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This is not a drill. Thanks to a Starbucks conspiracy, comic book movies will be destroyed as we know it! Repeat: This is not a drill! It's a hammer. - Darkknight2149
Well, I got pissed and bored last time I wrote this so I never properly finished, this time I will, I hope. Either way, I'm pretty much giving comic book movies a Hip Hop Album counterpart. - YafiszKhan
DC Entertainment is missing an opportunity to gain more credibility with it's fanbase. - krayzeman
Ever wondered which comic book movie matched with which rap album? Neither did I until today, so here's the list. - YafiszKhan
Are you tired of Marvel movies? Well, I'm not, but I am getting pissed off, so let me tell you what is wrong with Marvel movies. - YafiszKhan
Do Uncle Ben's famous words of wisdom actually hold up? - NerdSync
Years ago, Marvel & EA Chicago came together to make a Marvel fighting game. The game was even officially announced. But sadly it was cancelled. Numerous leaks from the game has surfaced since it's cancellation but now new footage featuring Spider-Man, Dr Doom, and more has been revealed. - LEVITIKUZ
Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic's epic event has faced delays and an extension from eight to nine issues, but today, Marvel has revealed superstar Alex Ross' cover for issue 8. Featuring the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing clobbering Galactus, take a look after the jump... - staypuffed
I just got a email with a survey that Marvel is sending about ideas for their new Mastercard. Pics Included(NOW WORKING) - SmashHoles
Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, and We waste no time by jumping right into your questions. This is a all news and fan based question, episode. - SmashHoles
Evidence arises from the mystical realms indicating that Jon Spaihts isn't the only writer aboard Scott Derrickson's otherworldly venture into the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Hit the jump to find out who. - KindanNo
With the amount of comic book films set to come have a look at some of the what ifs that we wished could have eventuated on the silver screen! Nic Cage anyone? - ConnorDaltonn1
Britain's finest secret agent has returned to our screens for his 24th cinematic outing. But does this newest 007 adventure match up to the other Craig films? Hit the link to read my thoughts. - TheBritAvenger
Finally revealing what happened on the mysterious alien planet, '4,722 Hours' provides some of the most emotional and suspenseful content of the season so far. Check out my review below! - boboMELOSHE
It's that time of year again. Only a few days left until Halloween. What better way to celebrate than by watching this great Fan-Made trailer by YouTube user, Alex Luthor? Watch as the Marvel universe and X-Men universe combine to face their biggest threat, zombies! - Kr08
With the chances for Elizabeth Olsen to get her own personal MCU spin off as Scarlet Witch on debate depending on her character's survival throughout Marvel Phase 3, Marvel Studios will be sure to include some major changes in this rumored film since Scarlet Witch hardly has her own stand alone series in the Marvel comic universe which means it may feature many non comic book originated characters, a few heroes from the MCU and a villain that is gonna have to be borrowed from one of the other heroes in the comics. - PredatorRIsing
A new preview has been released for the Guidebook To The Marvel Cinematic Universe - Marvel's Iron Man #1. This new preview focuses on Tony Stark, and provides to us facts we never knew about the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. Hit the jump to check it out.... - NightWatcher
After being thrown of trail by Abyss Man, the Merc with a Mouth and Thanos received help from Mephisto, who helped them continue their search for Mistress Death. What will happen next? Hit the jump to check out this new preview of Tim Seeley’s Deadpool Vs. Thanos #4 - NightWatcher
Just finished reading the article called The MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE Has Officially Grossed Over $9 Billion Worldwide, and there is again some type of anti DC flame war in the comment section based on one's taste and no facts. I decided to do a little financial thinking - RandomDCdude
Decided to go back and make a few more Marvel/Hip Hop album cover mash-up manips. Check em out. - JredTheRed
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