The Dark Knight Rises And The Man Of Steel Skipping SDCC 2011?

<i>The Dark Knight Rises</i> And <i>The Man Of Steel</i> Skipping SDCC 2011?

According to a recent report, studios are now reassessing whether it's worth showing off their movies at the popular event with Warner Bros. said to be bringing nothing and Marvel Studios, "on the fence"...

According to a report over at The New York Times, Warner Bros. will have a considerably smaller presence at this years San Diego Comic Con after reassessing the benefits of attending the event. A mixture of negative fan feedback damaging the reputation of the movies shown and the amount spent on bringing actors, footage and elaborate displays to San Diego has resulted in studios reconsidering whether or not it's all worth it! The site points out Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Buried as prime examples of being well recieved at the show, but not going on to succeed at the box office. Here is an excerpt from the report.

This year? Warner’s main studio operation is bringing nothing. Ditto Disney and DreamWorks. The Weinstein Company, a perennial presence, will also sit this one out. Even Marvel Entertainment, whose panel for “The Avengers” was a highlight of Comic-Con 2010, is on the fence about whether it will mount a major presentation.

Comic-Con, as a growing number of movie marketers are realizing, has turned into a treacherous place. Studios come seeking buzz, but the Comic-Con effect can be more negative than positive. The swarm of dedicated fans — many of whom arrive at the convention in Japanese anime drag or draped in Ewok fur — can instantly sour on a film if it doesn’t like what it sees, leaving publicity teams with months of damaging Web chatter to clean up.

So, does this mean we won't see anything of The Dark Knight Rises and Superman: Man of Steel at the event? It certainly seems that way! If Marvel Studios also decide to minimise their presence, I guess we can forget the rumors of Joss Whedon (along with the first footage from The Avengers) being in attendence! While we still have panels for The Amazing Spider-Man, Cowboys & Aliens and Planet of the Rise of the Apes to look forward to, this could be the beginning of a very worrying trend.

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Mago - 6/13/2011, 4:08 AM
They are right. Idiots were shitting all over Green Lantern after it was shown at SDCC and look how great it turned out.
Mago - 6/13/2011, 4:10 AM
Still i'd like to see some footage of those movies, so hope it's not true! Supermans suit maybe? :D
toekneemango - 6/13/2011, 4:17 AM
Can't blame them. A limited presence with one nugget to talk about (photo of the new Superman suit for instance) would garner the same results as going through with an elaborate process. The only difference is that the former requires less money and effort. You'd have to think that most people that would attend an event like Comic Con would already not only know about your big films like The Dark Knight Rises and Superman, but they'd also almost be guarantees to go see it no matter what. The real determining factor isn't to win over the Con crowd, it's to win over everyone else in the general viewing public.

Still...I hope there's at least something for us fans.
Superheromoviefan - 6/13/2011, 4:21 AM
terrible news
Hellsing - 6/13/2011, 4:21 AM
Well it certainly makes sense, but fans are idiots if they expect completed footage from movies that are still shooting. Not surprised about TDKR can't I don't think there was anything for Batman Begins or TDK at comic con before. Surprised if Marvel don't go, kinda would be disappointing but oh well they have the reasons which I can't really complain about.Success with comic con crowd doesn't mean anything really its gotta be a hit with the general audience.
Checkmate - 6/13/2011, 4:25 AM
Lol, film news is pretty much the highlight of SDCC.
I'm fine with my regular comic news and tv news. But that's stupid.
95 - 6/13/2011, 4:31 AM
Knowing too much about a movie before seeing it ruins the whole experience. I'm actually surprised to hear that Marvel MIGHT sit it out, considering that they love to show alot of footage before it's release. Does this mean the end to huge Comic Con movie news? Shame, I always wanted to go.
mickbhoy - 6/13/2011, 4:39 AM
im glad, for too long the hardcore uber geeks who dress up and play extended fantasy games with themselves have had all the best exclusives when it should be going to the mainstream to allow the majority of fans have an insight the end of the day the mega-geeks who know the dates of birth and favourite food of their particular fav character dont really have an impact on how well a movie performs anyway. i want comic book movies and comics in general to move away from uber geekdom and into more the more mainstream psyche. making comiccon less the be all and end all for geeks is the way forward in this.
JoshWilding - 6/13/2011, 4:53 AM
Xenix: Notice how they only mention TV shows and video games in that excerpt? The NYT report does actually say that they'll be there (apparently the Warner Bros. TV division are looking forward to recieving more of the spotlight) but the, "main studio operation is bringing nothing" quote refers to their movies which is why it looks unlikely that TDKR or Man of Steel will be there.
Xfactorz - 6/13/2011, 5:01 AM
@Mago- Man I hope that was sarcasm about Green Lantern, that movie looks terrible!
JackDexx - 6/13/2011, 5:02 AM
wait even better imma call a classic
blueorangeny - 6/13/2011, 5:29 AM
to the Marvel fans who are talking smack about DC not having balls cause of the whole article. WB/DC isn't the only one
RScrimgeour - 6/13/2011, 5:29 AM
Fair enough. There have been a number of times where people who attended the CC ripped a movie to shreds before they actually got a decent preview of it. Later trailers proved them overzealous and the movie ended up being pretty good. (My own personal opinion - some may have hated the movies)
KingMarvel - 6/13/2011, 5:41 AM
these studio's need to stop being afraid! if the visual sucks than they will hear it! they just gotta do betta! offcourse there will allways be some taliban type fans out there that will allways cling to the source material and never be happy with the results(in case of x men i agree with these clingers) but in some cases they are just downwright wrong!! example i liked wolverine but some off these fans be hating on jackman! yall need to stop this nonsens! dont get me wrong, i would have love to see al the source material come to life but sometimes you just need to go with the flow!

