ARROW: Extended Preview Of "The Scientist"

ARROW: Extended Preview Of "The Scientist"

We've had a few clips and sneak peeks, now take a look at a minute long preview of what is easily the most anticipated episode of the CW's Arrow yet, "The Scientist" - which of course features the first appearance of Barry Allen, aka The Flash.

BARRY ALLEN COMES TO STARLING CITY — A seemingly impossible robbery at Queen Consolidated’s Applied Sciences Division brings Central City police scientist Barry Allen (guest star Grant Gustin) to town. Citing a similar case back home, Barry offers to help Oliver (Stephen Amell) and team with the investigation. Oliver senses there is more to Barry than meets the eye, but he’s distracted by the similarities between this current case and something that happened on the island. Meanwhile, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) takes a liking to Barry, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Oliver. Sin (guest star Bex Taylor-Klaus) asks Roy (Colton Haynes) for help when a friend of hers goes missing. Roy is surprised when Thea (Willa Holland) not only encourages him to help, but joins the search. Unfortunately, Sin’s friend is connected to Brother Blood (guest star Kevin Alejandro), and their search ultimately gets one of them seriously injured. Michael Schultz directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kresiberg and teleplay by Andrew Kreisberg & Geoff Johns.
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iZinDiaN - 12/4/2013, 2:27 PM
Slade and Shado in the present day!!!! Unless they're also hallucinations like Tommy...
jamesbrando3 - 12/4/2013, 2:31 PM
So it begins.... The DCU is here. Forget about 2015
themidnightking - 12/4/2013, 2:32 PM
I can't wait!
jamesbrando3 - 12/4/2013, 2:33 PM
"I've seen men with abilities like that before..."

Deathstroke is coming....

Barry's accident. Chills...
Vegeta - 12/4/2013, 2:36 PM
I'm so excited! I can't wait!

Nomis - 12/4/2013, 2:36 PM
ForeverPowerful - 12/4/2013, 2:37 PM
Tonight is going to be huge.
Nomis - 12/4/2013, 2:37 PM
@ Ror - Have you give this show a second look yet?

RorMachine - 12/4/2013, 2:40 PM
Not really..watched the last few eps of season 1 and it's definitely better than the first few! Haven't had chance to start season 2 yet
Lemons - 12/4/2013, 2:41 PM
BOOM! We're gonna die from too much awesome TONIGHT!
Thevenominside - 12/4/2013, 2:41 PM
for the first time ever....i will watch the CW.
SuperDan89 - 12/4/2013, 2:44 PM
jamesbrando3 - 12/4/2013, 2:46 PM

That gif is legit. Pure chills every time I see it. Please everyone, let's just admit it already, Arrow is doing it RIGHT. This show brings it without a doubt every single week. I would kill to have a big screen cinematic DC universe that ran as smoothly as this show does... It's the best show on television at the moment, in any category, let alone superhero. Arrow doesn't hold back any punches and the story is there. I CANNOT wait for tonight. Arrow always makes my day. It's a great time to be a CMB fan guys...
Battabing - 12/4/2013, 2:46 PM
Deathstroke is coming and he's coming for Diggle!

In Teen Titans there was always a link between Deathstroke and H.I.V.E.

