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My experience in seeing Game Of Thrones in IMAX!
Wolverine is dead, but his legacy will remain. In this new preview of Charles Soule's Wolverines #5, The team from Paradise and the Wolverines team up to take down Mr. Sinister! Will they achieve victory? Or die as Logan did? Hit the jump to check it out!
I have learned the truth about and all of it's users. I even have a way to fix some of the criticisms. Click to find out the TRUTH.
This is the my DC fan cast with Young Justice and Teen Titan members. My last fan cast got mixed or negative comments from CBM users due to me using actors from the movie and TV universes or not being well laid out. I'm one of the few that feel both universes should co exist along with creating my own format. I respect users rights to their opinion so please be kind in the comments.
Marvel have released an unlettered preview of Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna's Uncanny Avengers #2, and it features a captive Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (who will presumably find out their true parentage) along with Sabretooth, who is quickly taken down! Check it out...
Now that Peggy Carter has her own ABC TV series starring Hayley Atwell, Marvel are delving further into the comic book version's past with Operation: S.I.N.. Hit the jump for a first look at issue #2 as Agent Carter heads into battle alongside, you guessed it, Howard Stark...
Scott Snyder crafted an exciting new origin for Batman in Zero Year and now the talented DC Comics writer is tackling an origin story for The Dark Knight's greatest adversary, the Joker.
Here is an extremely in depth editorial on why the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are some of the worst I have ever seen.
Superman's redesign for "The New 52" reboot was controversial with some fans, especially as the Man of Steel lost his red trunks and gained a higher v-neck collar. Well, John Romita Jr.'s Superman #38 cover has revealed his latest costume, and there are once again some big alterations!
One man has taken on a Hulk-sized project as he builds a functional WiFi enabled Hulkbuster armor. Hit the jump to check out how far he is.
This February, star-studded creators unite to bring you three thunderous stories that should not be missed in Thor Annual #1! We've already heard from former WWE Superstar CM Punk about his contribution, but hit the jump for a sneak peek at what else to expect from the issue...
We already knew that Chris Pratt and Chris Evans had a Super Bowl bet where the loser visits a childrens hospital but now the two have upped the ante by raising money for charity.
In this new clip from Wednesday's episode of ARROW. We get a glimpse of how 'Team Arrow' is struggling without Oliver and how they stumble upon a revelation that will put 'Brick' (Vinnie Jones) in Malcolm Merlyn's (John Barrowman) sights.
The battles in Secret Wars are so big, Marvel are launching an entirely new book just to contain them! This May, prepare for the big, bombastic action like you’ve never seen before in Secret Wars: Battleworld #1, a new 4-issue limited series of wall-to-wall action across the surface of Battleworld...
FOX has released four new clips from the upcoming episode of GOTHAM. Come check out what happens when Jim Gordon finds Selina Kyle in his apartment, Edward Nigma is caught examining a body, and Sal Maroni receiving an unlikely call. Take the jump!
Secret Wars scribe, Jonathan Hickman recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and said the upcoming event was like a "Horror Story". Hit the jump to check out what else he had to say.
Scott Lang (the character who will be played by Paul Rudd in the upcoming Marvel Studios movie) has started a new life in Miami, but trouble has already found him when Grizzly comes calling for revenge. Unfortunately for him, he's got the wrong Ant-Man! Hit the jump for a first look at issue #2...
Tonight on GEEK BLAST! Mike & James Talk about Movies, Comics, Games and much more. Call in for your chance to WIN A FREE STAR WARS T-SHIRT from JKA (Jedi Knight Academy) at 8:30PM EST the theme for this month is Comic Book Movies! Mike does his Star Wars lesson of the week with extra Star Wars stuff. James will be giving us the scoop in comics this week. The guys will talk about some TV and Movie Trailers in the new segment "Trailer Talk".
Fan-favourite artist J. Scott Campbell has once again teamed up with New York City's Midtown Comics to create a variant cover for next month's Spider-Gwen #1, which you can check out after the jump.
Before DC kicks off more of their films/TV shows, you have to wonder what type of plans they have for the long run. Check out this full-fledged blueprint I made(w/ mock posters) that will hopefully look similar to the real thing!
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