ARROW Episode 20 'Home Invasion' Extended Promo

ARROW Episode 20 'Home Invasion' Extended Promo

Last night's 'Unfinished Business' was definitely one of Arrow's more cerebral episodes but it looks like action and combat will be at the forefront of 'Home Invasion' which sees Diggle take on Deadshot.

Gunn from Angel on Arrow
Remember that face? That's Gunn (J. August Richards) from Angel!

Oliver Queen
Looks like he's got Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) in his crosshairs.

Deadshot Michael Rowe
Deadshot's (Michael Rowe) back.

Diggle choking Deadshot
It looks like Diggle (David Ramsey) will be one step closer to getting revenge against Deadshot in the next episode of The CW's Arrow.

Or maybe Deadshot will be getting a second Diggle tattoo?

Diggle looking down the barrel
We're looking from Diggle's perspective....up the barrel of Deadshot's pistols.

Seems Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) can't seem to stay out of trouble.

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Arrow (CW) Trailer by All Thats Bueno

Running Time: 60 min
Release Date: October 10, 2012
MPAA Rating: Tv-14
Starring: Katie Cassidy, Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Byron Mann, Colin Donnell, Colin Salmon, Paul Blackthorne, Emily Bett Rickards, John Barrowman, Roger R. Cross and Willa Holland
Creators: Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg
Characters: George Papp (character) and Mort Weisinger (character)

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Mark Julian
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MarkJulian - 4/4/2013, 7:16 AM
Seems this episode won't air until April 24th.
TheGoldenAvenger - 4/4/2013, 7:25 AM
Can't believe I have to wait another couple of weeks for this episode!
gmoney0505 - 4/4/2013, 7:46 AM
Diggle is The Man. Hope he puts Deadshot where he belongs. Love that gif Nomis
jlabatman0511 - 4/4/2013, 8:17 AM
@yoss Agree, canary's dad is a freaking doucher and needs to have an arrow rammed up his ass!
SUPERSHADOWBAT - 4/4/2013, 10:23 AM
Really like this show. I know it doesn't stick to the comic books, but it is close enough and uses characters we know to be enjoyable. We don't have much CB related programming on the tube these days, so if a show like Arrow which is decently scripted and acted and shows improvement week after week, I will support it.
sameoldthing - 4/4/2013, 12:15 PM
People need to relax & realize you WILL NEVER get an exact translation from comic to film..IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. period.

They are 2 distinct but co-existing universes as Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios prove..the Comic Book Universe & Cinematic Universe,which can include TV shows as well.

Just enjoy both or waste your hate nitpicking.
blackula - 4/4/2013, 3:09 PM
Well said sameoldthing! Those who think so are wierdos lol
abw2 - 4/4/2013, 5:15 PM

Watched yesterday's episode, all the way through, today, since I missed MOST of it yesterday... Pretty good, as always, of course... *cool*/P :)

LEOSTRATOR - 4/4/2013, 10:09 PM
This is getting some what better after they start moving away from the nolan blueprint, and start adding some action and color.
TheSoulEater - 4/6/2013, 1:53 AM
Diggles the man!

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