Stan Lee Launches Official Website, ""

Stan Lee Launches Official Website, ""

The creator of The Avengers, Daredevil and Spider-Man has today launched Hit the jump to read the press release and for details on a live fan Q&A which will take place tomorrow.

The original Comic Book Legend, Stan Lee, is bringing his creative universe into the digital realm beginning with the launch of, which kicks off officially with a live interview with the man himself at 4pm PT/7pm ET on February 8, 2012 on Stan Lee is the legendary co-creator of Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men,the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and Thor, among others, and, at POW! Entertainment, he is currently working on much-anticipated new franchises including the Mighty Seven, The Annihilator and Chakra: The Invincible. Lee launches the interactive site in conjunction with receiving the Lifetime Achievement award on February 7 from the Visual Effects Society.

Created to offer VIP access into the life of Stan himself and the world of POW! Entertainment, the site will feature new content daily and provide a first-of-its-kind platform for comic book writers, artists and storytellers to share their ideas and collaborate too. will also be an extension of the highly anticipated YouTube channel in partnership with Michael Eisner’s Vuguru – Stan Lee’s World of Heroes – launching later this year.

Users will get to enter contests to meet Stan, go behind-the-scenes on his projects or events, learn about how he mastered the art of comic book heroes as well as communicate with Stan and other community members. is a fully functioning social network complete with user profiles, comments, direct messaging and photo albums.

STAN LEE KICKS OFF WITH A LIVE ONLINE INTERVIEW AND FAN Q&A - Stan kicks off the site with an exclusive live online interview hosted by NBC and G4TV’s Alison Haislip. Alison will ask Stan what inspires him today, what the site means to him as well as fielding top questions via Twitter. Be sure to tune into on February 8th 2012 at 7pmET/4pmPT. Any fans who have a burning questions for Stan the Man, should tweet using the #TheRealStanLee.

Stan Lee says "I am so thrilled with the launch of and to be able to effortlessly converse with my fans, aspiring writers and artists the world over everyday. EQAL has done a stellar job in launching a digital destination that invites audiences to keep up to date with my upcoming projects from comics, movies or video games, and to develop a community where they can share their own superhero creations."

Miles Beckett, Co-Founder and CEO of EQAL says, "It’s truly humbling to have the opportunity to work with such an incredible talent. I can't wait to see the engaging and vibrant community that will form around Stan Lee and his brand." Continues Greg Goodfried, Co-Founder and President of EQAL, "The intersection of Stan Lee’s digital operations and his discovery and creation of the world of comic book characters and stories allows the past to meet the future as generations of fans can now have access to Mr. Lee, his deep archives and his upcoming projects including his YouTube Channel."

To visit the site, click on one of the many links in the text above. I've had a quick look through the site and it seems like a good place to keep up to date with all of Stan "The Man" Lee's goings-on. Stay tuned to CBM tomorrow for any notable highlights from his live Q&A session.

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EditNinja - 2/7/2012, 1:28 PM
That's great. Gotta respect Stan.
bleedthefreak - 2/7/2012, 1:31 PM
ThaMessenger07 - 2/7/2012, 1:33 PM

He doesn't steal! He makes it better, you old bag of ass!
bleedthefreak - 2/7/2012, 1:39 PM
I get that your old enough to have been there Gusto, but that is an odd amount of specific details you have there
ThaMessenger07 - 2/7/2012, 1:41 PM
Gusto, Sounds Like your convos with SP or Monkk....minus the ideas....but all of the old guys sex...
Greengo - 2/7/2012, 1:44 PM
WOW is that a triple-negative?
ThaMessenger07 - 2/7/2012, 1:48 PM
lol He wishes as hard you wish you were being DP'd by Nolan and Bale (In Costume) lol
marknjoanna - 2/7/2012, 1:49 PM
i guess pep can spam this site all they want huh ddark 2 bad im new and didnt know
ecksmanfan - 2/7/2012, 1:51 PM
you kids!
marknjoanna - 2/7/2012, 1:53 PM
btw ddark what movie do you think is the 2nd best dc has made i dont want to slow yr spaming down i was just wondering i think superman 2 was 2nd best
ecksmanfan - 2/7/2012, 1:53 PM
This is funny because Gusto is old
marknjoanna - 2/7/2012, 1:54 PM
@ messenger LMAO so funny due 2 being so true
ThaMessenger07 - 2/7/2012, 2:00 PM
Hopefully we get a a different article of course.....and then....maybe we'll get the results!
ecksmanfan - 2/7/2012, 2:00 PM
Batman could take Nolan out, only if he had enough prep time though
ThaMessenger07 - 2/7/2012, 2:11 PM
How could I....Or the article for the Incredible Fan Art....which will also have a spinoff Poll thread....
Greengo - 2/7/2012, 2:54 PM
The Lizard looks intrigued.

marvel72 - 2/7/2012, 3:10 PM
@ ddark

bob kane creates.....


stan lee creates with whomever the artist was working on the book........

