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So recently, Marvel released their lineup poster for the year, y'know the ones that have tonnes of characters on them. The X-Men and FF weren't on it this year, so we could assume only characters owned by Marvel Studios are featured on it. If that's the case, hit the jump to see who we may potentially see in the MCU later on. - NovaCorpsFan
LEGO just released a trailer for one of their immersive video games, in this case, it's Legolized Minecraft! - StoneHex104
These newsletters will consist of content that could be portioned to specific posts, but instead has been jammed into one editorial. You will hear my thoughts on a variety of subjects in the CBM world, all nicely situated in one place. Let's get started with the June edition.... - nrocket3
You know those lineup posters Marvel release that showcase all of their most beloved and popular characters? Well, there are some pretty significant absences from this year's poster: not a single mutant or member of Marvel's Fist Family are featured... - NovaCorpsFan
With increasing talk of when the "bubble" will burst and we'll all get tired of superheroes punching things, I present my argument as to why we're fine, for now... - SpoonySpoon
It's been a long time since fans have seen Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson happily married, but Dan Slott and Adam Kubert now present a world where the two stayed together... and raised a daughter! Hit the jump to read a preview of the anticipated Secret Wars tie-in. - staypuffed
A few people have posted lists like this limiting themselves to the villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But why stop there, when we have a whole world of comic book movie villains to draw from? Here are ten of my favorite -- and least favorite -- villains from comic book movies. - CombatWombat
Marvel's Secret Wars is upon is and it promises to revolutionize the Marvel Universe like no Summer Event before. SHS has you covered for this epic event with an exclusive variant cover for Secret Wars #1 from Khoi Pham. What's your favorite Battleworld? - MarkJulian
When it comes to movies, Marvel has done a pretty awesome job lately. When it comes to video games, they're pretty much nonexistent. We've seen some leaked footage of EA Chicago's cancelled fighting game creatively called MARVEL, but here's some new stuff with Cap fighting Hulk. - LEVITIKUZ
Y2H gives his thoughts on what he thinks is going to happen in Captain America: Civil War. - Y2H
We all know that there was no perfect Spider-Man Movie (except maybe Spider-Man 2). Some liked Sam Raimi's take on the character, and some liked Webb's, but I think we can all agree that there's no perfect Interpretation. Since there's a new Film coming in 2017, I want to bring up some important points that should be considered. - DavidJones2
Which comicbook movies premiering in 2015 and 2016 have the highest chance of surprising us? - Jeight
Following the success of his previous top ten MCU article, DrDoom thought it would be prudent to produce another, and this time, he'll be taking an in-depth look at his personal favorite masters of evil of the franchise. Click to take a look! - DrDoom
Next week, writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Mike Norton put a Secret Wars spin on the iconic X-Men story, Days of Future Past, with Sentinels ruling over the dystopian nations of Battleworld. Hit the jump to check out a preview of the first issue! - staypuffed
That's right, it's opinion time! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us many fights in the conflict of Good vs. Evil. With Ultron's reign coming to a close, I thought it appropriate to look back at some of Marvel's best villains. - GliderMan
You may have been expecting to see names Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, or Michael Bay to be at the top of this list, but Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee stands above them all - DrKinsolving
"He's fast. Strong. Had a metal arm." Those words were spoken by Steve Rogers in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. To see how that iconic metal arm came to be, hit the jump to check out an awesome new VFX breakdown video from BaseFX! Check it out! - NightWatcher
This is my Fan Cast for Marvel's edition of X-Men! I imagine this situation to be the same as Marvel/Sony sitaution for Spiderman. After Hugh Jackman is leaving his role as Wolverine, I think that Bryan Singer's universe will probably end after Wolverine 3! I really want X-Men to be part of MCU! Enjoy and thanks for reading! - Avenger123
Despite the similarities between Peter Parker and Barry Allen, many fans found the Amazing Spider-man series to be underwhelming. Whereas The Flash tv show is a hit. From a company to another, here are three things that Sony could learn from Cw. - AvatarTarSauce
The Mad Titan made his presence felt in Guardians of the Galaxy, especially when he threatened to "bathe the star ways" in Ronan's blood. How did his menacing appearance come to be? Hit the jump to check out a cool new VFX Breakdown giving Thanos the spotlight. - NightWatcher
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