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The events of Original Sin have revealed many of the Marvel Universe's greatest secrets, but perhaps the biggest is that Thor has a half sister in the form of former Spawn character, Angela! Hit the jump for a first look at Thor & Loki - The Tenth Realm #2...
Fans have wondered if and when we'd see Namor, the Sub-Mariner up on the big screen alongside the likes of Cap, Thor and Iron Man..but rumors persisted that the rights were actually owned by Universal/Legendary. While speaking to IGN Kevin Feige sets things straight..
Next week, Storm takes flight as her solo title kicks off, thanks to writer Greg Pak (Action Comics) and artist Victor Ibanez (Constantine). Hit the jump to check out a preview of the first issue!
Do you all remember that radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker on his field trip? Well that spider got to someone else, and now there is a new spider in the spider-verse! Find out who after the jump!
We all (pretty much) knew the Captain America announcement was coming, but there's a lot more to it! Along with reinventions for Cap and Thor, Iron Man will soon be "Superior Iron Man", and the Avengers team will look a whole lot different. More past the jump.
After announcing that a new female character would be taking over the mantle of Thor last night on ABC's The View, Joe Quesada just appeared on The Colbert Report to give Marvel's next big announcement. Check it out!
Marvel have released their October 2014 solicitations, and while the debut of a new female Thor has been met with some controversy, there's still some amazing artwork on offer here. Hit the jump to see what the likes of Jim Cheung, Steve McNiven and Skottie Young have to offer...
After Marvel split fan opinions with yesterday's female Thor announcement on ABC's The View, Joe Quesada is set to make yet another announcement on The Colbert Report tonight. Hit the jump for more..
Marvel's big reveal on The View today has sparked a major discussion within the comic book community, with positive and negative reactions to the new female Thor. But I think this is a fantastic idea that champions female representation and keeps the character fresh.
Every character is someone's favorite character and this week I take a look to see what makes Ronan the Accuser the "Best Character Ever!"
In this article I drop a few predictions for the future of the MCU. These are light-hearted ideas more than anything, but let me know what you think!
As Marvel drip feeds their October solicitations, they have revealed the end of two titles - Matt Fraction and David Aja's critically acclaimed Hawkeye, and the most recent incarnation of the Thunderbolts.
ABC's The View posted a list of guest appearances on today's show. One of those guests is actor, Josh Gad (21, Jobs, Frozen) Could he be linked to the Marvel news, or just so happening to be there?
Wolverine mans up, takes responsibility for his actions, and finds out forgiveness is divine, as he prepares for all out war with Sabretooth.
Marvel is prepared to announce something on the popular chat show 'The View,' with hints that it may have got something to do with the God Of Thunder, Thor. Hit the jump for details...
While it is not confirmed yet, there are slight possibilities that the most powerful Marvel villain Thanos is secretly working with HYDRA and maybe the reason that Arnim Zola refused to give up after World War Two and chose to corrupt several government officials into serving HYDRA leading to the organization lasting throughout the years and existing in the 21st century for following reasons;
If so, have we already been introduced to him?
After The Watcher's eye revealed all of his secrets to the Marvel Universe, Sam Alexander is now on a quest to find out the truth about his father. Who can the youngster turn to for help? How about Guardians of the Galaxy member, Rocket Raccoon? Hit the jump for a first look at Nova #19!
With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy drawing ever nearer and the prospect of a high box office opening, I figured I'd share my thoughts on characters that could be adapted to the big screen in later instalments to the cosmic Marvel franchise.
The Jade Giant was just too big to contain with one series, so he’s smashing his way into another! Marvel have released a lettered preview of this Wednesday's Savage Hulk #2, and in it we see the classic X-Men battling it out with the villainous Abomination...
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