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Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow) and Carmen Nunez Carnero (X-Factor) brings us the latest electrifying and concluding adventure of Frank Castle's fight with Electro. Cover, description and pages past the jump...
The young Scott Summers is very much enjoying his time in space with his Starjammer father, but when the duo visit the spectacular world of Dixit, they uncover a darker secret than they could have ever imagined. Hit the jump for a first look at Cyclops #2!
The long awaited re-release of Miracleman is finally here! Marvel has released a new featurette in which Joe Quesada, Neil Gaiman (Sandman,) and Axel Alonso discuss the importance of Miracleman, check it out!
Of course Marvel Studio's won't regain the Fantastic Four movie rights by this move, it's more of a symbolic gesture to let Fox know that Marvel won't help promote their films.
After teasing a future crossover at a retailer's summit last week, Marvel has officially unveiled details on Jonathan Hickman's Avengers/New Avengers run-ending story. Hit the jump to check it out, plus some fantastic artwork by Jim Cheung and Gabriele Dell'Otto!
This June, Original Sin sends shockwaves through the Marvel Universe as two of Earth’s Mightiest clash in a battle for the ages – and neither will walk away the same, if at all! Hulk Vs. Iron Man pits the Green Goliath against the Armored Avenger with personal stakes and gut-wrenching revelations.
Some brand new textless pages of two big Spidey issues have arrived! First up, Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man 2099 fights crime and hits the Big Apple in the first issue of his own series; then Black Cat vows for revenge on the Web-Head in Amazing Spider-Man #3. Check them out!
Logan's lost his healing factor, gained an armoured costume and disbanded from the X-Men, and this June, he's got three months to die! Hit the jump to check out a preview of Wolverine #9, a lead-in to the upcoming Death of Wolverine storyline.
Marvel have released a lettered preview for Jason Aaron (Thor: God of Thunder) and Mike Deodato's (Dark Avengers) Original Sin #3, and it features The Avengers learning all of The Watcher's secrets, with Spider-Man learning about Silk and Hulk wanting Tony Stark's blood!
The Jade Giant was just too big to contain with one series, so he’s smashing his way into another! Marvel have released a preview of Savage Hulk #1, the new in-continuity ongoing series from Alan Davis kicking off with an explosive arc full of action and mayhem that only a Hulk series could contain!
This June, the Sorcerer Supreme faces his greatest challenge yet in New Avengers Annual #1, from rising-star writer Frank J. Barbiere and acclaimed artist Marco Rudy! Spinning directly out of the pages of New Avengers comes an all-new tale of the Sorcerer Supreme full of suspense, intrigue and horror.
In 2015 we will be receiving 5 new shows from Marvel. One of them, Luke Cage, is something that most of use are excited for. So click the jump to see how I think Marvel should handle him and tie him to the MCU.
The marvel baddies start out innocent; well some…ok all of them are evil lil shits. But it would be nice to know how and why right? Click to see my picks and for the baddie prequel/ origin movies.
With the recent announcement that Edgar Wright is no longer directing the upcoming Antman film, Highflyer takes a look back at the controversies Marvel Studios have faced in its journey to success and who he believes were in the wrong.
This June, the secrets are out, and no one is safe in Original Sin #3, the next chapter in the blockbuster Marvel Universe event! Writer Jason Aaron and artist Mike Deodato weave a noir crime murder mystery in the Marvel Universe, and we have more artwork from the issue for you here!
We brought you ten of the best DC comic book covers yesterday, and now we've rounded up a selection of Marvel's best from their August 2014 solicitations! Agree? Disagree? Hit the jump to check them out and to share your thoughts on our selections.
Serving as a prequel to the upcoming Thanos: The Infinity Revelation original graphic novel, this Wednesday will see the release of Jim Starlin and Ron Lim's Thanos Annual #1 as the villain from James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy faces his greatest challenge yet!
Brian Michael Bendis has posted on his Tumblr an interesting cover for All New X-men which welcomes Miles Morales to the team.
This June, Original Sin rocks the life of Sam Alexander as the young hero faces a mystery in Nova #18, a story from the fan-favourite creative team of Gerry Duggan and David Baldeon! What is the secret of the Black Novas? Hit the jump for a first look!
Rick Remender (Captain America, Uncanny Avengers) continues to tell an untold story from Bucky past, and in this first look at Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #4, Cap's former sidekick begins to remember his past! How will that impact his mission? Check it out!
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