-the hulk
-silver surfer
-fantastic four (plus all the other heroes & villains that appeared)
-the avengers (plus all the other heroes & villains that appeared)
-x-men (plus all the other heroes & villains that appeared)

Greengo - 2/7/2012, 3:19 PM
KonEl12 must have a thing for Armenians
hammerofharpel - 2/7/2012, 3:33 PM
OK let's get a few facts straight:

Bill Finger, not Bob Kane created Batman. This is not widely known but nerdy me did the research on it. Bob Kane, later in life, regretted the denial of Bill Finger's efforts and gave Finger the credit he so greatly deserved.

It's impossible to tell, based on my research, who did what (e.g. the Lee Kirby team) but there is no question a few facts:
1) Jack Kirby is the sole creator of the Silver Surfer.
2) Taking material from Norse legends is hardly theft. Shakespeare did this type of material lifting all the time.
3) Kirby, in a video I saw on YouTube, claimed he created the Fantastic Four -- but it remains to be seen what happened. Nobody was around to document the idea.
4) I have one piece of original art from Kirby and its clear he was writing the dialog for the page so Lee's contribution, at least for that issue of the Fantastic Four was much less than I imagined.
5) I would suggest we keep our comments civil on Kirby. He was exploited for his work his entire life and never achieved the financial security or fame he so richly deserved. He did the layouts and the look and feel of the entire Marvel line and was ignored for it. There would be no Marvel Silver Age without Kirby. Lee did a huge contribution in promoting the material and writing dialog but the backbreaking work of art was done by others at a fraction of the pay. I know that was the deal of all artists at the time but it was just plain wrong. Nobody worked harder than Kirby at that time...nobody.
Howlett - 2/7/2012, 4:59 PM
Marvel is making billions out of Stan's creation.
PeterDarker121 - 2/7/2012, 5:20 PM
@hammerofharpel You're right...Stan's the MAN, but there will only be one KING of ALL comics, and his name was JACK KIRBY. In these upcoming Marvel films, I would like for the visual creator of the Marvel Universe as we know it (with Ditko a solid second) to get more respect than he has thus far.
aRandomSinisterClone - 2/7/2012, 6:03 PM
wow, talk about sum one that's in love with themselves. and he hasn't even done anything in decades, cept talk about himself over N over. tel the same stories on every dvd extra N interview. god damn. i just realized he's senile or has Alzheimers. put him in a home n stop trying to make $ offa him.
FireKnightRises - 2/8/2012, 2:55 AM
where's spiderman cameo?
mstaley3000 - 2/8/2012, 9:00 AM
Not that old hash again. Kirby wrongfully claimed credit for characters that Lee created after Kirby felt that Marvel cheated him. Kirby wanted his original artwork from Marvel and Marvel would give it back, he just had to sign an agreement that he would not republish the material, just like every other artist that worked for Marvel. Kirby was offended by this and took it personally. Do a little research. Look at his claim about creating the Fantastic Four. He said that as proof that he created them, they have belts on their costumes and he always put belts on his characters. Of course, he had forgotten that the FF didn't originally have costumes. Kirby had some problems and he is a proven liar. That doesn't make him less of a great artist. However, the proof is in the pudding. Stan Lee created a lot of great characters with Kirby and gave the whole team credit. He also created a lot of great characters without Kirby and gave the whole team credit. Heck, he took Spider-Man away from Kirby because he didn't like the job Kirby was doing on the character and that is why Ditko was used instead. What did Kirby create without Lee? Not much. A lot of crappy stuff that others have made much better over time. Honestly, without Lee, no one would know who Kirby was or any of the other people who worked on comics. Lee was the guy who promoted the heck out of these people.
PeterDarker121 - 2/8/2012, 4:33 PM
Actually, mstaley, Marvel stipulated in the contract (which was over 4 TIMES the size of the contract given to all OTHER artists) that Jack also could not SELL his OWN artwork PRIVATELY. I HAVE done my research. The 'belts' claim is ABSURD as he drew the comic for over 100 issues, and the fact that they didn't wear them until issue 3 is irrelevant. As to your assertion that he created "not much" without Stan except "crappy stuff" shows what little you KNOW about the history of Timely, Atlas, and Marvel. Marvel Comics is the House that JACK built, and without him, they wouldn't exist.

