Stan Lee talks Disney Films

Stan Lee talks Disney Films

Bloomberg interviews Stan Lee about Disney film projects in the works and possible future projects, including Ant-Man.

Comic book creator Stan Lee talks with Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman about comic-book characters that may be featured in future films and the 3 projects which have been in works since 2008.

The in-development films are Blaze ("big spectacular movie"), Nick Rachet, and Tigress (reportedly to be played by Michelle Rodriguez)

Stan Lee also stated he would like to see Ant-Man and Doctor Strange under the Disney banner... not good for those of us the want Hank Pym in the Avengers.

For further info on the movies in development see here.
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LEEE777 - 3/21/2010, 6:15 PM




Okay... i'll stop now! : P
ngu13 - 3/21/2010, 6:17 PM
stan has to have his word ...
LEEE777 - 3/21/2010, 6:17 PM
These films (BLAZE etc) are all new, i dunno, i tend to take everything STAN says with a pinch of salt LOL!

Great vid @ PAULLY!!

And did i miss something, who the [frick] is Nick Rachet????
ngu13 - 3/21/2010, 6:21 PM
@lee ...m8 every has gone getting scared ... they said we are not alone ..
DaenerysTargaryen - 3/21/2010, 6:25 PM
If Antman gets his own live-action film then for the film he should be ant-man, but in the Avengers film he should become Giant-Man.
Jeri - 3/21/2010, 6:40 PM
Make Ant Man a pixar movie.

Have an unrelated Hank Pym as Giantman in the avengers or the avengers sequel.
AvengingAngel1022 - 3/21/2010, 7:00 PM
lol gtrman but your right
GreenHalJordan - 3/21/2010, 7:11 PM
im still hoping that disney doesnt screw marvel up. now ant man....i could see disney doin that....
dr. strange would be awesome too, but skeptical on how disney would do it. also i dont think it would be cool if disney made dr.strange possess the toy story dolls or whatever. lol.
SHHH - 3/21/2010, 7:15 PM
Stan Lee has never met a camera or microphone he didn't like.....

@Anil I like your style...
BIGBMH - 3/21/2010, 7:16 PM
I'm not sure how successful an Antman movie would be.
FistsOfJustice - 3/21/2010, 7:43 PM
STAN DA MAN!!!!! Damn, I love this guy! He followed his dreams and now 60 yrs later he makes the world of movies go round. Honestly, where would we all be if it want for this maverick of a man?

It's crazy how passionate he still is about COMICS!!

I hope I have his zeal when Im his age. LMAO> Seriously.

MULTI@: Real talk, man! I second that. Mr. Lee could sell ice cubes to an eskimo!
supermarioworldE - 3/21/2010, 8:26 PM
Man, I'd kill for a Dr. Strange movie.
StuckInPanels - 3/21/2010, 9:55 PM
if they can make the sorcerers apprentice a success then Dr. Strange can be done
lc - 3/21/2010, 10:52 PM
supermarioworldE @BlackAirs87 - you like doctor strange, go to fan fic and look at the casting i did, probably the last one i ever do lmao,

if you dont i will hunt ye both down!

and me nice lol okay thats me done with the pimping leave that to josh and lee lol
gunner - 3/21/2010, 10:55 PM
I Met Stan Briefly Here in seattle Last Weekend, What a Great Guy!!
Everthing Sound's Better Coming From His Lip's.
Nice Post .
xman - 3/21/2010, 10:58 PM
michelle rodriguez as tigress mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cant wait
THEHAWK - 3/22/2010, 12:28 AM
@Anil & SHH. i like his moves.

Gotta say that Stan will back almost anyone. I mean this is the guy that backed Michael Jackson's bid to buy Marvel.
supermarioworldE - 3/22/2010, 12:35 AM
Michael Jackson wanted to buy Marvel? Interesting. It's crazy stuff like that, that makes me miss him every day.


I'm already there.
JoshWilding - 3/22/2010, 6:39 AM
The man is a legend. I just wish he'd come back and start writing more comic books! His short story in Amazing Spider-Man #600 was fantastic!!! :)

Guys, check out my WANTED Fan Cast!!! Just click the link!!!
MisterJoshua - 3/22/2010, 9:47 AM
Stan has two superpowers, both are frequently overlooked until they take effect:

1.) He can convince anyone of anything-Lee was the model that George Lucas used when he designed the effects of the Jedi Mind Trick. Yes, the man can sell ice to an Eskimo, sell sand to a Bedouin, etc...

2.) No matter where he goes, or the occasion he celebrates, the 70's STILL WORK. He rocks the old-school butterfly collars and polyester pants...and is frequently depicted with a bevy of beautiful women with me, if the regular geeks like us rocked his style for as long as he has, we'd be pitiful, not enviable. It must be a superpower of some sort...
StarsandStraps - 3/22/2010, 11:20 AM
Let's have Ant-Man in his own movie, and in The Avengers movies. He can be Ant-Man Gi-Ant Man, Yellowjacket. Those of you who are reticent about the original incarnation of Henry Pym aren't true Marvel fans, or sci-fi movies, in general. Shrinking Man/Women stories are archetypal and iconic in genre fiction and film.
StarsandStraps - 3/22/2010, 11:22 AM
Oh, and Goliath. Pym not being self-assured and constantly changing his alternate identity is integral to his character (it also reflects Janet's constant wardrobe changes).
Checkmate - 3/22/2010, 2:43 PM
Pirates of the Caribbean meets the Avengers movie FTW!

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