Michael Clarke Duncan On The Daredevil Reboot, & Wanting To Play Panthro In A Thundercats Movie!

Michael Clarke Duncan On The <i>Daredevil</i> Reboot, & Wanting To Play Panthro In A <i>Thundercats</i> Movie!

The actor, about to be heard voicing Kilowog in Green Lantern, reveals that he would love to play Kingpin again in the upcoming Daredevil reboot, and also Panthro should a live action Thundercats movie ever happen..

In an interview with Blackfilm, Duncan speaks in detail about voicing Kilowog in Green lantern. But it's nothing we haven't heard before really; aside from maybe that he has signed on for sequels?(did we already know that?). Anyway, what caught my attention was his responses to being asked about the Daredevil reboot currently in the early stages at Fox..

There’s been talk of (20th Century) Fox doing a reboot of ‘Daredevil’. Would you go back to play Kingpin again if asked?

MCD: Oh, yeah. I loved playing Kingpin. Kingpin was a cool guy. He ran everything. Not withstanding the last fight at the end of the movie with Daredevil, Kingpin was the shit, man. I’d be honored to play Kingpin. I’m only 280 (pounds) now. So, I’d have to gain a considerable amount of weight because I think I was weighing 340 when I did Kingpin. I was well over three hundred. I’m an actor and if that opportunity came up I’d love to do that character all over again.

Now obviously with director David Slade's movie being a complete reboot, the chances of Duncan reprising his role as Wilson Fisk is extremely unlikely. It's a shame in a way though, despite some fan's problems with the character's race change, I thought he did a great job. Anyway, Duncan also reveals that he has a lot of love for Panthro(everyone's favorite Thundercat?) and would like to play him should a movie ever materialize. He also says he would be into playing a character in the Gi Joe sequel. Don't do it Michael!..

"I’d love to play Panthro from ‘Thundercats’. I remember character and the series from years ago. I used to watch that when it was on television a lot and Panther was baldheaded and looked like he was African American to me. He was very defined, quick, had the nunchucks. I don’t know what I’d do with the nunchucks. I hit myself in the head when I was younger, and so they’d have to teach me that move. Panthro would be a really good opportunity for me. I think that they have another ‘GI Joe’ movie coming out. I would love to try and get involved in that. There are a lot of different things coming up that I would love to be involved in. If they are open, I’m ready.

What do you think guys? Would MCD make a good Panthro? How would you feel about his coming back as Kingpin?

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PaulRom - 6/16/2011, 1:06 PM
I don't think we've heard anything about Duncan signing on for sequels, although I'm sure many expect him to return.
And I'm not a fan of his Kingpin.
P862010 - 6/16/2011, 1:14 PM
Duncan was a great kingpin despite kingpin not being black he was great because lets be honest how many white actors are as physically imposing as 6'5 340lbs MCD who has strong screen presence and a very deep terrifying voice and a good actor on top of that?

i cant think of one
bleedthefreak - 6/16/2011, 1:18 PM
He is great as The Wog, my favorite part of the movie actually. Granted he is also my favorite lantern other then Kyle, so I guess its kind of biased.
nuck82 - 6/16/2011, 1:19 PM
hes way to big to play panthro
DEATHbyEXILE - 6/16/2011, 1:22 PM
RorMachine - 6/16/2011, 1:22 PM
I watched the Daredevil director's cut recently, man I'm tellin ya, that movie is way underrated. It has problems but what doesn't?
KingGhost519 - 6/16/2011, 1:23 PM
I can see him as Panthro.
GUNSMITH - 6/16/2011, 1:29 PM

JoshWilding - 6/16/2011, 1:40 PM
I'd love to see him back as Kingpin. :)
Greengo - 6/16/2011, 1:41 PM
Weird. I was just thinking about him as Panthro the other day when I was considering who they would cast alongside my performance as Liono.
subzero1077 - 6/16/2011, 1:47 PM
I liked him as Kingpin. And Ror I agree the Director's Cut was awesome. I will never watch the Theatrical cut of that film again.
jazzman - 6/16/2011, 1:48 PM
Michael Clarke Duncan was good as Kingpin

Michael Clarke Duncan should not worry about this Daredevil reboot by FOX Studio. Marvel Studio going to hire him soon to be in Black Panther movie as Man-Ape
plasticman - 6/16/2011, 1:59 PM
What about MCD playing Strong Guy? If not him, then who could fit the bill?
NeoBaggins - 6/16/2011, 2:00 PM
Daredevil is a good flick. I thought Duncan was wrong for Kingpin until I saw the film. I don't think there was another actor to get even close to Fisk's presence. A casting decision for what was best for the film. I respect that.

