Arnold Schwarzenegger & Producer Talk THE LEGEND OF CONAN; Paul Verhoeven Up To Direct

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Producer Talk THE LEGEND OF CONAN; Paul Verhoeven Up To Direct

Schwarzenegger and producer Fredrik Malmberg talk more about Universal's upcoming Conan film, with the latter sharing his desire for WETA to provide the visuals and more. Plus, original RoboCop director Paul Verhoeven is up for bringing Conan back to life.

Speaking with The Arnold Fans, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and producer Fredrik Malmberg talk about The Legend Of Conan, which will see Arnie's return as the legendary Conan The Barbarian. Despite being 65 years old, Schwarzenegger still feels like he did 30 years ago when he shot the original Conan film. "Well, age doesn’t mean anything to me, because I work out every day. I work out twice a day, as a matter of fact. At night I work out with weights, and in the morning I do cardiovascular training. So for me, to get on the set and to swing the sword around again and to ride the horses and all those things doesn’t mean anything [does not scare me], because I feel like I did thirty years ago. So as long as I stay in shape, that’s the key thing, and to keep your body young. Even though you do feel the pain when you wipe out and when you do your fight scenes and you get more sore and the body doesn’t come back as quickly and all this . . . but just grind through it, you know? That’s what it’s all about!"

Additionally, producer Fredrik Malmberg comments on the creative process of the film, and says that his dream is to have Peter Jackson's WETA Workshop provide the visuals. "As you know right now, we’re concentrating on the story and the script, and then we’ll go out and find the right director who has the same passion as the rest of us in the group. And you always have to let the creative side and let the director put his stamp and mark on it so you never know what’s going to happen with the production design. I mean, we’re trying to get the TOP production people involved. We’re talking all the time about who we’d see doing the production, and our dream would be to have the WETA Workshop guys, the LOTR and Hobbit guys. They are huge Conan fans and they would be great to be involved on the creative side. But if they wanted to pay homage to the old swords, we could do it. But will the director and the whole team think that’s a copout or is that an homage? So you never know." And since it has been said that an A-list director is being sought out, is there any chance that the Lord Of The Rings helmer could be hired? "I’m a huge fan of Peter Jackson, but he must have spent over ten years in fantasyland, and maybe his storytelling is slightly different from Conan’s. I’m not so sure Jackson would be attracted to Conan. It’s more fast-paced. LOTR and The Hobbit are great films of course, but his are maybe more high fantasy and Conan more down and dirty."

However, one director who would love a shot at bringing Conan The Barbarian back to life is Paul Verhoeven (RoboCop, Total Recall). "If they asked me, I’d certainly love to – let’s put it that way," he says. "But I don’t know what the script is. I don’t know what Arnold wants. I’m a big fan in fact of Conan. That’s a great movie and I found that the composer, Basil Poledouris, basically inspired many of my movies [the soundtracks] like Flesh and Blood, RoboCop, Starship Troopers and Total Recall. The score of Conan is great. The style of editing that Milius used was very beautiful, and Arnold does a great job. He was really the perfect choice." For more comments from Malmberg, click the source link below.

Schwarzenegger has previously stated that filming could begin by the end of the year, possibly in New Zealand. Universal plans on releasing The Legend Of Conan sometime in 2014.

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DioFoRio - 1/25/2013, 2:04 PM
man I'm excited to see this turn out well. Fingers crossed
soberchimera - 1/25/2013, 2:09 PM
Just use Basil Poledouris' score and the film will be decent even if the script and acting suck.
ManOfKrypton - 1/25/2013, 2:10 PM
Make it Happen!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paul Verhoeven - Great Time!
gaikinger - 1/25/2013, 2:10 PM
Love Robocop and lobe Starship Troopers even more. Would love to see John Boorman do Conan though.
GUNSMITH - 1/25/2013, 2:12 PM
KingEmperor - 1/25/2013, 2:28 PM
So inbetween scenes of the movie, there's gonna be commercials about product placements?
yinyangpalms - 1/25/2013, 2:28 PM
They do need a real director.
Many of todays movies all have the same style and pace. And the films feel like disposable films-the movies are as one long trailer that you kinda like 1 time but you never want to watch them again.
Exceptions would be the Bourne films 1-4, Skyfall, Raimi's Spider-Man and a few others.

