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We just got to watch a movie about The Avengers vs Ultron. A movie that includes, Scarlett Witch, Quicksilver, The Vision, and the Avengers. Age of Ultron was exactly what I wanted it to be.

And, I want more.... - DrKinsolving
The war has raged for years between the two comic giants and the comic book movie explosion has only added fuel to the fire. Hit the jump to find out why BOTH Marvel and DC suck and what YOU can do about it! - NateBest
The Age of Ultron star continues his contractual press tour and dividing some fans on his behavior and commentary. - Hughes
For my 4th article I've decided to cast the world of the Daredevil of my Marvel cinematic universe - A2K
Over the last week i have heard some of the silliest and quite frankly dumb arguments thrown at DC, in this i debunk 4 of them. - tonytony
You've been waiting for Marvel's Cinematic Universe to join forces with Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic Four. But until then, this nonsense will have to do Honest Game Trailers proclaims when talking about LEGO Marvel and also compares it to one of the worst video games of all time. Click to check out why. - LEVITIKUZ
With Fox/Marvel's new FF coming to screens in mere months, I decided to revisit the epic cheese that is Roger Corman's low-budget feature. Corny, on the nose and often over acted, it still holds a special place in the history of CBM's getting to where they are today [SPOILERS?]. - Hughes
Next month, Marvel is bringing a number of their biggest and best female characters together in an explosive Secret Wars tie-in: A-Force. Check out a preview of G. Willow Wilson, Marguerite Bennett and Jorge Molina's first issue after the jump! - staypuffed
Filmmakers create proof of concept for Namor the Submariner and ready to approach Marvel their version of Subby! - Hughes
A speculative observation that may show the future path of Marvel's Netflix franchises. If you haven't already seen the series, then most likely you've been living under a rock. Nevertheless mild spoilers follow for those uninitiated. - superheronerdo
TonyTony gives a spoiler free review to the sequel to marvels hit movie - tonytony
Select theaters around the US will get a chance to test the strength and longevity of Geeks and Marvel fans alike for a HUGE movie marathon. - marvelcomicman
Though we're getting our first taste of Marvel's earth-shattering Summer event on Free Comic Book Day, the debut issue of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic's Secret Wars will hit a few days after. Check out a preview after the jump. - staypuffed
Age of Ultron has hit and Generic Dave sees if it lives up to the hype. Spoilers below. - GenericDave
Are you tired of Marvel making games for Facebook, mobile, pinball, and just about everything but console games? Well good news everybody. Marvel has announced they will be teaming up with Telltale Games (The Wolf Among Us) to make CONSOLE GAMES!!! Click to check it out! - LEVITIKUZ
Geeks around the world await the much anticipated sequel to Marvel's 2012 Box Office smash "Avengers". Avengers: Age Of Ultron is already breaking records and the movie doesn't open for another week! - marvelcomicman
During CinemaCon Disney released their film schedule for 2015, 2016 & 2017 - MarvelAlways
According to a recent rumor, ABC and Marvel are developing a Ms. Marvel TV Series about the most recent person to take up the mantle of Ms. Marvel, Muslim-Teenanger Kamala Khan. - sonofodin25
The first full-length trailer of the upcoming Fantastic Four adaptation is coming soon. Check it out. - Ignition
Listen to Marvel's former president have a laugh at their rival's cinematic plans, and him talking about one of his original creations coming home, and their original plans for DAREDEVIL. - KingRainbow
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