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Post-Mix Review of Conan the Barbarian - CBMcontributor
The history of Conan the Barbarian, from his early days as a pulp fiction anti-hero to his headliner as a Marvel Comics Character to the Conan movies. - comicshistoryguy
Richard Roeper reviews Conan the Barbarian starring Jason Momoa and Rachel Nichols - MrSuperheromoviefan
A second review for Marcus Nispel's Conan remake has hit the web, and although it still goes pretty harsh on the movie, it also points to some redeeming features. Check it out.. - RorMachine
See how one audition landed the actor two roles. Also, check out the Jason Momoa quote of the day. - nailbiter111
The Playlist have just posted their review for Marcus Nispel's remake that screened at Empire's Big Screen earlier today. What did they think? Click to find out.. - RorMachine
In an exclusive interview with the Sun Times, Jason Momoa, recalls the moment he had his friend break his nose, and when a horse almost ended his life. - nailbiter111
Hit the jump to check out five more photos from next week's Conan The Barbarian, featuring Ron Perlman, Rose McGowan, Stephen Lang and more! - PaulRom
While it's not official HQ version, a brand new poster for Marcus Nispel-directed film Conan the Barbarian was spotted, featuring Jason Momoa as the title character in all its glory. Check it out! - WolvieCBM
Hit the jump to check out a new UK TV spot for next week's Conan The Barbarian revamp, featuring more snippets of new footage! - PaulRom
While promoting her new movie Conan the Barbarian the actress sat down with Movieweb, and dishes on her decision to walk away from Red Sonja. - nailbiter111
I kid you not! Conan 2 already has a script! Jason Momoa who is playing the lead character, Conan, tells craveonline the direction that his sequel would take. - nailbiter111
Hit the jump to check out another new TV ad for the soon-to-be-released Conan revamp, featuring more snippets of new footage! - PaulRom
Check out what producer Fredrik Malmberg had to say about the differences between this Conan the Barbarian and the original 1980's films. - Hawksblueyes
Hit the jump to play a new 8-bit flash game promoting this month's Conan The Barbarian, featuring all the blood and guts you can ask for... - PaulRom
Hear what the stars of CONAN had to say about the type of training they did and much more... - BooYah
The actor participated in a Q&A event with fans and the press. Jason discussed how he prepared for the role, and expressed his thoughts on the future of the franchise. Come find out which bands Jason listens to when getting into character. - nailbiter111
Two new Conan the Barbarian rebbot trailers, "Stand" and "Fall", each with snippets of new footage - Armageddon26
The Conan the Barbarian star speaks out about his role in the film and Arnold Schwarzenegger's reaction to his character! - Shieldofpower interviews 'Conan the Barbarian' actress, Rose Mcgowan who plays sorceress, Marique in the film. - Shieldofpower
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