SDCC: Take A First Look At All Your Favorite Booths, Setups, Statues And More!

SDCC: Take A First Look At All Your Favorite Booths, Setups, Statues And More!

San Diego Comic Con will be upon us in just 2 days, and a few photos have hit showing off some of your your favorite booths, as well as statues which include: Bumblebee, A possible good look at Batman Unlimited, as well as a life-size LEGO statue of Rocket and Groot. Check it out!

Unfortunately, I won't make it to Comic Con this year, but I'm pretty excited to see what Marvel, DC and more have in store for us fanboys! Down below you can take a peek at some of the things you can expect to see if you're going, including booths, statues, and much more!

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NovaCorpsFan - 7/23/2014, 9:41 AM
Looks nice. Hope to get there someday.
ruadh - 7/23/2014, 9:42 AM
See ezio, coverage starts today.
ruadh - 7/23/2014, 9:43 AM
Nova, its worth it! I haven't been in a couple years though, but my son is getting to the age where we have to go again.
write33 - 7/23/2014, 9:43 AM
@anthonyEstark -

images are showing up just fine, this is so cool! thanks for posting.
KurtWagner1225 - 7/23/2014, 9:45 AM
ruadh-yes i see, my bad
NovaCorpsFan - 7/23/2014, 9:48 AM
If I manage to get into the industry, I may never need to pay, but I hope to go before any sort of career shit so I can just GO, y'know? That's assuming I ever get into writing comics.
ruadh - 7/23/2014, 9:54 AM
Well good luck. What steps are you taking? It's actually something I'd love to try as well, but all my background is in screenwriting. I got too distracted with family to seriously pursue that though...

With comic con, it'd b really easy to be a jerky old guy and talk about how much better it was 20 years ago WTC, but really it was just less crowded. I love the focus shift actually, though genre movies have been featured there for many years.
ruadh - 7/23/2014, 9:55 AM
Ezio, that probably came off snotty, but I meant it really laid back and assuringly.
marvel72 - 7/23/2014, 10:27 AM
can't wait for saturday & the marvel studios panel.
CommanderShepard - 7/23/2014, 10:38 AM
^That looks very cool.

Also, the X-Men Cerebro set looks like fun. I need to go to SDCC someday.
NovaCorpsFan - 7/23/2014, 10:50 AM
I've got to finish secondary school first, but I'm hoping to get the ball rolling during my college years. I'm constantly putting ideas down though, making sure I've got a reservoir to tap into when the time comes to start job-seeking. I'd be happy writing for the freakin' Beano or the Dandy if I'm fully honest, I just wanna write comics.
ALmazing - 7/23/2014, 10:52 AM
Just enrolled to Jelly school

Soooo Jelly
cipher - 7/23/2014, 10:56 AM
Nova, I look forward to drunkenly stumbling into your booth at the 'con one day.

I mean, who knows? Weirder shit has happened.
JoeMomma29 - 7/23/2014, 11:01 AM
Gusto is setting up his booth.......

fettastic - 7/23/2014, 11:24 AM

sKeemAn - 7/23/2014, 11:28 AM
Its like Disneyland for nerds!! I gotta get there 1 year!!
TragicBronson - 7/23/2014, 11:35 AM
I see my school's logo. Greeeeat. Ruined the whole day for me.
pesmerga44 - 7/23/2014, 12:00 PM

That must be Gusto's son way to young this is more like Gusto

BackwardGalaxy - 7/23/2014, 12:25 PM
I had Sideshow so much. I want all their stuff. It's just the best.
BackwardGalaxy - 7/23/2014, 12:25 PM
DanMcNice - 7/23/2014, 12:41 PM
I was there in 2010 and 2011. Awesome experience :D
bropous - 7/23/2014, 12:54 PM
Do Jim and Nate have a booth?

If not, they should!
WhatIsACrumpet - 7/23/2014, 1:35 PM
Al Simmons is coming back?
BlackFlash - 7/23/2014, 1:38 PM
Spawn!! hell yes.
TopCat89 - 7/23/2014, 2:07 PM

Dude you're in secondary school?

Damn I wish I had that much talent at that age...I love your 'Nova's Fun House' series, always crack me up....good luck on your goals!
ruadh - 7/23/2014, 2:52 PM
@Novacorpsfan, awesome. Seriously, good luck. I just want to write!
NovaCorpsFan - 7/23/2014, 4:34 PM
Cheers for the kind words fellas!
TheBuoyWonder - 7/23/2014, 7:08 PM
Cool things.
That I will only ever see on a screen.
superbatspiderman - 7/23/2014, 7:42 PM
It is my mission in life to attend the San Diego Comic Con. Hopefully sometime in the near future.
TheBrotherhood - 7/23/2014, 10:10 PM
MakluIV - 7/24/2014, 12:26 AM
I'm not a Lego person, but that is a must have!

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