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Ten of the best Moments, Stories and Easter Eggs from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Tie-In Comics
Join this insane party where I show you who is capable of playing the Inhumans in the MCU with a few bonuses!
SPOILERS: The identity of Rabum Alal, a being crucial to the collapse of the Marvel Multiverse, has remained, but in today's issue of New Avengers his identity was finally revealed
This week on The Weekly Planet, the team are all about the best & worst comic book weapons ever! Plus we get into the new of Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer, Supergirl, Gotham, Civil War, Spider-Man's potential director and more. Hit the jump to support the show.
Former Batman Director Tim Burton is attached to direct a live action adaptation of Dumbo. Click to find out more!
Marvel Comics has yet again launched another comic series to go apart of Secret Wars, this one is titled Squadron Sinister and it focuses on Hyperion and his sinister team! Hit the jump for more details and to check out the first piece of art!
This is the my FAN CAST to my Dare Devil: Hell's Kitchen treatment. Please give it a read to put actors faces to characters.

Thanks for giving it the time. Please let me know if you would like me to review some of your material.
In a recent Reddit AMA, Brian Michael Bendis touched on Spider-Men 2, a Fortune and Glory sequel, his favorite MCU flick, and much more. I've posted some of the highlights. Check it out.
Marvel's Daredevil will debuts on Netflix, April 10th but now there is a first review by The Observer! Check it out!
Keep reading as I give my opinion on how and why Warner Bros. will eventually take over the comic book film genre in the coming years.
How disappointed are you that Marvel Studios won't be at SDCC this year?
Come and see with your eyes what MARVEL STUDIOS could possibly do with the everyman Scott Lang and his cast of supporting characters in the future, while also bringing more familiar faces to the MCU!
Earlier we found out that Marvel's making a new 'Guardians of Knowhere' series set for a June release. Now, Marvel has revealed that they will be launching yet another series titled, Mrs. Deadpool & the Howling Commandos! Hit the jump for details!
Marvel Comics has revealed a new variant cover for Greg Weisman's Kanan: The Last Padawan #1 drawn by Skottie Young! It's not really one of those "stunning" pieces of artwork but it'll surely make you want to destroy some Imperial battle droids! Check it out!
Marvel Comics has unveiled a new variant cover for Max Ride: First Flight #1 by artist John Tyler Christopher. I know the name might not sound that familiar to some, but hit the jump and give this new variant cover a look. Check it out!
Marvel Comics has just announced a new comic series titled, "Guardians of Knowhere." This series will be written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Mike Deodato and is set to have a mystery story-line giving Gamora and Drax lots of time in the spotlight! Check it out!
According to Guardians Of The Galaxy director, James Gunn, Marvel Studios has some "interesting" plans for this year's San Diego Comic Con. And by interesting, we mean they have NONE. Find out what Gunn had to say about this via both Facebook and Twitter after the jump.
The search for Norman Lee a artist for Marvel Comics is presumed dead from snorkeling in the Cayman Islands since Thursday.
The Odinson queries the all-seeing eye of Heimdall, Guardian of the Bifrost on the identity of the all-new, female Thor. Is it Sif? Brunhilde the Valkyrie? Angela? Or someone else?
An teaser for a Big Trailer-saga that will come someday...
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