Rose McGowan to play Marique in Conan film?

Rose McGowan to play Marique in Conan film?

Is Rose McGowan going to play the evil half which Marique in Conan?

Conan movie blog who reported Rose McGowan was going to star in Conan a few weeks before Varitey have stated that Rose McGowan is going to play proto-goth rocker Marique. The character was orignally written as a male character called Fariq, but for some unknown reason they changed the character to female below is the casting description that was orignally for the male before the change, but its the best information I have so I though i'd share it with you.

"He’s in his 20s to early 30s, Asian or Middle Eastern, open to all ethnicities, slight of frame, piercing eyes, cruel, determined to prove to his father that he can rule the world when the time comes. But he has the mentality of a proto-goth rocker, so ruling the world will prove elusive. However, Fariq makes up for his lack of battle skills with his deft understanding of sorcery and evil determination to find the real queen of Acheron."

Intresting fact this is the third known role that McGowan has played that was orignally ment for a man. The first being Cherry Darling in Planet Terror and the second being Charlie in Dylan's Wake.

Some of you may not trust this information because it didnt come from a realible source like Variety, but to be fair they did find out that Rose was to star in Conan a few weeks before Variety picked it up.

Conan is currently filming in Sofia, Bulgaria. Filming should last until June set for a 2011 Release.

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ASSASSIN666 - 3/24/2010, 12:51 AM
EPIC FAIL! This movie should have been aborted faster than Paris Hilton. Thanks to the completely wrong casting of this film I will always be grateful I have the original with Arnold. Why reboot a movie if you're going to f**k it up with a bad cast except for Perlman who is always great
DDD - 3/24/2010, 2:27 AM
A proto goth rocker?
WTF??! This thing just gets dumber and dumber!
Man, how'd Perlman get stuck in this idiocy!@

CONAN, from the director of PATHFINDER, with
proto goth rocker Rose McGowan, a scrawny
CONAN and a script scribbled on the wall with

uh.....I mean TRAVESTY!!!

ASSASSIN666 - 3/24/2010, 2:55 AM
DDD- You're damn right, this movie has enough bottom room to do push ups under a snake.
thegreek - 3/24/2010, 10:38 AM

Wasn't she also suppose to play RED SONJA at one point
thegreek - 3/24/2010, 10:38 AM
Oh did I mention FAIL ... Probably straight to DVD
LEEE777 - 3/24/2010, 10:41 AM
WTF is this SH1T, she should be RED SONJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

CAPTAIN AMERICA & HUMAN TORCH is biting us in the A$$ already!!

LEEE777 - 3/24/2010, 10:42 AM
[frick] you HOLLYWOOD!
HelaGood - 3/24/2010, 10:43 AM
let's hope she wears something like this...

or maybe she will have a sword for her right leg...

LEEE777 - 3/24/2010, 10:44 AM
LERAY @ Are them SILVER DILDO'S on the table in that PIC lol?!?

; D
GUNSMITH - 3/24/2010, 10:53 AM
WeaponX - 3/24/2010, 11:15 AM
Actually, I heard there was more than three dildos on set but they kept getting lost "up there", so they just told her to hold it. The other two are just there in case the pull of gravity is too strong.

...Her canyon vag has a similar phenomenon of Stargate, something on the other side is running down a sand hill with silver dildos packed in its arms to show the other villagers.
Ranger14 - 3/24/2010, 11:54 AM
Geez people. Talk about not reading and then believing everything that you are reading. It is a rumor. Speculation. It does not say that she is going to play a proto goth rocker. It said the character would have the mentality of a proto goth rocker. Read the rest of the description.

As I have said before, I am not going to judge until I see a trailer or more info. As long as Momoa puts on some more mass, I am fine with it. I don't want to see a scrawny Conan, but I am fine with a lean muscled Conan. Howard's Conan was not a massive hulk.
HelaGood - 3/24/2010, 1:36 PM
@bropus you are right. he was this imposing hulk of a barbarian, not some lean cut pretty boy.
Ranger14 - 3/24/2010, 8:14 PM
bropus@ look at the black and white illustrations in the original books. Though not always consistent, for the most part he is depicted as a lean muscled warrior. Also considering that Howard described him in a letter as the physical double of Cormac Fitzgeoffrey, one of his other characters who was 6'2" and 210 that would lead me to believe him to be as large as Arnold was. He was described as massive, but 6'5" can be massive to people if if you are in decent shape. He was also described as agile and panther-like by Howard. I don't see an Arnold type of build and that type of agility as being mutually co-existent.
thegreek - 3/25/2010, 10:43 AM
LEE - Good pick on the Dildo's... ;-) LOL

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