Mago - 6/13/2011, 5:51 AM
@Xfactorz seriously? Green Lantern looks terrible? You need to get your eyes checked
Mago - 6/13/2011, 5:52 AM
@puyguy shit you're right. it has to look [frick]ing amazing to stand up to the hobbit...
Amazo - 6/13/2011, 5:53 AM
Takes more balls to stay away and let your regular marketing strategy/the movie itself do the talking,rather than dazzling geeks with glamour and shiny things imo.
I'm bored of endless panels featuring stars verbally blowing each other and stating that their director is 'the best I've ever worked with',and saying bullshit like 'I've been a lifelong comic fan','we all get along like best buddies' etc.etc.And seeing half the bloody movie out of context before I even get to the cinema.
I'm also bored shitless of movies dominating a convention that by definition should be about the comics.
As for Marvel fanboys (and why is it always these 'True believers' that start this argument?Insecure much?) claiming once again that this is some kind of proof of Marvels ficticious superiority to other publishers,you're talking out your arses.A whore puts out,a lady needs romancing.Marvel hasn't led dick since the 60's.Hence their sales of comics,awards tally and box office have all been inferior to other companies throughout their entire history other than the afore mentioned decade.They are followers,never innovators.Hence they went bankrupt and have landed in the house of the mouse.I really don't see why you guys can't just love comics for what they are and instead have to turn it into some bullcrap competition.If you owned the company I could maybe understand some partisan feeling.But you don't.Fanboys of all factions do more harm than good to this industry.You just come across as a closed minded,stunted,ridiculous,child.
BIGBMH - 6/13/2011, 5:59 AM
PaulRom - 6/13/2011, 6:39 AM
That's horrible. TDKR and MOS are some of the most anticipated CBMs right now, and them not being at Comic-Con this year is just wrong.
Besides, I was hoping that they'd debut the new Superman suit. It'd seem most ideal since Snyder stated that we'd see the suit before filming starts in August.
And about TDKR...we need an official logo and at least a plot synopsis by Comic-Con (a pic of Anne Hathaway in the Catsuit is a bonus ;P).
And btw @Josh, the film's called Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, not Planet Of The Rise Of The Apes. :P
TheWatcher - 6/13/2011, 6:44 AM
Irrational fanboys have ruined the movie experience at the con. Pretty soon the studios will stop contributing to websites like and
Illuminatus - 6/13/2011, 6:53 AM
WB are skipping out on SDCC? Color me wholly unsurprised.
EastcoastAvenger - 6/13/2011, 7:12 AM
Universal truth: Haters screw up everything!
batmantattoo - 6/13/2011, 7:38 AM
This is terrible news.... This is my firs SDCC trip and the only reason I was going was for the Dark Knight Rises Panel, Superman and Avengers.

I'm really not sure why Dark Knight wouldn't. The viral thing they did for Dark Knight started all the great fun we had and the panel and trailer sent the buzz for that movie through the roof.

kevberg - 6/13/2011, 7:40 AM
The problem is If the companies sit it out, then attendance is hampered. This hurts the con, then in turn can have effects on the industry.

In this economy we need things to do well, or thrive.. hell, even maintain levels.

Its not good news. I mean you don't have to have footage , just use stars , or vise versa. but sitting out the show is bad news.

yes, its kinda make or break environment. But thats also a good thing as well. If you nail it outta the park, you have a dedicated base built.

I see both sides, but I can also see the a negative on the industry that maybe some didn't think about.
Coldblood6 - 6/13/2011, 8:02 AM
The most amazing thing here is that there was a guy who said that Green Lantern turned out great?!?!?

Have you seen the clips???

The giant green Hotwheels car and giant green scalextric set totally eliminated any chance of that being good or even watchable.

I mean how much of a movie can you actually watch rolling around on the floor laughing hysterically. Hmmm...maybe this movie is the TDK Joker's last great joke.

Aside from this, Nolan does not have to show any TDKR; he has most fanboys lining up to swallow whatever jizz he spews out. Going through the trouble of this is a waste of time.

It's logical that MOS will not show anything because they wont have anything to show.

