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Civil War is apparently a thing! So why not, at least officially, make it a thing on this website. Notice the word CIVIL, as in 'let's be civil!'. First up, let's have a battle between the TV shows Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow.
Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Defenders... It's all part of a same cinematographic universe now. But we all know that the Marvel Universe is bigger than this, so what awaits for us in the future? This article is joke, don't be mad, please.
Movie footage isn't all that aired last night during ABC's Marvel: 75 Years from Pulp to Pop special, as Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso shared our first glimpse of next Summer's Secret Wars event. It's not the best quality, but see Esad Ribic's cover art after the jump.
After fanning the flames of the ongoing Marvel VS. DC "war" yesterday with his comment about movies that utilize post-credits stingers, director Christopher Nolan is now claiming that he was misquoted by the Guardian. More past the jump..
Since this my first attempt at an article I hope I don't bore you to death with all this.

I must also let you know that duo to my dyslexia I apologies for any poor grammar and spelling mistakes that may appear.

Now since this is subject which is mostly talked about when ever the issue of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and which direction it could be heading in. I thought I would give 10 characters that could expand the universe.

1. The Punisher:
This is top of my list after three failed films (although I enjoyed the second two) and with Marvel requiring the rights back.

It can't be to hard to figure out that it might not be to long till he hits the small screen especially with Daredevil showrunner Steven DeKnight saying on twitter that would like to have a go at it.

As for a way to introduce him other than his own Netflix original series it could be pretty cool to see him introduced into Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.EL.D as Coulson looks to add more men to his team. They could have him as being on S.H.I.E.L.D's radar for some time and Coulson having to reach out for a new allie in the war against Hydra.

The only person I would consider if I was casting would be star of The Unit and Pacific Rim Max Martini to see why just watch The Unit and you will see it as clear as day. Although I must confess I would love to see Thomas Jane back in the role.

2. Captain Britain:
This is to me is as obvious as Black Panther was back when it was just a rumour although some may think he is a minor character he is anything but and would adding him would show a more globe unity than just one country.

Introducing Captain Britain to the MCU would not only tie in to the Magical side with Britain being the center of all magical energy but also the Multiverse and the Otherwould where he is King as well as an Avenger.

I could go on forever about why he should be in the MCU but in trying to keep it short. As for casting there is no one better suited for the role as Brain Braddock as star of Sons of Anarchy Charlie Hunnam. To me he has the right look and could pull it off with ease.

3. MI-13:
This could act as the English counter to part to MAoS focusing more on the magical and mystical part of the MCU.

Adding another edge to the magical world that the Doctor Strange film will open as well as dealing with the powered villains that habit the British Isles. This could also act as yet another allie for Phil Coulson as he rebuilds S.H.I.E.L.D.

The chance to pair them together like they are doing with Arrow and Flash an hour long episode or two where they both have to work together to escape or eliminate whatever danger is in there way.

Plus how cool would it be for them to both end of a cliffhanger then on a joint hour and half episode we find them both waking up in Arcades Murderworld.

4. Namor:
Just as much of a badass as Aquaman is and perfectly balanced and well suited for both TV and film.

A film would be a stunning spectacle to watch as the effects would be out of this world to show off the magnificence of the under water Kingdom.

A TV show obviously would be scaled down for obvious reasons and would be the perfect place to showcase the struggle to keep the balance when it comes to his Kingdom and misuse of the oceans by the surface dwellers.

Namor himself could provide a future threat for the Avengers or allie for them should he need there help in saving his Kingdom.

This only works though if Marvel have the rights to the character and since Namor has been a part of both the Fantastic Four and X-Men as well as The Avengers it could be real long shot but it all depends on if they have control of the character or not.

5. Nova:
Expanding the cosmic side of the MCU is a must and to so is the inclusion on Nova.


We all know that the Nova Corps were present and correct in Guardians of the Galaxy that's if you didn't miss the film that is so it makes it even more of a necessity.

Nova is one of the coolest heroes at Marvel and has a wide scope of opportunity in an unexplored MCU GotG has only scraped the surface and it's time to expand and develop it.

6. Ms Marvel:
New girl on the block Kamala Khan has quickly made her way into our hearts as the new Ms Marvel and since Marvel just announced the Inhumans film then why not.

Adding more diversity to the MCU isn't a bad thing and can only make it better.

Having a show following this young excitable woman around as she makes her way in the world of Heroes and following her own hero Carol Denvers.

7. Ka-Zar:
The Savage land home to untold wonders, vibranium and some amazing creature's.

Since Wakanda will be added why not the Savage land and imagine how great it would be to see the Avengers fighting Aerians, Cat People, Lizard Men, Swamp Men and more.

Of course Ka-Zar could aid them in there mission and just like with Namor and Atlantis is prefect for the silver and small screen.

The Savage Land could hold untold possibilities story wise but again with it being the focal point of many Uncanny X-Men story arcs it comes withe that same old question Do Marvel own the rights.

8. Wonder Man:
To me this is another easy one but instead of having him like the rest in the present why not put him in the past along with Micheal Douglas's Hank Pym and Peggy Carter.

It's not all about building the future its also about bridging the past and with Ant Man helping that cause well why not add Simon Williams to the pot.
Why not do a tv show set in the 60's and which they have done the sane with Peggy Carter so one why not about the first group of heroes.

Well to be honest they might not go for it but who's to say they couldn't add him to second Ant Man film.

9. Young Avengers: This could be a great TV show as we follow young hero's trying to prove there worth in the aftermath of Ultron's attack.

They could go from city to city trying to help out where they can and could even team up Coulson's team, Luke Cage or even go across the pond to the UK and help out MI-13.

The possibilities are endless all it would need is the right person to take care of it like Steven DeKnight is doing with Daredevil.

10. Squirrel Girl: Okay I added this one for fun and she besides has defeated MODOK, Terrax, Dr Doom and Thanos.

A bit of a really really big long shot I give you that but it could work maybe as a new member of S.H.I.E.LD since she was offered a position by non other than Dum Dum Dugan in the comic's.

Since she is a mutant she would have to go the same way as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver should she be chosen.

These are the characters I feel the Marvel should introduce not only to improve but to expand. I hope you all have enjoyed reading this and I hope I haven't wasted to much of your time.

After all this is only my opinion and weather or not you share them is up to you and I hope I at least gave you some food for thought.

Thanks again for reading

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