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Is there really a teaser needed?
Five easy ways to introduce Squirrel Girl in the MCU.
While sitting down with for his weekly interview, Axel Alonso, Marvel's Comics Editor-in-Chief talks how it feels for the comic makers to see their story-line hit the big screen. Hit the jump to check it out!
I was able to sit down with legendary producer Avi Arad recently and heard his bold new plans for the Spider-Man franchise and their relationship to the MCU!
Breaking down the upcoming slate of Marvel's releases, I theorize how Marvel plans to continue their winning strategy.
Quit crying MCU haters, let me wipe away your baby tears. Karl helps you find peace inside the shrine of the MCU.
Many things are going down in this preview of All-NEW X-Factor #18. Sunfire returns with a rather interesting proposal, and the rest of the X-Factor try to keep the peace between two countries that are engaging in war! Hit the jump to check it out!
The Hasagaua crime family has had a very big impact on Selina's life as she goes on her missions in the Underworld, and in this preview she learns the many unknown secrets! Hit the jump to check out this preview of Catwoman Annual #2
If you didn't know Jessica Jones' teenage life, then wait 'till you find out where she went to school...
Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso sat down with CBR and told what he thinks about Spider-woman’s new costume, designed by Kris Anka. He also told how he responded to the Sony Hack and if that incident affected the comic world. Hit the jump to check it out!
Lets play...if you dare.
The Weekly Planet team break down news of Star Wars, Kong: Skull Island, Mad Max, Indiana Jones & we take a look at the whole Sony/Spider-man hack debacle. Plus we discuss the mid season finales for Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Flash & Arrow! Hit the jump top support the show.
Yes i know this may be a bit of a controversial thing, but i've been thinking this for a while and i just want to get my worries off my chest. If you want to see my ramblings then click away.
A battle ensues, that results with Storm getting thrown into space! When she exits the Earth's atmosphere she sees a man... What will these shocking events result in? Who is this mysterious man that sits in space? Hit the jump to check it out!
In this preview of Black Widow #13, Black Widow doesn't know who to turn to for help or doesn't know who to trust. How will the master assassin handle all of these problems? Hit the jump for answers!
Last week, Marvel officially announced that Breaking Bad and Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 actress Krysten Ritter had landed the lead in A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Hit the jump to see what Ritter had to say about getting the part.
The final page of last month's All-New Captain America #1 found Sam Wilson (the new Cap) and Ian Rogers (the new Nomad) face-to-face with a collection of HYDRA's deadliest members. Check out a new preview of issue two, featuring the duo against Zemo and Crossbones!
Kris Anka (Uncanny X-Men) has created a fantastic new cover for Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez's Spider-Gwen #1, which is a continuation of Gwen Stacy's highly popular tale in Edge of Spider-Verse. Check out the cover, plus some comments from Latour, after the jump.
After swapping his mind into Peter's body, one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies, Doctor Octopus, set out to prove himself the Superior Spider-Man. He also completed Peter's PhD, fell in love with a woman named Anna Maria Marconi, and started his own company, "Parker Industries." But in the end Doc Ock realized that in order to be a true hero, he had to sacrifice himself and give control of Peter's body back to Peter.
Peter recently found out that someone else, Cindy Moon A.K.A. Silk, was bitten by his radioactive Spider giving her similar powers to Peter. And that's not the only thing they have in common.
The first issue of Angela's solo series dropped earlier this week, and CBR has a (fairly low-res) look at the next issue, featuring scenes in Asgard with Loki, Thor and Odin. Check out a small preview of Angela: Asgard's Assassin #2 after the jump.
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