19/2009, 10:01 AM
I think they should do a more updated (in cotinuity wuld be sweet too) crossover between the two i enjoyed the first dc vs marvel crossover but now after reading that i think they should do it again with the characters in current stories and the original characters from the first one on both sides it would be an intense expirence...think about it MARVEL VS. DC 2
Spock - 1/19/2009, 11:30 AM
Well I have to say I like both, but honestly I do have more Marvel in my collection than DC. Marvel is more rooted in our Reality than DC I believe. Loganoneil briely mentioned Super Hero Registatration that coinsides with the Patriot Act. As for some other items in Marvel Universe. But Iam not an DC hater. But Iam more of an Marvel Fan.
TheMyth - 1/19/2009, 3:00 PM
I'll start by immediately stating that I'm a Marvel. MARVELMARVELMARVEL! But I do enjoy DC. It was Marvel that first got me into comics as a wee child, as that was what my dad collected. The X-Men are my favorite heroes of all time and always will be. While it's true that in the past few years, many of the more esteemed writers have migrated to DC, but I attribute that to a writer's desire for diversity. I have to disagree with Loganoneil about DC being more realistic. Not to be hostile, but I seriously don't know how you draw that conclusion. DC universe is so convoluted and the way the shuffle around realities, its hard to tell what continuity things are happening or where characters actually come from. I could never get over the silly names and cliche costumes so many of there characters had either. It took me a while to see past that. Now, Batman and Flash are 2 of my favorite superheroes of all time. And I agree with Rorschach, Batman is great BECAUSE he is a normal human, but with his cunning, he can bring down some of the baddest there is, good guy or bad. I will not dispute your view of Superman though. I hate Supes, he is rediculous and I would be very happy if they killed him off for good. There, I said it.

marshmallowyme - 1/21/2009, 3:35 AM
loganoneil's got it absolutely right. I'm not a Marvel hater, just a passionate DC lover. I don't read many Marvel comics, though I've touched my fair share of Spider-Man and Daredevil and whatnot. To me, it seems that Marvel is almost the younger teenage brother of DC. When I think of DC I think of all these complex characters with wonderful origins developing monthly in my favorite titles, but when I think of Marvel I just see a bunch of star-studded superhumans getting into one mega-fight after another. I won't deny that they've got some awesome ideas, like this whole registration act thing (which I haven't been able to read because I have no idea where to start), and kudos to them for killing off Captain America (because it's always good to keep your stories fresh), but I don't know of any Marvel story that has the emotion and complexity of, say, Identity Crisis.

So yeah, it's all really a difference of opinion. Most comic book readers I come across and even most of my friends are all Marvel fanatics, I don't have anyone to talk to in person about DC comics (thank god for the internet!), so they're obviously doing something right. But me, I prefer DC.
TheMyth - 1/21/2009, 11:07 AM
The story arc that you guys are reffering too is called "Civil War" and appropriately so, as it pits brother against brother. If your interested in the story, start with Civil War #1,Punisher War Journal: Civil War #1, New Avengers #20(either #20 or #21, I'm going on memory as I don't feel like digging them out of my collection). These are were the core story is at. But if you want every detail and subplot to it, X-Men and Fantastic Four had there own miniseries involving the war(I think FF had there own), while Spiderman and several others had the story incorporated into their monthly issues.
I enjoyed "House of M" alot more, best arc since Onslaught.

I guess the maturity and perception of the story is quite variable. I think it honestly depends on which company you started reading titles from when you first started with comics. Because I really feel like Marvel is much more mature in their situations than DC. I always go back to that story that was prior to Infinite Crisis I think in which Wonder Woman breaks that guys neck(I can't remember his name) because he is mind-controlling Supes. For those of you that have seen that book, how iconic and legendary and just so well drawn that spread was of WW wrenching dudes head around. Sweet right. But then she is put on trial by the UN for war crimes, gimme a break. Of course she was acquitted, but the whole ordeal left me feeling like I had just watched an afternoon special, the moral being that you never kill, even if it means your own life. Even though the guy controlling Supes made it quite clear that he is not gonna stop using Supes to maim and destroy unless he is killed. I think he even says to WW, "You'll hafta kill me." So she does esactly what she should have. You don't see SHIELD arresting Wolverine for slaughtering Purifiers or anything. In a reality where vigilante's and Superheroes are so common and governments allow them to administer justice, to put one on trial for killing someone in a war... it's like putting a cop on trial for killing an armed bank robber who was shooting at him, or to arrest a soldier in Iraq for returning fire on an insurgent and killing him first. Don't get me wrong, I like alot of DC characters, and I'm not tryin to offend. And yes, sometimes Marvel does move to fast, but I collect a broad range of Marvel titles, and it seems they experiment more with new artist's and writers. This does sometimes even create continuity, but it also means they have a more open door to people trying to get jobs in this business. DC, Time magazine, and Warner Bros. are all owned by the same company, which is another reason I think more esteemed writers lean more in that direction, especially the last few years. Marvel is owned by Marvel Entertainment Inc. which is Marvel comics after buying out Toybiz, meaning that they are self owned and buy subsidaries to transfer mediums, instead of being a subsidary of a much larger company, like DC is to Warner Bros. and has been since the 1960's. Bottom line, DC sold out 40 years ago while Marvel is still self owned and operated.

I do want to convey my respect for DC though as I do enjoy alot of the characters, I do collect Batman and Flash comics as each issue comes out. What I enjoy most about DC as a whole is the caliber of some of the Artists that choose to work for them. While Jim Lee is probably my favorite artist of all time, Alex Ross is incredible. Both of them are currently at DC right now if I'm not mistaken. While I can't stand Superman, I have the 10-12 issues Jim Lee did, the only Supes comics I own.

P.S. It would be my dream come true if Jim Lee and Chris Claremont returned to X-Men for an extended period. I would also settle with Marc Silvestri and Claremont.
loganoneil - 1/26/2009, 9:35 AM
I stand corrected - I found out about the 'death' of Batman and the subsquent rumor of his possible 'resurrection' into the 'Black' Lantern Corp (check out my post on the 'Scoops' tab - WTF people?!!). I think that's why in my original post I used the words "right now" and "at the moment". Well, "right now" and "at the moment", I think the writing for BOTH DC and Marvel is so convoluted and non-senseical, it's heading straight for the toilet!!!! Back to the indies lables for me until the big boys pull their heads out of their @sses and get back to writing decent storylines that don't sound drug-induced!
RorMachine - 1/26/2009, 8:34 PM
Right now im only reading 4 titles from both Marvel and DC...Millers Allstar Batman..even though a new issue only comes out every 6 months or something! Its savage..All Star Superman, X-Force, which i think themyth recommended...great stuff. And Red Hulk..which im starting to get a bit fed up with.
nomewmew - 1/6/2011, 5:58 PM
well I strongly disagree with you about suoerman about beeing a god and batman beeing defeated by marvel heroes as you said superman is a god almost but batman always crushes him like magot cause he is smart and we could say he is almost a superhuman and superman yes I strongly agree he is ridiculous only because he looks completly ygay.
But in marvel comics that I have the encyclopedia there is noones without superpowers and they are all without weaknes from humans you want me to call gay heroes k iron man its likea guy with guns and armor spidergay and a lot of other ppl but I still identifie with some cool heroes Captain Amrica everyone says he is human but he is not he has superpowers wolverine its kinda ridiculous that he can be deafeated only by magneto and finnaly black panther know as tchala aswell.
I prefer dc criminels and heroes and if you say that superman is a god like marvel doesnt have gods you are a suckie comic reader cause marvel has the gds of asgard and the gods of olympus

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