ARROW S2, E23 Promo; "Unthinkable" - Season Finale

ARROW S2, E23 Promo; "Unthinkable" - Season Finale

Phew, what an episode, eh? After tonight's penultimate instalment, the CW have released a promo for next week's finale (titled "Unthinkable"). As you might expect, this preview is pretty damn epic, so hit the jump to check it out and share your thoughts on tonight's instalment!

OLIVER MUST DECIDE ONCE AND FOR ALL IF HE’S A KILLER OR A HERO — Slade (Manu Bennett) moves forward with his plan to kill one more person in Oliver’s (Stephen Amell)life. While Oliver has fought all year to be more than the killer he once was, when Slade kidnaps someone close to Oliver’s heart, Oliver is pushed to the edge and realizes sometimes it takes doing the unthinkable to stop the monster. Meanwhilee, Diggle (David Ramsey) takes on Amanda Waller (guest star Cynthia Addai-Robinson) with a little help from some friends, and Thea (Willa Holland) turns to Roy (Colton Haynes) in her time of need. John Behring directed the episode with story byGreg Berlanti and teleplay by Marc Guggenheim & Andrew Kreisberg (#223).

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KingPatel - 5/7/2014, 6:05 PM
I have a feeling Slade's going to kidnap Felicity, even though Laurel is probably the popular pick.
LEEE777 - 5/7/2014, 6:09 PM
Awesome! ; D
Nomis - 5/7/2014, 6:10 PM

maarcther1pper - 5/7/2014, 6:10 PM
Speedy was rocking his mask and hood! Also second!!
anthonyEstark - 5/7/2014, 6:11 PM
I haven't seen tonight's episode yet, but by gosh, that looks insanely awesome!!
GliderMan - 5/7/2014, 6:11 PM
No way Malcolm is dead. The Canary is going to die, creating the Black Canary in Laurel. Sara's death will enrage Nyssa and the League of Assassins.
ComicsBornAndBred - 5/7/2014, 6:12 PM
CAN YOOOOOOU DIG IT???!!!!??!?!?!

ComicsBornAndBred - 5/7/2014, 6:13 PM
Waller is annoying and this episode kind of felt Like TDKR and Avnegers. The city being taken over, threat of a warhead decimating the city. I know Arrow does take a lot from te Batman universe, it has no choice. Idk. But still epic.
Chekkarma - 5/7/2014, 6:14 PM
Roy has a mask and bow...CAN'T WAIT!!!
Space - 5/7/2014, 6:15 PM
just watch the preview of the season finale after this episode, this episode was ok
batmanvsuperman - 5/7/2014, 6:15 PM
Just amazing best Tv show of 2014 love it
ezio619 - 5/7/2014, 6:15 PM
WOW!!,i was so engrossed in that episode, cant waitttttt, i want to see the next one now, why couldnt it have been two hours? but i thought it was a weird way to end it,i think malcolm is alive,i have a feeing one of slades men was behind him and she shot him
austinjackbaker - 5/7/2014, 6:16 PM
First off I want to say I've been coming to this website for a long time, but haven't really commented on much and I love reading the comments! So what's up guys?

Second I'd like to say was WHAT AN EPISODE! Next weeks episode will own!

Third and last, I flipped out when I saw Roy suited up with Oliver and Sarah! It gets me even more pumped for the next season even more than I already was! I wonder what name he'll go by?
Asterisk - 5/7/2014, 6:17 PM
I guess now would be a good time to get into Arrow...

I watched the pilot and was fairly uninterested. I'm imagining it gets better if I stick with it.
maarcther1pper - 5/7/2014, 6:17 PM
Canary needs her supersonic scream asap...and @gliderman no Way is laurel gonna be black canary she probably can't even throw a football let alone a punch lol not happening
ComicBookConnections - 5/7/2014, 6:17 PM

Roy looking good
Nomis - 5/7/2014, 6:17 PM
SWEET FANCY MOSES!!! what an Episode!

***** Spoilers ******

Felicity Run over Ravager to save Digg!

Mericuru thug Kills the DA against blood will!

Return of Canary!

Ravager kills Blood!

