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We all know what Winter Soldier has been up to in the movies, but after the jump you'll be able to see what he's up to in the comic book with a preview of Rick Remender's (Uncanny Avengers) Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #3.
The battle of the crazies continues in Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin's Deadpool vs Carnage #2. One's good, one's bad, whatever the outcome you can bet it's going to get messy before it's all over. Check out the preview here.
"The Moon. The b*stard punched me through the Earth and broke the Moon." King Thor continues to battle an ancient Galactus in a bid to save his beloved Midgard, and you can get a first look at Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's Thor: God of Thunder #21 right here. Check it out!
The conclusion of the Rogue Logan storyline sees some big changes in Logan's life after he leaves the Jean Grey School. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Paul Cornell and Ryan Stegman's Wolverine #4.
S.H.I.E.L.D. are after Cyclops and his Uncanny team of mutant outlaws, but Scott Summers catches up with Maria Hill on one of her Helicarriers to confront her about those mysterious Sentinel attacks in this first look at Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo's Uncanny X-Men #30!
After the shocking events of The Indestructible Hulk, Bruce Banner is close to death and the Hulk has been unleashed! Hit the jump to check out a preview of Mark Waid and Mark Bagley's all-new HULK #1.
Having trouble finding out which extra comic tie-in is canon with the MArvel Cinematic Universe? This should help you out then!
Peter Parker is finally back in the land of the living, but his life is about to get even more complicated thanks to Doctor Octopus' time in his body! Before he deals with any of that though, he's going to have to bring down the Green Goblin! Hit the jump for a preview of Superior Spider-Man #31.
Here's a surprise - the Merc With a Mouth actually accomplishing a world record! As it turns out, the wraparound cover for Deadpool #27 has been recognised as the cover with the most comic book characters. Hit the jump for more details.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never had more momentum but what moves would diehard comic fans make if they could place themselves in Kevin Feige's shoes?
You'll have plenty of choices later this month when Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos' Amazing Spider-Man #1 goes on sale, with retalier exclusive variants from John Cassaday, Chris Samnee, Kevin Maguire, Neal Adams, J. Scott Campbell and many more. Hit the jump to check them out!
UK based online comic retailer 'Disposable Heroes' reveals their limited edition variant cover, by Dale Keown, for Amazing Spider-Man #1
Marvel have unveiled another variant cover for Dan Slott (Silver Surfer) and Humberto Ramos' (Superior Spider-Man) Amazing Spider-Man #, this time featuring Kick-Ass and Superman artist John Romita Sr.'s take on Peter Parker. Hit the jump to check it out!
This May, Marvel are launching Scott Summers into space with an all-new solo series. Hit the jump to check out a black and white preview of Greg Rucka and Russell Dauterman's upcoming Cyclops #1.
The villains for several marvel products might have been leaked early hit the jump to find out who
With Captain America: The Winter Soldier finding a great deal of success at the box office, now seems like an appropriate time to unveil Alex Ross' stunning variant cover for the Captain America comic book series, celebrating 75 years of Marvel. Hit the jump to check it out!
After the traumatic events of Avengers Arena, the surviving members from that series have united to track down one of their friends who have been taken by Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil. However, are they ready to infiltrate the group led by Avengers' arch nemesis or will they stand by his side?
Elektra is set to get her own "All-New Marvel NOW!" ongoing series later this month from Batwoman writer Haden Blackman, and Marvel have now released some new interior artwork by Mike Del Mundo (X-Men: Legacy) featuring Elektra taking on Daredevil villain, Lady Bullseye. Check it out!
Issue #1 hasn't hit stands yet, but in a unlettered preview of the second instalment of the "All-New Marvel NOW!" series from Mark Waid (Daredevil) and Mark Bagley (Ultimate Spider-Man), the Abomination returns and sets his sights on the Incredible Hulk. Check it out!
This June, Original Sin continues to unravel everything we have ever known about the Marvel Universe as shocking revelations deliver gamma bomb-sized changes directly to two of Marvel’s greatest heroes – the Invincible Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk in the pages of Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man...
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