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The son of Thanos, Thane discovers his true power and wants to discover the history of his father (The Mad Titan). While doing this he also wants to figure out what his future holds. Hit the jump to check it out!
6 upcoming Marvel cinematic characters everyone should know where they came from
This October, peer into the mind of one of the Marvel Universe’s most vicious villains as he becomes...its greatest hero?! Hit the jump for a first look at AXIS: Carnage #1, the new series spinning out of Avengers & X-Men: AXIS from writer Rick Spears and newcomer German Peralta. has been given a variant cover for the Death Of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program #1 by Skottie Young. So hit the jump to see Logan take the nickname savage to the EXTREME! Check it out!
At the conclusion of Infinity, Thane realised he was the son of Thanos, and in this new series he'll attempt to discover his future through his father's past. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Thanos: A God Up There Listening #1.
Most critics haven't been very kind to Irish director Gary Shore's feature debut, but I found a lot to enjoy. Click on for my thoughts on the origin tale of the world's most famous vampire, Dracula Untold. The review contains some mild SPOILERS. has been exclusively provided with a nice new variant cover designed by Mike Perkins for Deathlok #1. With this comic set to hit shelves October 29th, hit the jump to get your first look at this hot new variant! Check it out!
From the first poster to the first trailer people have been complaining that Dracula Untold looks to be influenced by recent comic book movies and not its true horror roots, and now this first set of reviews confirms those fears. Come check it out.
Marvel Comics has released a preview of Deathlok #1, the issue of the new ongoing series from writer Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow, The Punisher) and artist Mike Perkins (Captain America, Stephen King’s The Stand).
A new report has revealed that Nicole Perlman, who drafted the Guardians of the Galaxy screenplay before writer/director James Gunn came on board, will work on a comic book series starring Gamora! Hit the jump for details.
New show writers, new team members, more stories is some of the things that have changed in Season 2 of avengers Assemble. could Marvel Animation have listen to the fans criticism.
In this first look at the somewhat controversial THOR #1, we see Unworthy Thor battling to regain Mjolnir following the events of Original Sin, but it's not long until a mysterious female character makes her debut, because after all, "There must always be a Thor"...
The Amazing Spider-Man artist has illustrated a brand new variant for an upcoming tie-in to Spider-Verse, but, as it turns out, will be exclusive to a Mexico comic book convention. Still, it's a great cover, so check it out after the jump.
Black Widow's lawyer was kidnapped! But the man who kidnapped her lawyer was a man Natasha once helped! What will Black Widow do? Will she call Hawkeye for Help? Or go with a different route. Hit the jump to check it out!
Do you know Runaways? It’s an amazing comic book series from Marvel that tells the story of six teenagers who discover that their parents are super villains. For me, Runaways has the potential to become a huge franchise for Marvel, and here are five reasons why I believe it. Check it out!
The events of Original Sin mean that the Winter Soldier is about to take on a very different role in the Marvel Universe as...a cosmic assassin! This lettered preview of Alex Kot and Marco Rudy's Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1 reveals that he won't be alone however! Check it out.
In this first look at Uncanny Avengers #25 (a prelude to AXIS), the Red Skull pushes his luck when he forces Magneto to kneel before him in Genosha. It doesn't take long for the Master of Magnetism to take the Nazi down in brutal fashion though, so hit the jump to check it out...
Though we're discovering what happened with Nova, Star-Lord and Thanos in the Cancerverse in the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill's set to come face-to-face with the Mad Titan again in his solo series! Check out a preview of Legendary Star-Lord #4.
The third issue of Death of Wolverine finally goes on sale next week, and you can get the first lettered preview of the issue right here. After a confrontation with Lady Deathstrike, things aren't looking good for poor old Logan...luckily, he has some help from Kitty Pryde! Check it out...
Having recently passed a whopping $7 billion at the worldwide box office, Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most successful movie franchises in history - and the current 'top dog' of comic book movies. Let's have a look back at some of the series' best moments...
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