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Tempus, real name Eva Bell gets the spotlight in this new textless preview of Brian Michael Bendis's Uncanny X-Men Annual #1. So hit the jump to take to jump into the future to see Tempus's secret life. Check it out!
This December, the newest member of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning swings into action in Spider-Man & The X-Men #1, the new ongoing series from rising stars Elliot Kalan and Marco Failla! Hit the jump for a first look at the issue and Skottie Young's awesome variant cover...
This December, heroes and villains clash like you’ve never seen before as Act III: New World Disorder kicks off in Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #7! Rick Remender and Adam Kubert bring war to the streets of Manhattan as Avengers, X-Men, the deadliest villains and more battle for their very souls!
Are you a fan of WWE and comic books? Well, if you are, you're in for a treat!! Marvel has announced that former WWE Superstar CM Punk is writing February's "Thor Annual #1".
Comic book legend Jim Starlin (The Infinity Gauntlet) returns to his cosmic creation, pitting the Mad Titan, Thanos, against the Green Goliath, Hulk -- in space! Hit the jump to check out a preview of the 'earth-shattering' first issue.
From Iron Man 2 to Guardians of the Galaxy
The "Spider-Verse" event is now in full swing, and while a number of Spider-Men (and women) from different dimensions unite to take on Morlun and his deranged family, this first look at Spider-Verse #1 offers up a look at even more alternate versions of the beloved character. Check it out!
Spider-Verse officially kicked off with this week's Amazing Spider-Man #9, and after months of teases and tie-ins, we saw all kinds of Spider-Men and Women band together to prepare for the onslaught of Morlun. Check out brand new Oliver Coipel art from the next issue after the jump.
The Wolverine and Iron Man 3 both cam out in 2013 and both have mixed reactions from fans. Some say Iron 3 is dog poop while others say it is "deep" and " above other superhero movies". Some say The Wolverine is boring. Some say The Wolverine " stays away from superhero averageness" and is a "character study". I take a look into how both movies are more similar than you thought.
That's right, Peter Parker has somehow returned from the grave, and he joins the new Spider-Man in battle against Norman Osborn's deadly alter-ego in this first look at Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez's Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #7. Hit the jump to check it out...
Hit the jump to check out a new preview of Kevin Shinick's Axis: HobGoblin #2. In this edition the old HobGoblin returns just to find a new Goblin on the job. How will things turn out? Hit the jump to check it out!
After a critically acclaimed run on Uncanny X-Force together, Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, and Dean White are reuniting for original graphic novel Avengers: Rage of Ultron. Hit the jump for a first look at the cover and a few new details about the book...
Spinning directly out of Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, Sam Wilson has become Captain America, and when he assembles the Mighty Avengers, he has a whole new mission statement in mind for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But how do the events of AXIS already spell doom for the team’s new direction?
Next week marks the beginning of another big Avengers NOW! title, as Tony Stark heads down a dark and dangerous path (again) in an attempt to change the world. Check out a preview of Tom Taylor and Yildary Cinar's first issue of Superior Iron Man after the jump.
Something very strange is going on in the Marvel Universe; Apocalypse is now leading the X-Men and Captain America (Sam Wilson) seems borderline unhinged after the escape of the Red Skull! Hit the jump for a first look at Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #5 from Rick Remender and Terry Dodson...
Next week sees Sam Wilson launch into his own ongoing series, kicking off his much-discussed time as Captain America. Hit the jump to check out a new preview of Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen's All-New Captain America #1, complete with around 4,763 variant covers.
Last week Marvel Studios made most if not all comic book fans nerdgasm with their announcements of its lineup for Phase 3. One of the announcements made was that the third Captain America movie would adapt the 2006 storyline Civil War. Here is my personal picture of how the movie should look.
The All-new Thor is protecting planet Earth from the evil monster from the realm of Jotunheim, The Frost Giants! How with the new Thor do on her first mission? Hit the jump to check out this new preview of Thor #2
(All-New) Marvel have released a teaser video titled "Battleworld Forged", which puts those 16 cryptic past event promos on the map (literally) to set the scene for next Summer's new Secret Wars. Check it out after the jump.
Civil War is apparently a thing! So why not, at least officially, make it a thing on this website. Notice the word CIVIL, as in 'let's be civil!'. First up, let's have a battle between the TV shows Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow.
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