Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight Teases The "Gritty, 1970's New York Feel" Of DAREDEVIL

Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight Teases The "Gritty, 1970's New York Feel" Of DAREDEVIL

Daredevil showruner Steven S. DeKnight made an appearance on the Guardians of the Galaxy red carpet this evening, and though he couldn't reveal too much about the upcoming Netflix series, he does share some details about the tone of the series...

We know most of Daredevil's cast, but the story and tone are very much being kept a secret. Though he couldn't reveal too much about the series, Steven S. DeKnight was able to drop a few interesting tidbits of information at tonight's Guardians of the Galaxy premiere. The full interview can be watched in the video below, but perhaps the most revealing detail was what DeKnight had to say about Daredevil's tone. "We're going for a very gritty, 1970's New York feel. We love the idea of beauty in the decay of the city, and Hell's Kitchen being a place that is both horrible and beautiful at the same time. That's why Matt Murdock loves it so much and wants to protect it." That sounds a lot more Frank Miller than Mark Waid, and not too dissimilar to what Joe Carnahan had in store for the Man Without Fear when the character was still at Fox. What do you guys think? We should find out more at Comic-Con, so be sure to stay tuned to CBM!

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staypuffed - 7/21/2014, 7:33 PM
As long as they don't use the yellow and brown suit, then awesome.
ruadh - 7/21/2014, 7:34 PM
So, probably close to that vintage Scorsese tone all the canarhan lovers ache for still. Cool beans.
MightyZeus - 7/21/2014, 7:35 PM
What if the show's setting is in the 70's?
typicalfanboy - 7/21/2014, 7:38 PM
so it's set in the 70s? that's what i just read and they didn't really say that but i'm going to say they did because i like to read into everything i read.
YeezusWept - 7/21/2014, 7:38 PM

That would definitely free it up from the MCU connections until they were sure it's a hit.
P862010 - 7/21/2014, 7:44 PM
sounds exactly like carnahan's daredevil treatment
MercwithMouth - 7/21/2014, 7:47 PM

I haven't been around since Thursday, was there an article made about Lucy Lawless joint Agents of SHIELD?
revjordan - 7/21/2014, 7:48 PM
Except for the fact that the Agent Carter One Shot was more entertaining than the three Punisher movies combined...
batz11 - 7/21/2014, 7:48 PM
Loved Spartacus, trust in DeKnight...
Pasto - 7/21/2014, 7:48 PM
^Lol wut?
dmm5 - 7/21/2014, 7:49 PM
Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing if DD is set in the 70s... I mean, they don't have to reference anything at all, maybe Cap but it can be it's own thing! Then again, I would love an open door to a cross over with an Avenger! I have a feeling these Netflix/Marvel shows will be like the backstreets of the MCU, especially DD & Cage/Fist
GeekyCheekyChic - 7/21/2014, 7:50 PM
makes sense. present day Hells Kitchen is just awesome with a ton of bars and restaurants and the residents are primarily actors/writers etc...
DannyRand1225 - 7/21/2014, 7:52 PM
its set in modern day but it will have the feel of the 1970s kinda like TWS
YeezusWept - 7/21/2014, 7:52 PM
Well the official synopsis still says "modern day Hell's Kitchen" so I guess they'll make the neighborhood feel like how it did in the 70s, as though gentrification in the area never happened.
GliderMan - 7/21/2014, 7:53 PM
No! PLEASE let it be set in the present.
DEATHSTR0KE - 7/21/2014, 7:55 PM
@typical lmao
JoJo1982 - 7/21/2014, 7:56 PM
No its not set in the 70s
It clearly says it will have a 70s FEEL
JAC - 7/21/2014, 7:57 PM
@GliderMan Did you not read the f*cking article? It's NOT set in the 70s, chill
JoshWilding - 7/21/2014, 7:58 PM
What in the hell are some of you talking about? He says they're going for a "very gritty, 1970's New York feel", not that it's set in 1970s New York.

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tongtong - 7/21/2014, 7:59 PM
Everyone from Buffy should move to Marvel.
JoJo1982 - 7/21/2014, 8:03 PM
I think Luke cage will have that 70s feel too
Mrcool210 - 7/21/2014, 8:04 PM
Hmm, so are they taking inspiration from the fox reboot that almost happened? id be down for that, that sizzle reel was awesome.

TheRealRemyLebeau - 7/21/2014, 8:06 PM
Marvel all day!!! Marvel all week!!! Greatness is upon us.
KINGPEN266 - 7/21/2014, 8:11 PM
TheRealRemyLebeau - 7/21/2014, 8:11 PM
It's great that Marvel is honing in on the feel of the actual environment Daredevil fought street crime in. A dirty New York is a better New York for the purpose of Daredevil and the Defenders.
TheRealRemyLebeau - 7/21/2014, 8:15 PM
Steven S. Deknight has the right idea with this quote "We're going for a very gritty, 1970's New York feel. We love the idea of beauty in the decay of the city, and Hell's Kitchen being a place that is both horrible and beautiful at the same time. That's why Matt Murdock loves it so much and wants to protect it."

I'm excited.
MexicanSexyman - 7/21/2014, 8:17 PM
If this show dosen't have a playground fight every episode, than it's not Daredevil.
arkhamknight - 7/21/2014, 8:18 PM
I'm pretty stoked for this.
ckal - 7/21/2014, 8:20 PM
reading and listening comprehension skills hit an all time low over at

you guys never fail to impress...or something
Jhuntdaprodigy - 7/21/2014, 8:23 PM
A '70s feel is cool, but I'm pretty sure the show is set in the present day. I really hope it is at least, because I do want to see Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones to join The Avengers one day.
batmorMark2 - 7/21/2014, 8:24 PM
@merc I don't think that article was made....
DannyRand1225 - 7/21/2014, 8:25 PM
Superhero96yeah me too..haha but i think this sounds awesome..i am excited even more
MrBlackJack - 7/21/2014, 8:28 PM
YES! Now just give him his original yellow suit to start out with and I'll be set!
RamonSuarez - 7/21/2014, 8:29 PM
I believe DeKnight. The smartest thing Marvel did was choose to shoot this series onsite in NYC. That will give the story a feel of authenticity you can't manufacture on a Hollywood set.
RobertLiefeld - 7/21/2014, 8:30 PM
Gritty 1970's feel maybe Geriatric Hank Pym can put on his old costume and try romping around with the youngins.
TheRealRemyLebeau - 7/21/2014, 8:32 PM
@ Jhuntdaprodigy you don't have to hope. It's set in present day Hell's Kitchen. The real Hell's Kitchen is a cleaned up area of New York. Marvel or should I say Deknight just is reiterating the feel of the show that shows Daredevil fighting in the similar environment he did in the comics. That's all.
JorL5150 - 7/21/2014, 8:34 PM
Oh no!!!

Does this mean a marvel tv show won't be in jack boot lock step to the marvel cinematic universe ?!?!?
Does this mean a marvel tv show will have its own identity aside from MCU?

Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JorL5150 - 7/21/2014, 8:37 PM
Lol @ josh wilding

Aren't you overdue for posting a COMPLETE BULLSHIT ARTICLE ABOUT BULLSHIT?!?
Nick56 - 7/21/2014, 8:38 PM
Really hope thats the case. I need my dark and gritty Miller Daredevil not the campy Waid crap
JorL5150 - 7/21/2014, 8:39 PM
Wilding = joke stooge
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