Shout! Factory and Marvel Knights Animation will release the fourth installment of the Astonishing X-Men motion comic on Blu-ray tomorrow, November 13th. Marvel have just posted the trailer on their site, and you can see it after the jump..

Joss Whedon's award winning run on Astonishing X-Men - from which the "cure" premise was lifted for the X-Men 3 movie -- is a must read, and the motion comic based on the series is probably a lot better than you would expect too. All four motion comics will be available soon in a two disc Blu-ray set, but the fourth installment - Unstoppable - goes on sale tomorrow. Check out the trailer below..

Strap yourselves in, folks! The final arc on Astonishing X-Men! After the shocking and brain-smashing events of recent issues, the X-Men are off to protect the Earth from its destruction at the hands of the Breakworld. And when it's all over, nothing will ever be the same! No, really, we mean it! Whedon and Cassaday prove they are more than Astonishing: They are unstoppable!

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DioFoRio - 11/12/2012, 6:32 PM
Marvel needs to get of their ass in the animation're owned by disney get tha ball a' rollin!!
GuardianAngel - 11/12/2012, 6:44 PM
I think Wolverine caught whatever throat disease Batman had.
jimpinto24 - 11/12/2012, 6:56 PM
Marvel does need to improve in the animated deartment.
lightningfromtheeast - 11/12/2012, 6:57 PM
I agreed w KamenRider, I dunno why Marvel's keep producing this Motion Comic stuff, It's sort of Half-Asses, They should've just make this into an Animation feature or somethin
DaCottDamnBatman - 11/12/2012, 7:37 PM
Kevinwillpeabodyproperties - 11/12/2012, 8:05 PM
Black panther was amazing.
Guy who voiced t challa was spot on.
Best line
" you said your success was because god was on your side,
Now that your losing, has god forsaken you!
ATrueHero1987 - 11/12/2012, 8:12 PM
Seriously Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men was...Astonishing. If y'all haven't read it yet, I suggest getting the Astonishing X-Men Joss Whedon Omnibus, TPB, or whatever.
Giznad - 11/12/2012, 8:20 PM
Yeah, Iron Man Extremis was great. I also enjoyed Thor personally. I like the X-Men motion comics but it's hard for me to like that guy who does Wolverine's voice. Growing up on the early 90s series, it doesn't compare. I can't stand his voice on Marvel vs. Capcom 3
XavierLehnsherr - 11/12/2012, 9:50 PM
Maybe it's cuz DC has mostly godlike characters that fly around and crap, whereas most Marvel characters run around. Characters flying around makes for better animated movies than realistic characters. It might also be why Marvel live action movies are so accepted while only the non-flying Batman has done well recently in live action movies for DC, since realistic characters are easier to accept that a bunch of real people flying around.
evyllsummer - 11/12/2012, 9:52 PM
Look, I love Marvel comics, and I love Whedon, but this kind of animation was lame in the 60s, so it's at LEAST as equally lame FIFTY YEARS LATER! Marvel Animation, make a REAL animated feature or GTFO!!
Happy11 - 11/12/2012, 10:08 PM
Come on Marvel this is the past your animation has been poor or even when it has been good eg hulk vs, Dr strange you then make crap like next avengers also sack Michelmore the music he composes is below par.
TheAmazingSpidey63 - 11/12/2012, 10:52 PM
LoL, holy sh!t. Not too long ago I just finished watching Astonishing X-Men: Gifted and I was thinking to myself, "I wish they would make more." POOF! Wish came true.


I have enjoyed recent motion comics, Iron-Man: Extremis, Thor-Loki: Blood Brothers, and Astonishing X-Men: Gifted. So having another come our way is pretty cool.

But I am with the CBMers here when they say that Marvel's animation department is getting their @$$es whooped by DC with their animations (animated films, tv series, etc.). C'mon, Marvel. Step up your games here and give us more animated films; like The Invincible Iron-Man, Ultimate Avengers, Ultimate Avengers 2, Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme, and Hulk vs. I would go on and rant on a bit more, but I'll just end it here saying this....