Panthro? No, dude. No.
JatevinM - 6/16/2011, 2:02 PM
I say have him tone up muscle wise and give him the Pantro job.
SpideyDude - 6/16/2011, 2:04 PM
id love him to be kingpin again - that was [frick]ing inspired casting!
SpideyDude - 6/16/2011, 2:04 PM
id love him to be kingpin again - that was [frick]ing inspired casting!
Fogs - 6/16/2011, 2:18 PM
He should play Augustus Cole in a Gears of War movie
jazzman - 6/16/2011, 2:22 PM

no way that role is for Lester Speight
StrangerX - 6/16/2011, 2:23 PM
No to panthro. Vin Deisel all the way
Talontd - 6/16/2011, 2:30 PM
Wow, i was expecting to see SOOOOOO much hate on his Kingpin role.....because, lets face it, if he was white EVERYONE would've loved him in the role. The fact that some people can't look past the color of an actors skin disturbs me deeply.

I thought he nailed it on every level.


The director's cut was good, but it would've been GREAT if they cut out that [email protected] playground scene!
Talontd - 6/16/2011, 2:31 PM

I'll second that!!!!

Anyone got the time to post that awesome fanmade trailer???
Fogs - 6/16/2011, 2:38 PM
@jazzman - whoa, you're right! muahaha

@Talontd - here:

CrashTest - 6/16/2011, 2:45 PM
No as the king Pin. But i wouldn't mind seeing him play Panthro.
TheAmarilloBlack - 6/16/2011, 2:47 PM
Perfect fan-made casting.

Duncan can get in on G.I. Joe since he and Rock are big buddies. Tho he should be Roadblock whilst Rock plays Flint, Stalker, or Serpentor.
luckylu - 6/16/2011, 2:47 PM
he would be puuuurfect for panthro. sorry i had to
Fogs - 6/16/2011, 2:57 PM
BTW, the new panthro is bigger than the classic one...

SunfireUrA55 - 6/16/2011, 3:20 PM
Ha! What a JOKE!! Can you imagine this dude doing Nunchuks? Only if this movie is going to be a comedy maybe. I was thinking this role is more fitting for an Asian dude.
Ryguy88 - 6/16/2011, 3:21 PM
I thought he was pretty good as Kingpin and I can't at the momment think of anyone better. Daredevil the movie could've been better but it also did few things quite well. I even liked the way over the top Bullseye played by Farrell.
jazzman - 6/16/2011, 3:24 PM
@Fearless - I was thinking this role is more fitting for an Asian dude.

why a asian guy cause Panthro uses Nunchuks stereotype 101 lol :P
Greengo - 6/16/2011, 3:45 PM
Everyone knows Panthro is a black guy.
Greengo - 6/16/2011, 3:49 PM
And everyone knows Liono is a red-head. They should use the same actor they use for Guy Gardner~ as long as its a 'natural' red-head.
Greengo - 6/16/2011, 3:49 PM
And everyone knows Liono is a red-head. They should use the same actor they use for Guy Gardner~ as long as its a 'natural' red-head.
GETjiggy - 6/16/2011, 4:08 PM
just like the fanmade video panthro is vin diesel.
Greengo - 6/16/2011, 4:22 PM
Dammit @Teabag..... even I am impressed with your prowess.
SunfireUrA55 - 6/16/2011, 4:24 PM
Panthro is Asian because those that uses nunchuks has to be flexible and fast oh and also he is a Genious when it comes to technology. This black dude is none of the above. His giant size body and arms can use nunchuks? This I gotta see.
Bodwulf - 6/16/2011, 4:45 PM
@ ror i rewatched DD and the banter between Foggy and Matt was great. Seemed like real buds. Only cringe worthy thing in it is the fight on the playground. It is one of those flicks that just gets a bad rap and can't shake it. (Godzilla 1998)
NeoBaggins - 6/16/2011, 5:21 PM
@CrashTest I know we're here with our opinions, but let's look this over. No on KingPin, yes on Panthro? Who do you think could have been the KingPin? Who has the stature, presense and chops? And how can he be Panthro when Panthro is a CAT man? Duncan doesn't have a sleak, cat-like movement in his body if he ever did. Try this guy, I mean, if the just HAVE TO make a live-action Thundercats movie, try someone like Djimon Hounsou.

shahrazstate - 6/16/2011, 6:08 PM
The perfect Panthro Micheal Clark Duncan
GoddamnBatman - 6/16/2011, 7:26 PM
MCD is playing Man-Ape? I didn't know that. Perfect cast choice
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