But let this illustration by author, writer, and illustrator James Sturm sum it up for me:

mstaley3000 - 2/9/2012, 2:27 AM
@ErikMonroe - Wow, FOUR TIMES the size, yadda yadda. You mean, it was four pages long. You are right, Jack's belts claim is absurd but Kirby made the claim anyway. Jack didn't build Jack. You think that without Jack Spider-Man wouldn't exist? Now that's absurd. I love how you failed to mention a single thing that Kirby created without Lee that was any good (sure Kirby gets credit for Cap but what else?). I don't have a problem with Kirby getting credit as a co-creator, however, I have seen this trend of diminishing Lee as the creator and even claims that he stole the characters he created from Kirby (when everyone knows he stole them from the Vikings, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jewish myths, and Shakespeare).

Without Lee, nothing of Marvel would exist. That is a simple fact. If there had been no Kirby, Lee would have (and did, see Spider-Man - Ditko) use other artists and they were out there. Lee was the one who made Kirby "King" (and interestingly enough, Kirby wasn't happy being promoted that way). If you knew anything about Marvel history you would know that Kirby wasn't all that vested in the characters he is credited with co-creating. He was just interested in doing the work and getting paid.
PeterDarker121 - 2/9/2012, 3:46 PM
@mstaley YES, FOUR times the size of ALL other artist's contracts, specifically TARGETING Jack. Your "yadda yadda" comment dodges the obvious reasons Jack was considered SO special by Stan and the powers that be at the time and to this day. It's THE crux of the issue. If you actually READ the difference between the one-page memo and Jolly Jack's FOUR page extortion letter (exhibits "Yadda A and Yadda B respectively), there is NO doubt whatsoever that Marvel had a LOT more to lose from Jack retaining the rights to HIS intellectual properties (Pre-1976 Copyright Act) than ANY other co-creator.

As to your other points, Ditko is a red herring...He only drew the first 39 issues of Spidey ,as he was much more consumed with his Dr. Strange duties. He defined the early visual look of the series, but it's pretty clear that it was more of a Stan-centric book from the get-go. Stan's strongest suit has always been writing and concieving smaller, single-character serials anyway.

Due to the much-heralded 'Marvel Method' in which the 'bullpen' would brainstorm ideas for upcoming issues, and due to Marvel never having relinquished the thousands of pages of Kirby's work, only Stan and Jack truly know who created what, and Jack ain't talkin' where HE's at! Therefore, to say he was unable to "create anything that was any good without Lee" is a baseless assumption.

What we CAN see is the evidence of their work in the years since the Kirby split from Marvel. Arguably, his 'Fourth World' universe and saga ALONE surpasses the dynamism, originality and sheer scope of ANYTHING Stan has done since 1970. Stan may have perfected the 'heroes have everyday problems' concept in 1961, but there's scant evidence that he owned Marvel's universal scope and vision that Jack would eventually define. Jack's 5 year DC run proved that he was MUCH more adept at writing and concieving numerous charcters and interweaving, long-running storylines. This arguably disputes the contention that he was never "vested" in the characters he created. What's TRULY remarkable is that these limitless ideas were NOT Marvel rip-offs, but truly original and offbeat riffs on established genres.

The rest (including his infamous return to Marvel and "yadda yadda" thereafter) is an ongoing history, still being written (and REwritten). It is NOT a "simple fact" that "without Stan Lee, NOTHING of Marvel would exist." It's one of the most ridiculous assertions I've ever heard a comic-book reader ever make. It negates not only Jack's many innovations, but the unique contributions of the artists and writers that collectively made Marvel what it is today. Stan was(and still is) the company's figurehead, and without him, Marvel wouldn't be as successful, no question. But he NEVER did it alone.

By the way, out of the few clunkers Jack did create himself as an artist in his career, I'm SURE if he were alive, he would have probably come up with something a little more creative than 'Stripperella."
PeterDarker121 - 2/10/2012, 12:20 PM

NOT a True Story.


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