MCMLXXXII - 11/12/2012, 10:58 PM
marvel isn't gonna be in a rush to get serious in the animated side of cbm's, the money is in live action.. i'm still dreaming incredibles 2 will get made, cmon brad bird, quit messing around..
marckos - 11/13/2012, 3:12 AM
breakUbatman - 11/13/2012, 3:44 AM
@ XavierLehnsherr

Flight has nothing to do with it, it's the quality of the storytelling and animation just look at Korra or Young Justice. Batman does well in any medium and DC has only had success with him and Superman at the movies.

Marvel has enjoyed success in the past with Spider-Man and X-Men animations and now the whole world knows the Avengers. What they keep doing is making odd choices - their foray into Anime plus these upcoming Hulk and Iron Man deals.

When I watch young Justice I ask myself why couldn't Marvel have done a similar thing with The X-Men: the original line up, or had Ghost In The Shell type animation on an Armor Wars movie. Instead you get Ultimate Spidey which is even an insult to Ultimate Spider-Man
Fogs - 11/13/2012, 4:30 AM
How this is different from those 70's animations?

Marvel > DC in live action

DC >>>>>>>>>>>> Marvel in animation
blvdnoise - 11/13/2012, 4:58 AM
Stumblin - 11/13/2012, 7:32 AM
@KamenRiderJ22, it's a motion comic, these things have been around for years and they all suck. You're comparing apples and oranges. Full on animation vs taking a 2D drawing and making it appear three dimensional animated piece.
StrangerX - 11/13/2012, 7:48 AM
Motion Comics are awesome!!!
Stumblin - 11/13/2012, 12:27 PM
Well it wouldn't be a motion comic if it was fully animated would it? You asked what happened to that type of animation, I explained. Clear?
riseofloganX36 - 11/13/2012, 12:34 PM
beast is a stupid cat i'll pass. The only motion comic i have is the watchmen, now thats a good one.

Stumblin - 11/13/2012, 2:15 PM
Don't get your panties in a bunch. Your first post basically came off saying you don't understand why a motion comic isn't full animated. I explained, sorry I can't read any further through your bs :)

Also, you forgot Thor's animated movie that came out last year.

Thanks for going so deep ;)
Stumblin - 11/14/2012, 10:13 AM
I didn't have a problem. You said and I quote: "Damn what the hell happened to this kinda animation Marvel? I'm all for something new, but damn as Dionysios said get your asses in gear. DC is stomping a mudhole in your asses on the animation front."

It isn't new, you asked what happened and I told you because you said that DC is stomping Marvel in animation, which I agree but comparing a motion comic to DC full animated movies doesn't make sense.

So all in all, what you said didn't come out how you thought, obviously I thought you meant something different. Then you get all pissed off because I responded, yeah that makes total sense. And no problem with me not responding to you from here on out, it's hard to understand idiocy. By the way, I was just returning your lovely animosity, so anyone being douchey it's you guy.
Stumblin - 11/14/2012, 10:47 AM
"@KamenRiderJ22, it's a motion comic, these things have been around for years and they all suck. You're comparing apples and oranges. Full on animation vs taking a 2D drawing and making it appear three dimensional animated piece."

Is that confrontational? Geeze man what do you fight with everyone that responds to you? Wow you really are slow. Enough talking to you for today I can see all you want to do is troll the threads. Me let it go? Look at yourself brother maybe you should take your own advice and chill out. Bye bye now, have a great day :)
TChalla74 - 11/14/2012, 6:03 PM
I agree with @KamenRiderJ22. I want some real animation from marvel. I want some real animated series to watch. Overall, I'm lookin forward to Avengers Assembled (AA), for the most part because they're boosting it up like it is gonna be so much better (demographically and quality of animation. Also, I hope that rumor I heard about a new x-men series is true [if the quality is going to be on par with AA I'm all for it]. and PLEASE. CAN I GET A HIGH QUALITY BLACK PANTHER ANIMATION [to lead into the movie]?! Sad to say I was soO disappointed w/ that motion comic bull$#!+
The storyline was great but c'mon.. The visual was damn near terrible.


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