ARROW Season 2 Has A Lot More DC Comics Characters And Concepts Still To Come

ARROW Season 2 Has A Lot More DC Comics  Characters And Concepts Still To Come

Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim teases a lot more DC Comics characters and concepts are still to come in Arrow season 2. "If people think we've done a lot of DC Universe stuff now it pales in comparison to where we're headed."

Marc Guggenheim Arrow comic book writer

Fans of Arrow will surely love the latest titillating tease from Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim. While speaking to Newsarama, the comic book writer shared, "I will say that we have a crazy number of's funny, there's stuff that will be happening in the middle of this season that we haven't announced yet, that if people think we've done a lot of DC Universe stuff now it pales in comparison to where we're headed. It's really going to be kicked up to a ridiculous degree....There's two episodes in a row, where we're keeping the titles secret, because both episodes will just blow people's minds."

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The CW Arrow season 2
Arrow Stephen Amell CW promo

ARROW season one is available on blu-ray and dvd now.

Running Time: 60 min
Release Date: (Season Two) October 9th, 2013
MPAA Rating: Tv-14
Starring: Katie Cassidy, Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Byron Mann, Colin Donnell, Colin Salmon, Paul Blackthorne, Emily Bett Rickards, John Barrowman, Roger R. Cross and Willa Holland
Creators: Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg
Characters: George Papp (character) and Mort Weisinger (character)

"After a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific. When he returns home to Starling City, his devoted mother Moira, much-beloved sister Thea, and best friend Tommy welcome him home, but they sense Oliver has been changed by his ordeal on the island. While Oliver hides the truth about the man he’s become, he desperately wants to make amends for the actions he took as the boy he was. Most particularly, he seeks reconciliation with his former girlfriend, Laurel Lance. As Oliver reconnects with those closest to him, he secretly creates the persona of Arrow – a vigilante – to right the wrongs of his family, fight the ills of society, and restore Starling City to its former glory. By day, Oliver plays the role of a wealthy, carefree and careless philanderer he used to be – flanked by his devoted chauffeur/bodyguard, John Diggle – while carefully concealing the secret identity he turns to under cover of darkness. However, Laurel’s father, Detective Quentin Lance, is determined to arrest the vigilante operating in his city. Meanwhile, Oliver’s own mother, Moira, knows much more about the deadly shipwreck than she has let on – and is more ruthless than he could ever imagine."
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Jollem - 2/5/2014, 3:57 AM
ha ha, stoopid abc-ites. cw-ites are winning!

is that how flames are born?
MarkJulian - 2/5/2014, 4:02 AM
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was very very good last night.
MarkJulian - 2/5/2014, 4:02 AM
And I've loved Arrow since day 1.
SuperSomething616 - 2/5/2014, 4:06 AM
hartley07 - 2/5/2014, 4:08 AM
too bad it wont matter once justice league comes out. why do they even bother?
Jollem - 2/5/2014, 4:09 AM
i haven't had cable for about 6-7 years. i did watch the first season of the walking dead through an ex-roommate who burns everything. i don't keep up with t.v. shows too much. would love too, but there's an ocean of media out there
Kurne - 2/5/2014, 4:18 AM

Don't ever go past S1 of TWD. Just... Just know that you've watched the part of the show when it was actually good.
nikgrid - 2/5/2014, 4:22 AM
Awesome! that's what I like to hear.
hipnosis - 2/5/2014, 4:25 AM
This is why Arrow rules. Its not afraid of the comics, it embraces it. Unlike shows like Smallville or Agents of Shield (which make excuses all the time as to why not to bring in the comics) Arrow jumps in and makes it all real. All the time, you are aware of the DC world. There is more than name dropping, the characters encounter DC comic history. Everything from politicians and lawyers to chemicals and companies, in each episode we are seeing actual DC comics characters and the universe. Also, the costumes look great. So glad they decided to put Green Arrow in a mask. I hope they do the same with Roy. But, so far Black Canary, Huntress, Destroke, Deadshot, Dark Archer, Bronze Tiger, even Cyrus Gold/Grundy.....all look great. I can't wait to see Flash and any other villains/heroes they introduce. I'm hoping we get to see The Question and Atom. Both already have roots in the show (Question dating Huntress and Atom's wife Jean Loring being Queen's lawyer.) I really can't wait episode to episode to see what is coming next.
Desrow - 2/5/2014, 4:30 AM
Luminus - 2/5/2014, 4:33 AM
@Kurne: Nonsense. I love TWD. ALL seasons.
Jollem - 2/5/2014, 4:34 AM
smallville didn't embrace the comics?

you might wanna rethink that statement
Jollem - 2/5/2014, 4:36 AM
i heard people say they didn't like season 2 of twd 'cause it didn't have as much action. but...rotten tomatoes says action is now bad. whatever shall i do? how should i think? i think i just may have a breakdown
JasonBlue - 2/5/2014, 4:38 AM
GliderMan - 2/5/2014, 4:39 AM
Just don't turn this into Smallville or an Easter egg hunt.

