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For my 5th article I've decided to cast Green Arrow (and his world) of my DC cinematic universe
This June, Bryan Hitch will be writing and pencilling a new Justice League of America series, and DC Comics have today revealed new artwork from the series along with seven amazing interconnecting covers which each feature a member of the team and together create one epic banner...
While promoting his new disaster flick, San Andreas, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson touched on how he'll portray Black Adam in WB's Shazam movie and reaffirmed his take that the character is not a full on villain.
Zombie master George A. Romero's Empire of the Dead, a limited comic book series from Marvel, is being developed for TV. Romero was very critical of The Walking Dead in the recent past and now he'll get the opportunity to create a TV show to directly challenge the cable juggernaut.
With Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently reaffirming that additional DC Comics Speedsters will show up in season 2 of The Flash, lets examine all of the possible candidates. Jay Garrick and Wally West are obvious, but what about Max Mercury?
It seems as though the Hulk has been dragged into the past in a time were Dracula tried to take over the world! To stop him, the Hulk must convince the Howling Commandos to work with him and save the earth! Will they succeed? Hit the jump to check out this new clip!
We know that Lex Luthor is getting a new look in the "DC You" relaunch, but with a powerless Superman whose identity has been revealed to the world and Jim Gordon taking over as the new Batman, their relationship is now very different. That's right; it's time for Batman VS Superman!
Miles Scott aka Batkid has now his own movie called 'Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World', a documentary based on the events realised by Make-A-Wish Foundation when Miles wished to become Batman for one day. Watch the trailer...
Marvel's Secret Wars has begun! Get caught up on the biggest comic book event of all time by winning a SuperHeroStuff exclusive limited edition copy of the very first issue, which features an awesome from by Marvel artist Khoi Pham! Click on for more details...
This is my Fan Cast for Marvel's edition of X-Men! I imagine this situation to be the same as Marvel/Sony sitaution for Spiderman. After Hugh Jackman is leaving his role as Wolverine, I think that Bryan Singer's universe will probably end after Wolverine 3! I really want X-Men to be part of MCU! Enjoy and thanks for reading!
Check out the sneak peek into DC's hyper-violent man without shame or fear.
We've already seen the Avengers assembled, and we've seen every Spider-man (and woman) in one place at one time. Now, in this first look at Jason Aaron's Thors #1 we see Thor Odinson, Beta Ray Bill, and every other God of Thunder assembled in one comic! Check it out!
Aquaman's new comic appearance definitely seems to have been influenced by the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice incarnation of the character, so can we assume Jesse Eisenberg will don something similar to this as Lex Luthor in the movie? Click on to take a look...
Season one of The Flash is in the books! The Flash Museum, Killer Frost, Jay Garrick and Rip Hunter were all referenced in some form or fashion in tonight's stellar finale. Did Flash have the best season finale of all comic book TV shows?
Don't call it a reboot! DC Comics' post-Convergence plan is more of a rebranding. The comic publisher is marketing its new commitment to fresh storytelling under the moniker of DC YOU. The initiative kicks of June 3 and will focus on four main themes: characters, talent, stories and fans.
In an interview with Jeff Goldsmith, "Mad Max: Fury Road" Director George Miller revealed the title of the next film in his "Max Max" series and several fascinating details regarding the History of this Franchise. Hit the Jump to investigate Further!.
The first eight page preview for Kelly Sue DeConnick & Kelly Thompson’s Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps #1 has been released! This new preview includes three explosive pages and four awesome new variant covers! Hit the jump to check it all out!
Phase Two of the MCU is about to come to a close and with so many strong female characters being introduced over the course of eleven movies, DrDoom thought he would take the time to make a list of his favorite women in the franchise. Click to take a look!
The Ultimate Universe is finally coming to an end as part of Secret Wars, and in this first look at Ultimate End #1, we get to see the heroes of that world going to war with those of the 616 Universe. What's The Punisher up to while all this happens? Check it out...
As The CW's Arrow prepares for unprecedented changes heading into Season 4, lets look back at an overlooked aspect of the superhero drama that definitely deserves praise - all the geektastic guest stars.
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