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Secrets revealed in this Original Sin tie-in, from the New York Times Bestselling Creative Team of Jonathan Hickman (Infinity) and Leinil Yu (Secret Invasion) comes Avengers #29. Cover and pages just past the jump...
The artist will be displaying portraits of Marvel superheroes and villains at the "Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo" exhibition at Mondo Gallery in Austin, from April 25 through May 17. After the jump you can three of his favorites: Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Bullseye.
This May, following the debut of the highly anticipated return of Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man #1, experience his early days as Spider-Man like you’ve never seen before in Learning to Crawl, a new 5-issue series beginning in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.1!
This week we look at the Sinister Six, He-Man, a new Transformers Trilogy, Star Wars and more! Plus we discuss Marvel story arcs that we'd love to see made into movies! Hit the jump to support the show!
Peter Parker has returned, and he's about to reunite with Iceman and Firestar in a throwback to the short-lived 1980s animated series, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends in the pages of Kathryn Immonen and Paco Medina's Amazing X-Men #7. Check it out!
Everyone's favorite teleporting mutant's further solo adventures by Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-Men). Covers, pages and description past the jump...
Marvel Cosmic writer Andy Lanning speaks with SCI=FI Now and expresses his desire for a Nova movie.
Brian Wood's (Star Wars) X-Men series - focusing on an all-female team of mutants - has flown under the radar for the most part, but it's well worth checking out. Jubilee fans in particular will want to take a look at this Wednesday's issue #13 as a mysterious villain sets his sights on her adopted son!
Has the recent success of Marvel Studios been a real stroke of genius or are they dipping into a 100 year old bag of tricks?
This May, experience the ongoing adventures of young Scott Summers in Cyclops #1, the all-new series from Eisner Award winning writer Greg Rucka and artist Russel Dauterman spinning directly out of the blockbuster All-New X-Men crossover "The Trial of Jean Grey"! Check it out...
Puppies and kittens aren't the only ones that have been mistreated by their owners. Won't someone, please, think of how much the intellectual properties suffer?!
Regular and variant cover art, new pages and description of the all new X-Force #3 title. Also a new member joining the team...
This May, the character that took the world by storm returns for a brand-new series in Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1. All-New X-Men writer Brian Michael Bendis and New York Times Bestselling artist David Marquez are back for "Revival", one of the biggest Spider-Man stories of the year...
With no Thor, what will happen in the Age of Ultron? Description, covers and pages past the jump...
Everybody's favourite fuzzy blue teleporting mutant has returned to the land of the living, but faces trouble right around he corner: his mother, Mystique! Check out a new preview of Jason Aaron and Cameron Stewart's Amazing X-Men #6.
Marvel's latest event sees the death of the Watcher, and everyone in the Marvel Universe is a suspect! But in this new preview, a mystery superhero holds one of his eyes - has he killed the Watcher? Hit the jump to check out our first look at Original Sin #2.
J. Scott Campbell's three interlocking variant covers for Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos' Amazing Spider-Man #1 have finally been released, and they look as fantastic as you might expect! Focusing on the classic, Superior and current versions of Spidey, hut the jump to check them out!
We all know what Winter Soldier has been up to in the movies, but after the jump you'll be able to see what he's up to in the comic book with a preview of Rick Remender's (Uncanny Avengers) Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #3.
The battle of the crazies continues in Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin's Deadpool vs Carnage #2. One's good, one's bad, whatever the outcome you can bet it's going to get messy before it's all over. Check out the preview here.
"The Moon. The b*stard punched me through the Earth and broke the Moon." King Thor continues to battle an ancient Galactus in a bid to save his beloved Midgard, and you can get a first look at Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's Thor: God of Thunder #21 right here. Check it out!
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