Action films are like comedies now. Can be great for one watch then on to the next one.
GodzillaKart - 1/25/2013, 2:29 PM
KING CONAN! Bring it on! With the right writer and director this sequel to the fantastic Arnold original could be FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!

Or it could also suck balls...which to be honest is a lot more likely.

Here's to hope!
DukeAcureds - 1/25/2013, 2:30 PM
Now I know it's gonna be good.
DVonShakari - 1/25/2013, 2:31 PM
Ahnold you'd betta staht to pump some iyon. I'm sure he'll get in great shape...or maybe they'll just play up the old warrior look all the way. I'm thinking at some point he'll take his shirt off or whatever animal robe he's got on. Its good to have him back!
GodzillaKart - 1/25/2013, 2:34 PM
Personally, while I want Arnold to get in the best shape possible, I don't want him to try to be young Conan. He is an older seasoned warrior. Wiser than in CTB. Give me an evolved character.
AlexDeLarge87 - 1/25/2013, 2:39 PM
Verhoeven sounds like a cool choice.
Im not really sure is Arnie the PERFECT CHOICE... but he did good enough job in the original.

The original movie is special for me only in nostalgia level. It has certain magic in it even its not totally faithful adaptation of Conan. James Earl Jones rocks as the villain and script is pretty good. Its hell of a better movie than that crappy remake. In which only good thing was the style. Momoa would have been alot better if they had better script and director. Its hard to make a good role if you dont have stuff to work with.
AlexDeLarge87 - 1/25/2013, 2:40 PM
Hope they change that title by the way. King Conan is much better.
kirbydot345 - 1/25/2013, 2:43 PM
Awesome if it happens.
AmazingFantasy - 1/25/2013, 2:57 PM
Are they going to CG Arnies body ;)
imnotwearinghockeypants - 1/25/2013, 3:08 PM
Down for this shit, bring it on.
superpooper - 1/25/2013, 3:33 PM
!0 years ago I would have been pumped for this. I wanted King Conan more than anything. But now, unfortunately I have my concerns. An undertaking of this magnitude cannot be taken lightly. Conan the Barbarian was a masterpiece. Conan the Destroyer...not so much. Hopefully everyone involved understands that. Conan the Barbarian was no light hearted romp through fantasy land. Oliver Stone made sure of that. Who's writing the script? If you want a sure fire success I think you need to go back to the beginning. Oliver Stone. Get Ridley Scott to direct. Of course the original score is an absolute must, that goes without saying. I'm just skeptical about how hollywood handles movies these days, and I'm not sure if they will let this movie be what it needs to be. You can almost be guaranteed that there's going to be some bullshit Shitta LaPoof upstart thrown into the mix to make this some kind of father/son buddy crap to appeal to the Twilight crowd and that, quite frankly will not [frick]ing do. Does Arnold still have what it takes? He's proven time and time again that his integrity is for sale, but at the same time he's no idiot. Does he respect the original film enough to do what needs to be done? Plus he's hardly the draw he used to be. He really needs to surprise everyone and win back some respect by giving Hollywood the big [frick] YOU salute and make a movie that KICKS SERIOUS ASS. R is a must. Lets have a [frick]ing bloodbath dude. Don't be a puss.
beane2099 - 1/25/2013, 3:34 PM
I can't wait. But I would have to say no on Verhoeven. Don't get me wrong, I love his 90's stuff, but I don't think he's the right choice for this.
BlueDemon - 1/25/2013, 3:45 PM
Paul Verhoeven!!!! SIIICK!!!

Danbojohnj - 1/25/2013, 3:46 PM
If Verhoevan directs Conan with Weta visuals I will explode hard in my pants.
SaxoWolf - 1/25/2013, 3:57 PM
Conan + WETA ?

SCURVYDOG619 - 1/25/2013, 4:34 PM
If Verhoeven is involved...Well,"I'll buy THAT for a dollar!"

The man loves his gore-see Robocop and Starship Troopers for proof....

