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With the release of James Gunn's upcoming space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy at hand, got their hands on an unlettered preview from issue 2 of Sam Humphries And Paco Medina's Legendary Star-Lord, in which Peter Quill has been captured by a strange bounty hunter... Take a look!
Happy 75th Anniversary to Marvel Comics! It's crazy to think the company that revolutionized comics is older than my grandfather! To celebrate 75 years of heroes and villains and mutants and lab accidents and other awesome stuff we're offering this sweet deal »
Writer Nathan Edmondson crosses over his two All-New Marvel NOW! titles in "Friend From Foe", a two-part story starring Black Widow and the Punisher! Hit the jump to check out a three-page preview of The Punisher #9.
We know that Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist are all getting Netflix shows that'll eventually lead to The Defenders, but which other characters are worthy of a series? The Superguy shares his thoughts after the jump.
Gazillion's Multiplayer Online Game "Super Hero Squad Online" has released a new trailer to what they call The Biggest Update Ever. Although Gazillion has dedicated a lot of time to this game, the game seems to not call the attention of most MARVEL fans.
Acclaimed artist Arthur Adams always packs an insane amount of detail into his work, but his Original Sin variants are something else. Check out the amazing connecting covers combined, which will be available as a poster as part of Marvel's 75th Anniversary.
An impressive group of comic book creators (including Charles Soule and Mark Bagely) assemble to continue to reveal some of The Watcher's greatest secrets, with Black Bolt, the Young Avengers and J. Jonah Jameson getting the spotlight in this first look at Original Sins #3...
With many Marvel heroes already in Disney Infinity 2.0, Two more heroes are being added in to the game, two heroes that go by the name of Star-Lord and Gamora. So hit the jump to check out Their design. Check it out!
Fan-favourite artist Alex Ross has been wowing us with his stunning 75th Anniversary variants for Marvel this year, and is bringing them to this year's San Diego Comic-Con in print form, as well as a new Marvel art book.
Check out the new Star-Lord Comic book and see what is inside. Do Rocket Raccoon and Groot show up? And what is it about that crazy ray gun that Star-Lord uses?
Here's T'Challa's take on what I think might possibly reveal Trevor Slattery's TRUE identity, if (redacted) is in Avengers: Age of Ultron and what's gonna happen with Phase 3!
Hey gang, Nova here, and given that Carnage and Hobgoblin have just been announced to be receiving their own I figured I'd write a little piece on my top five favourite Marvel villains that reside in this mortal realm. Hit the jump to check it out!
Original Sin #5 is reviewed, and WOW, are there some surprising revelations inside. We avoid Spoilers, but we do comment on why this is a MAJOR comic book issue...Must read for Marvel/Nick Fury fans!
What is the Original Sin that gets The Thing sooooo mad? We won't say, since we don't do spoilers, but we do take a look inside this Fantastic Four book to show you the art as we discuss the storyline.
What is Rocket Raccoon up to now? Will he save the Princess? Will he get lucky with his date? And how is Groot doing? Learn all this and more, as we review this comic book for you...
Spinning directly out of the highly anticipated Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, two of Spider-Man’s greatest foes will take centre stage in separate three issue mini-series debuting alongside the next blockbuster Marvel Universe event. Read on for details!
With his run on "Moon Knight" Warren Ellis is reminding us all of the power of a great standalone issue.
The orb shows his face, or his eye-face...and he also shows Thor a secret that he's never known before, Hit the jump as Thor fights on MidGard with Hulk, Luke Cage, Spider-man and many more heroes. Check it out!
Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen are killing it on the flagship X-title, with the Future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from Battle of the Atom back to wreak havoc on Jean Grey and Cyclops' mutant faction. Hit the jump to check out a preview of All-New X-Men #29.
Things aren't looking good for Logan in this first look at Steve McNiven's (Civil War) inked pencils for the first issue of Charles Soule's (Thunderbolts) The Death of Wolverine. It seems like not even Mr. Fantastic can help the leader of the X-Men...
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