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Comic nerd Christmas is upon us with the arrival of San Diego Comic Con! Listen in awe as your hosts Justin and Jeremy, with the help of a special guest host, bring you their thoughts on all of the mind blowing comic goodness. - JDAbhold
We got a lot of exciting news, announcements and footage at this year's convention but what was the best of Comic Con 2015? #SDCC - Darkknight2149
Fans have wondered what the director would be turning his attention to next, and now we know. It was announced at SDCC that Whedon will write a 6-issue miniseries for Dark Horse, about a character that's described as a female Batman for the Victorian era... - RorMachine
After a twenty year wait, Ash is returning to the screen for more blood and guts action. We were incredibly excited last year when ASH VS EVIL DEAD was announced and finally, one year later, we finally get to see the first glimpse of Old Ash in action. - Snooper
This year's San Diego Comic Con has kicked off, and while we are not there experiencing all the cool cosplay and breaking news live, we are giving away free t-shirts to help alleviate the sting of not getting to be there in person! Click on for more on this unmissable deal... - SuperHeroStuff
The new book from Mark Edlitz shares interviews from some of the top film and TV superhero stars, including fan favorites Tom Hiddleston, Adam West, Clark Gregg and Kevin Conroy. Learn more about the book and Tom Hiddleston's thoughts on Loki after the link! - NateBest
Legendary Comics has released the variant cover for issue #1 of their upcoming Pacific Rim: Tales From The Drift. A variant cover will be released for each issue and this one is illustrated by Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man and Spawn artist Whilce Portacio! - NateBest
***SPOILER*** A preview of the Exclusive Supergirl Comic Strip based on the upcoming CBS Television Series has found it's way online. ***SPOILER*** - speedyg33
Listen up Deadpool fans the gauntlet has been laid down. Your challenge, find one or all of the 24 original sketches hidden around SDCC. - speedyg33
Deborah Ann Woll just said on her Twitter account that Daredevil will not be at this year’s Comic-Con. - speedyg33
The must have exclusive at this years Comic-Con "KFC’s one-shot The Colonel’s Adventure Comics." - speedyg33
It's morphin' time once again as the Power Rangers are returning to the comics. After previously being published by Marvel Comics, this time BOOM! Studios will be taking a crack at bringing the iconic Rangers to life in comic book form! Come check it out! Updated with more Rangers! - KingPatel
As per usual, Warner Bros. are teaming up with the organisers of this year's San Diego Comic-Con to produce bags featuring new imagery for everything from Arrow to Gotham, Lucifer, Supernatural, The Flash, Vixen, and many more. Hit the jump to check them out! - JoshWilding
Marvel Studios may be giving Hall H a miss, but you have to believe that they'll still make this year's San Diego Comic-Con one to remember. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has a HUGE DC Comics movie panel planned and Star Wars: The Force Awakens will also be there in force. So, who will win? - JoshWilding
Though Disney-owned Marvel Studios is skipping this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Lucasfilm will be present and will showcase a special look at J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Find out who will be in attendance. - MarkJulian
With the release of Saturday’s 2015 Comic-Con schedule in San Diego we have our first real description for the upcoming animated series Vixen. - speedyg33
We've got an exclusive image from Fox for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past Rogue Cut to share with you, PLUS tickets for 10 lucky CBM users and their friends to attend the exclusive fan screening of the film at next month's San Diego Comic-Con! - NateBest
It looks like the odds fans will be shown trailers for Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad at Comic-Con have increased. - speedyg33
Agents of Shield and Agent Carter will be at Comic-Con this Summer - speedyg33
There's still no word on who will play Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the announcement won't be made at Hall H panels hosted by Marvel Studios or Sony Pictures at this year's San Diego Comic-Con; they're not going! Hit the jump for all the disappointing details... - JoshWilding
Two of Lionsgate's upcoming films will be presented by a guest speaker in hall H at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. Who will that be? You'll have to click on to find out. We also have details on some other movies the studio will be showcasing at the incredibly popular event... - TH3KILLA77
Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Vixen are taking over San Diego Comic Con's Hall H on Saturday, July 11. What do you want to see from season 4 of Arrow and season 2 of The Flash? And how does Vixen factor into the CW superhero-verse? - MarkJulian
That's right! According to a new report, there's only one reason Marvel has decided not to hold a Hall H panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con; they know that they can't compete with what Warner Bros. is bringing to the table with movies like Batman v Superman and Justice League... - JoshWilding
Hugh Jackman has made it known that he will soon be ending his run as Wolverine but with a new X-Men universe on the rise, who will be next to good ol' Logan? Well, it appears fan-favorite Christian Kane may have an answer to that. - NextHero08
It's the final day for St. Louis fans. See what went down, see the pictures and find out when Wizard World will return. - NextHero08