This would please Crom,high on his mountain...
RichardHedski - 1/25/2013, 4:48 PM
I hope this movie is good. The last Conan movie (2011) was dogshit. Jason Mamoa looked the part but he couldn't act his way out of Crom's nutsack. Now with Arnie back, the Cimmerian's future looks bright again.
jondoe297 - 1/25/2013, 5:27 PM
For the ppl who say Arnold can get in shape he knows his body and what it takes for him to be in good shape enough where you'll believe like yea I can see that so and the way ppl are talking about this project you know they have he passion for it and I like that
superpooper - 1/25/2013, 5:56 PM
@Ohthepurdue No one can escape Croms nut sack. You can't fault him for that. Crom laughs at everyones four winds dude! Duh ;)
Logan5 - 1/25/2013, 6:06 PM
Jason Mamoa was a great cast and has a lot of cool roles left to play in his career. He's gonna' be fine.., I agree though, his Conan movie was awful!

If King Conan gets Weta and people come on board that really get that first film.., this will be very anticipated by me. Basil(Starship Troopers, Robocop, Conan the Barbarian '82, Red Dawn '83)was one of the most underrated greats and it sucks they cannot hire him to work on this. Giacchino(?), Shore or Zimmer would be good for this project. I dig Paul Leonard-Morgan, Martinez, John Murphy and his collaborators as well, but I would not recommend them for this project. The score is just as important as the script and how much digital coverup they do on Arnold if he in fact is shirtless in this. I could see an aged King Conan not shirtless however and still kicking ass! Imagine Aragorn topless throughout the LOTR trilogy. :-D Sorry, just thought of the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia "FIght Club" episode from season 2 where Charlie won't take his shirt off.
Jollem - 1/25/2013, 6:09 PM
Logan5 - 1/25/2013, 6:11 PM
The scene right after Conan is freed and he evades the wolves by falling into the tomb is a great cinematic moment! The score, the pace.., classic stuff.
Logan5 - 1/25/2013, 6:12 PM

:-P Awesome and thank you!
Jollem - 1/25/2013, 6:23 PM

@rocksammich - it made me giggle :)
Ranger14 - 1/25/2013, 6:41 PM
I think back in the 80's viewers accepted Arnold for what he was...a well-muscled guy on screen who couldn't act. Today, I don't think viewing audiences are as accepting of his inability to act. Even if he does get back into shape, it won't make up for his poor acting skills.
SpideyQuad - 1/25/2013, 7:04 PM
I am not so sure. He wasn't moving around very freely in this latest movie the last stand.

We will see
VIRILEMAN - 1/25/2013, 7:07 PM
Logan5 - 1/25/2013, 7:14 PM

Which is why the best in the industry need to be onboard. I'm not delusional and Arnold has the recent media shenanigans, but if you time this release correctly and once again.., don't half-ass it.., it could be good. Acting and Arnold are like street dogs at 2:30 am. The best thing ever.., but yeah. :-D

This could be a really awesome film; key is to not go Die Hard 5 with the younger ensembles and constantly say the words "Game of Thrones" whilst doing pre-pro. Stay positive. I contradict myself a lot.., but yeah mate.., stay positive.
mgeoff88 - 1/25/2013, 11:05 PM
This has a lot of potential to kick ass! Arnold is Conan.
sameoldthing - 1/25/2013, 11:57 PM
That Conan O'Brien pic as CONAN looks hilarious.
It does remind me of the end of the original Conan movie where Conan is King on the throne and he has a beard.

Arnold should grow a beard for the new Conan film..look more seasoned & regal.
SunfireUrA55 - 1/26/2013, 6:32 AM
He's going to need wire work to help him move...a little faster, just like his last movie.
I smell ANOTHER Sagging Arnie FLOP! Jason Mamoa is a better Conan! Too bad the script sucked though.
AlexDeLarge87 - 1/26/2013, 7:21 AM
Make him sport really old look and im sure he will pull it off.

Hope we get to see younger Conan too played by Jason Momoa or Daniel Cudmore.
macfint - 1/26/2013, 12:07 PM
VERHOVEN is the man. i am erect.
TheDesertGorilla - 1/26/2013, 2:55 PM
The only way Conan will ever work on screen is if it's made by fans FOR fans. Everything so far has sucked balls. This will be no different. The only good thing to ever happen to Conan movies was Jason Momoa. And now, of course, we'll never get to see him wield the sword again. Either be faithful to the REH stories or just GIVE UP!
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