Malcom Merlyn take down a mericuru thug to sae thea (Such a BAMF)

Thea shooting Malcom Meryln

A.R.G.U.S. army surrounding Star City ready to blow it up at Dawn!

Man this is setting up for a Awesome FINALE!

ComicBookConnections - 5/7/2014, 6:17 PM
@maarcther1pper 20 bucks right now saying she will be black canary by the end of season 4
batmanvsuperman - 5/7/2014, 6:17 PM
Sarah will not die and Malcolm is not dead she shot the man in the mask to save him and Sarah is the black canary
misner89 - 5/7/2014, 6:18 PM
holy [frick]ing shity balls tonights episode was off the hook can't wait for next weeks looks even more intense plus speedy rocking a red mask and a red bow
Ineedrevelation - 5/7/2014, 6:18 PM
I've said it before and I'll say it again... there is no reason why the Arrow writers and producers shouldn't be over seeing the entire DCCU. They're clearly the only ones that understand the source material.

Imagine what they could do with Batman, Superman and 300 million dollars.
ComicsBornAndBred - 5/7/2014, 6:18 PM
Red Arrow
Jhuntdaprodigy - 5/7/2014, 6:18 PM
I know they didn't bring Malcolm back to let him go out like that, Thea must of missed or shot around him or something, even still, it's not like death stopped him the last time. Anyway, words can't even describe how epic this finale looks. The thing about Sara dying and Laurel becoming the Black Canary is Laurel can't fight. Someone's gonna have to teach her how to fight and shit. And I'm hoping since superpowers are a thing in Arrow now (Mirakuru soldiers, the flash), I'm hoping something will happen to Laurel to give her the canary scream.
yonny616 - 5/7/2014, 6:18 PM
Nomis - 5/7/2014, 6:18 PM
ComicBookConnections - 5/7/2014, 6:19 PM
@youngjustice I believe that part about Thea shooting the man behind her father BUT Laurel will be Black Canary whether it be next season or the one after that
ezio619 - 5/7/2014, 6:19 PM
oh man,Arrow, Roy, Diggle, Felicity, Canary and the league of assassins vs slade and his mirakuru army, ITS ON MOTHERPHUCKERS!!!
batmanvsuperman - 5/7/2014, 6:20 PM
@comicbook I will take that bet
ComicsBornAndBred - 5/7/2014, 6:21 PM
The Arrow writers should oversee the tv DCU. Green Lanten showed they're not ready for film but they should consult. Not direct or write. They so know the universe well and Its characters
maarcther1pper - 5/7/2014, 6:21 PM
@comicbookconnections.... bet
ezio619 - 5/7/2014, 6:22 PM
even though i think it would have been character of green arrow and he is one the most popular non powered heroes around..i thought for a minute maybe that Oliver might somehow inject himself with mirakuru to defeat slade
jamesbrando3 - 5/7/2014, 6:22 PM
From Stephen Amell's Twitter...

"Quick heads up: The season finale of #Arrow (just watched it) is the best episode of television in 2014."
8:42 PM - 4 May 2014

I believe him lol
Bread - 5/7/2014, 6:22 PM
DrunkenNukem - 5/7/2014, 6:22 PM


ComicsBornAndBred - 5/7/2014, 6:23 PM
Ra's Al Ghul cameo pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssse
JoeMomma29 - 5/7/2014, 6:23 PM
ezio619 - 5/7/2014, 6:23 PM
COMICS-actually the script they had written for GL was really good,it was leaked online a few years ago so they brought in another writer who did a BIG rewrite on the script
batmanvsuperman - 5/7/2014, 6:23 PM
@comicbook Idk why but something in the bottom of my heart tell me they will try to make laurel the Bc but I don't want her to don't get me wrong I like her character and love her as a actress but lotz is a better fit for the character
Ineedrevelation - 5/7/2014, 6:23 PM
It could go this way tho...

 photo 10001376_806957989318993_1548786827_n_zps1065fc11.jpg
Bread - 5/7/2014, 6:24 PM
Tonight's episode had me like
 photo tumblr_inline_mkplpt88Cc1qz4rgp_zpsc42fe3f7.gif
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