Constantine Release Date: February 11, 2005
John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) has been described as the "Dirty Harry of the occult world". Based on the popular "Hellblazer" graphic novels, the story follows his efforts, using the occult, to help a female police officer (Rachel Weisz) fight crime. The script may be based on Garth Ennis' storyline of 3 Lords of Hell.
Even if you caught the leaked pilot earlier this year, the following scene will still be brand new to you! Reshoots took place to write out the existing female lead and replace her with Angélica Celaya as comic book character Zed. Here, the two meet for the first time. Check it out!
Matt Ryan strikes a pose! Hit the jump to check out some promotional photos of the cast of NBC's comic book-based television series, Constantine.
The series premiere of Constantine airs this Friday on NBC, and a new clip has now been released in which the titular character (played by Welsh actor Matt Ryan of Assassin's Creed IV fame) comes face to face with a demonic version of himself. Hit the jump to check it out...
Ksitetv have just released the title and a brief description for the November 7 episode of NBC's small-screen take on Hellblazer. Not only will be meet Papa Midnite (Michael James Shaw), but it sounds as if Lucifer will play a part also. Click on for more..
Compared to how Gotham and The Flash were promoted, we haven't seen much from Constantine in terms of posters, interviews and trailers! Luckily, there is an awesome new TV spot now online which offers up plenty of great new footage. Hit the jump to check it out!
A new clip from the first episode of Constantine ("Non Est Asylum") introduces us to the angelic Manny (Harold Perrineau, Lost), and as you might expect, he doesn't get a particularly warm greeting from John (Matt Ryan, Assassin's Creed). Hit the jump to check it out...
We already know that Jim Corrigan, aka Spectre, will be showing up on the small screen Hellblazer adaptation at some stage, but showrunner David S. Goyer has teased appearances for quite a few other fan-favourite occult DC characters. More past the jump..
NBC has released a brand new TV spot and five stills from their upcoming Hellblazer adaptation Constantine giving us our first look at the new leading lady, Angélica Celaya, who will be playing fan favorite Zed. New details about the character have also been revealed! Come check it out!
NBC have finally released the title and description for Constantine's second episode, and as well as confirming the introduction of Zed (Angélica Celaya), it also reveals that John will be facing off against a spirit which hails from star Matt Ryan's home country, Wales!
A featurette has been released by NBC which sees Matt Ryan talk about taking on the role of John Constantine and what it's been like to join Grimm on NBC. It also includes new footage from the DC Comics adaptation which premieres on October 24th. Hit the jump to check it out!
Good news for Hellblazer fans here as NBC have ordered three more scripts for Constantine ahead of its series premiere later this month. This is a show of faith from the network and as long as it debuts strongly, a full season pick-up could follow. Read on for details!
With so much attention being paid to shows like Gotham and The Flash, you'd be forgiven for thinking DC had forgotten all about Constantine ahead of its premiere on NBC later this month. Well, we now have three brand new TV spots packed full of awesome footage...
Here we have a new promo for NBC's upcoming take on DC's foul mouthed occultist, John Constantine. There's also a poster from artist Gene Ha that's set to be distributed to comic retailers, and features our first look (kinda) at Papa Midnite. Take a look..
NBC has released 24 new promotional stills from the pilot episode of Constantine. The series, which stars Matt Ryan as seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult John Constantine, premieres October 24th. Come check out the new stills now!
With so much attention focused on shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Gotham, you may have forgotten all about Constantine! This new behind-the-scenes featurette will serve as a nice reminder though and featured plenty of awesome interviews and footage. Check it out!
A new promo image of Welsh actor Matt Ryan (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag) as John Constantine has been released by NBC, while we also have a still from the highly anticipated series from the latest issue of TV Guide which appears to be from a future episode rather than the pilot.
In today's edition of Web-Crawler, we have a snippet off the Godzilla blu-ray which has Gareth Edwards and Thomas Tull discussing the creation of the M.U.T.O. monsters. Bear McCreary takes us behind-the-scenes of composing NBC's Constantine. Plus, quick tidbits on Flash and Arrow.
WB has responded to the recent news of Marvel entertainment bringing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Daredevil to this years New York Comic-Con. Click the jump to check out what it is.
Check out some behind the scenes photos for Arrow season 3 featuring David Ramsey and Stephen Amell. Duncan Jones leans on ILM for Warcraft. And the future Spectre on NBC's Constantine speaks from the heart of a true comic book fan.
There had been talk of bringing another major DC Comics character to NBC's Constantine, and now an actor has been found to play the human alter-ego of The Spectre, Jim Corrigan. Hit the jump for a character description and to find out which familiar face from Guardians of the Galaxy will play him...
The official Twitter page for NBC's upcoming small screen take on DC's foul mouthed occultist has released a new image of Welsh actor Matt Ryan as 'ol John Constantine himself. Check it out after the jump..
There had been talk of classic Constantine supporting character Papa Midnite playing a role in the first season of the NBC series, but now an actor has been found to play the Voodoo King of New Orleans. Who is it? Well, you can find out that and more after the jump!
Bear McCreary, the man who composed the themes for the likes of Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead, takes us behind the scenes and shows us how he came up with his latest composition for the highly anticipated series, Constantine. Hit the jump to check it out!
Director Guillermo del Toro speaks on using Matt Ryan, star of NBC's Constantine as the Constantine in his Justice League Dark film. "..if we see the tv series and we can mesh with it or cast the same actor depending on where the movie is going, I would be happy to consider that."
Geoff Johns has taken to twitter to clue folks in on an easter egg hidden within an easter egg on NBC's Constantine. Do you know the item behind Fate's helmet? NBC will premiere the Matt Ryan led Constantine on October 24th.