I will be very disappointed if there is no AVENGERS footage though.
superman7 - 6/13/2011, 8:18 AM
thats not really that much news. They'd show up just to say "we cant really say anything about that" to every question. Christopher tight lipped Nolan wouldn't let anything out that he wasn't ready to.

But it does suck that we won't get anything at all. Like costumes or something.
dadarkknight - 6/13/2011, 8:22 AM
Amen brother, Im a huge Dc comics fan but I support all comics book movies and hope they are successful. The Marvel fanboys on this site tick me off so bad that I stopped commenting on this site until today to give you props for your comment. The reason why I stopped commenting were because of the Marvel fanboys smart ass comments they would reply back to you knowing that they were safe behind their computers. Its like if their company is doing so good why are they so scared of dc movies. Anyways long story short I just wanted to give you props on the comment.
valeriesghost - 6/13/2011, 8:22 AM
We did it to ourselves. all us fanboi's do is bitch and moan when a tiny detail is changed. We're ruthless.

and i find it hilarious that people are bitching about the lack of cinema at a comic book convention. We've been spoiled this last few years and don't like things going back to "normal".

But then again, the Emerald City Comic Con is considered the last true comic book convention.
marvel72 - 6/13/2011, 8:53 AM
shame,comic con is the best week on this site.

worst day on this site april 1st.

TurdFergunson - 6/13/2011, 9:56 AM
the high level of BS on this site sometimes is just unreal. if we had anything better to do with our time instead of reading and commenting on this junk then we wouldnt even care as we showed up to Comic-Con not wondering if freaking DC or Marvel would show up. Thats like GM and Honda not showing up for the LA Auto Show.
Bartman87 - 6/13/2011, 9:59 AM
Needed to pipe in about the DC vs Marvel thing I get tired of hearing that rivalry so much I'm 42 years old been reading comics all my life (well on and off I did have a family to raise and a war to fight here and there) and now that I'm considered "disabled" by the Government I have plenty of time to start reading older stuff that I missed on both sides and each label has bad and good stuff.

I'm just glad we don't have made for TV movies of superheroes in Spandex like we did in the 70's with Captain America or even the hilarious adventures of the Legends of the Superheroes circa 1979 (which had it's own laugh track), not to mention the cartoons we had to endure or some of the comic story lines of the Batman Family (don't get me started about those).

Plus we old timers didn't have computers and cons to tell us about every little thing that was coming out in detail. It's actually nice to go to a movie and not know the whole plot line and story arc prior to seeing it, leave a little surprise in the movie.

Well that's my little rant, SDCC is a great place but it has become a spectacle of what it was meant to be and is so over publicized that a little footage gets out of a movie and people over analyze the stuff instead of enjoying it for what it is a sneak peek at something to be enjoyed in its entirety later.
KineticSwampRat - 6/13/2011, 10:29 AM
I must say I have mixed feelings about this. I can understand the studios' issues, but at the same time it's kind of a big "f you" to the fans. I mean, yeah you want your movie to make money and appeal to all, but one must also remember that the fans are the reason why these films get made in the first place. They are the initial audience, whether the studios want to admit it or not.

And as for Scott Pilgrim doing so well at SDCC and not in theatres, that's because all the fans were at Comic Con! The people who know the comics were most likely there, as well as the ones who purchased movie tickets. But if you aren't a fan, or comic nerd, you probably didn't know what it was, and if you didn't know what it was, you probably didn't go. Yeah, Spider-man sells because it's EVERYWHERE! Everyone knows about it. Most people who haven't read the comics don't quite understand Scott Pilgrim. Comic lovers loved it, but unfortunately, we are the minority.
MoumentheBatman - 6/13/2011, 11:08 AM
Who gives a shit?
luckylu - 6/13/2011, 11:17 AM
well they might as well just stop showing any more tv clips/ trailers if they dont want any bad "web chatter"
TheDetectiveComicRises - 6/13/2011, 12:59 PM
@amazo & dadarkknight I agree with ur posts.

Maybe this is best sometimes to much info goes out. I love DC & Marvel we should all be happy with their accomplishments and realise what is on the horizan and that is more great creations from both lables, unfortunatley some people will never be satisfied.

@Bartman87 good points also :)
Niuhll - 6/13/2011, 1:18 PM
I wonder if there will be a Breaking Dawn panel though.

Would be a shame to see some comic book staples screen adaptions not making an appearence and things like that getting space.
sonofsamadams - 6/13/2011, 2:41 PM
Who gives a shit?

It won't change the fact that they will be [frick]in spectacular movies
Bodwulf - 6/13/2011, 2:47 PM
The studio strikes back! Well all the years of complaining did not go on deaf ears fanboys! They heard ya! And they responded!
Now that I think about it who would cater to people in Japanese anime drag.
Vital - 6/13/2011, 4:03 PM
I wish there were a 'you're an asshole' button like the LIKE button on Facebook lol.
wonderme - 6/13/2011, 4:28 PM
I WANTED TO GO TO COMIC CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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