H.I.V.E. ordered the death of Diggle's brother and now with Diggs looking into the organization, Slade will be hired to off Diggle before he can drag them into the light and unwanted exposure.
Nomis - 12/4/2013, 2:47 PM
@ Ror - To me, it has the feel and look of a smaller budget Comic Book Movie, like 'Dredd', that we get to see ever week.
soforizo - 12/4/2013, 2:49 PM
So much news this week, can't believe we still got this show to look forward to. Bring it!
TheGrayson - 12/4/2013, 2:49 PM
@james Brando I couldn't agree more. I would love for Stephen amell to be in justice league. He'd be great, and it would be so easy to bring the two together
Tevii - 12/4/2013, 2:51 PM
Cant wait til they give Slade Wilson the drug "Miracle" to heal him of his burns.
soforizo - 12/4/2013, 2:52 PM
I think that chemical clip is just a shout out to the Flash, but is unrelated to the actual transformation.
jamesbrando3 - 12/4/2013, 2:53 PM
Have an open mind, guys. Henry Cavill and now Gal Godot are not Academy Award winning actors, you can't honestly say that Stephen and Grant can't "hold their own" against Gal's Wonder Woman now right? She's not Charlize Theron but she fits. She's young, attractive and UNKNOWN, ready for multiple movies and I could totally see her making some tv cameos. Henry got his start on tv too. And Ben... Come on, he has awards but he most certainly is not Daniel Day-Lewis either. All you guys need to stop bashing these tv guys just for being on tv. They can make the jump to movies at ANY time. And I for one pray to the geek gods that DC connects EVERYTHING together. That would be glorious in my opinion.....
Masterpace - 12/4/2013, 3:01 PM
if they are calling it two part mid season finale they should give us two parts at once or at least in the same happened a lot lately and it should happen this time.
SAZMD - 12/4/2013, 3:02 PM
I can't remember the last time I was this excited by a TV show...
write33 - 12/4/2013, 3:09 PM
who's the mask at :35??? 'really got into Season One on Netflix, but this looks incredible!!
blackscienceman - 12/4/2013, 3:13 PM
thats mask is ridiculous.... one of the reasons i cant take this show seriously
janitra - 12/4/2013, 3:17 PM
I've seen this one before, the leaked one I guess
patrat18 - 12/4/2013, 3:23 PM
JoeMomma29 - 12/4/2013, 3:24 PM
Best show on Television!
JoeMomma29 - 12/4/2013, 3:26 PM
LOL @ PrinceVegeta

LOL! They are just introducing the mask tonight. You have been trolling DC articles lately, FYI you are not even good at it!
kenjim152 - 12/4/2013, 3:47 PM
Can't wait.. too sad they arenot linking this to the DCCU :(
dinkinflicka - 12/4/2013, 3:48 PM
Most shows never eclipse their first season Im speaking to you Lost and 24 but this show has really taken things to a whole new level where last season it was really good and this season has been anything short of spectacular.
MercSoul - 12/4/2013, 3:50 PM
@iZinDiaN know that...they are illusions like tommy right? -.-
unknownfacts - 12/4/2013, 3:52 PM
Looking good Arrow looking good ;)
GeekyCheekyChic - 12/4/2013, 4:06 PM
Anybody know if Barry Allen is already the flash in this episode just no costume ? Or is he just Barry Allen scientist future guy to have accident that gives him powers ?
king666 - 12/4/2013, 4:09 PM
seriously? one of the reasons you can't take this show seriously is a mask that hasn't even showed up yet?
JoeMomma29 - 12/4/2013, 4:11 PM
@ TheBaroness

He does not have his powers yet, these next two episodes will help setup that up!
JoeMomma29 - 12/4/2013, 4:21 PM
@ BatmanRobinNightwing

Some people are just down right stupid. Complaining about a show about a mask that has not even been featured until tonight!

jamesbrando3 - 12/4/2013, 4:22 PM

I agree, it was never definitive that Arrow wouldn't connect with the films. Just like it wasn't definitive that Wonder Woman would appear in Superman Vs Batman until it was officially announced today by Zack himself that she was in and casted. I think something similar will happen with Arrow and Flash. It's not going to be real until it is. They're probably waiting to see what the ratings are like on the next two episodes to make a final decision. Hopeful if everyone loves Barry Allen it'll be a done deal...
JoeMomma29 - 12/4/2013, 4:25 PM
@ jamesbrando

You are one smart cookie, in my opinion Arrow is a lock to at least have a cameo. I am sure they are going to see how people react to their choice for the Flash!

Again Kudos to you!
iZinDiaN - 12/4/2013, 4:27 PM
@MercSoul - Well, guess what. He's real!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
jamesbrando3 - 12/4/2013, 4:39 PM

Haha, thanks... I think people are going to be surprised at how sensible WB is going to become regarding their characters and budding universe. It makes dollars and sense that they would respect their fan base and incorporate what works into the DCU and disregard what doesn't. Arrow has earned it's spot in the overall mythos. Green Lantern hasn't and will be forgotten until a new interpretation. The Dark Knight trilogy has come and gone. It's time for the new continuity to reign supreme. And our opinions matter...
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