No Oracle or Batgirl
Dinotron - 2/5/2014, 4:41 AM
Arrow was hated season one (I personally loved it since the start) now everyone says it's the best and jumping on the bandwagon
AoS is hated in it's 1st season, but now, last nights episode for example, the quality has gone up

See where I'm going with this
Irisharmyguy79 - 2/5/2014, 4:41 AM
@hartley07 maybe this show isn't just a useless gap filler for the Justice League! Maybe it actually will tie into that world! It seems to have a similar real world feel and steven even said he'd love to jump to the big screen and play GA in Justice League even if just as a cameo! I think we all just need to sit tight and wait to see what happens between now and 2016
sinthegreat - 2/5/2014, 4:44 AM
This show started out as a dark knight rip off, now they are just throwing DC character names around to make people forget how crappy the acting is
OwenWilsonsNose - 2/5/2014, 4:50 AM
Smallville was just terrible. I never understood why so many people liked it. Arrow is of a decidedly higher quality, and has yet to come off cheesy or goofy. Smallville was constant cheese. To have a show about Superman, but never have him wear the suit?...Stupid. Oh, but he constantly wore blue and red, so that made it even more ridiculous.
danielmorpheus - 2/5/2014, 4:56 AM
Would be awesome see a "You Are Not Alone" moment in an Arrow episode to put the TV Series and Man of Steel in the same universe.

CaptShipwreck - 2/5/2014, 5:04 AM
Interestein - 2/5/2014, 5:09 AM
Nightwing hopefully
loki668 - 2/5/2014, 5:12 AM
megabatfan - 2/5/2014, 5:13 AM
I loved Arrow from season 1, episode 1. The acting in the beginning was really poor, & the first 10 episodes or so were slow, but it still managed to keep me interested. Season 2 is just friggin' WOW! I just hope they don't do too much too soon. Expand the universe and give us 5+ seasons of Arrow. I so greatly looking forward to an expanded DCTV universe
BlackFlask - 2/5/2014, 5:37 AM
I believe we will get a small screen Justice League or Young Justice by end of season 3. & the AMAZO android could still appear this season.
princevegeta31 - 2/5/2014, 5:42 AM
funny gifs
soforizo - 2/5/2014, 5:43 AM
Luminus - 2/5/2014, 4:33 AM
@Kurne: Nonsense. I love TWD. ALL seasons.

It's a common complaint I've heard here and many other tv review sites. I didn't care for what I saw of the show when I tried it, and after hearing many complaints throughout of it dropping in quality or being slow in other seasons, I chose not to bother.
batmanvsuperman - 2/5/2014, 5:57 AM
Been a fan since day one love this show cant wait
mgeoff88 - 2/5/2014, 5:58 AM
Sounds awesome!

@loki My top secret source at The CW told me Black Condor will appear in an upcoming episode!
pointman - 2/5/2014, 6:13 AM
Thank goodness! I am a Marvelite, but I applaud DC not being ashamed of comic bookyness!
ChillBill66 - 2/5/2014, 6:22 AM
@Jollem That poster just helped to prove the point that Smallville was stupid. That character poster looks like a cheap Halloween pic...
ChillBill66 - 2/5/2014, 6:24 AM
For the record, Agents of Shield may have finally gotten it's footing with last nights episode. Love Arrow. They do an excellent job incorporating the comics into the show and can't wait to see what happens tonight!!!
Matchow - 2/5/2014, 6:25 AM
Let's guess the two episodes

My guesses are "In Brightest Day" and "In Blackest Night". Lol
megabatfan - 2/5/2014, 6:32 AM
MrReese - 2/5/2014, 6:36 AM
@Jollem lol CW-ites all day! XD
GodzillaKart - 2/5/2014, 6:48 AM
[frick] yes! For network TV, this show is [frick]ing great.
GodzillaKart - 2/5/2014, 6:52 AM
@hipnosis: "This is why Arrow rules. Its not afraid of the comics, it embraces it."

To be fair, this is new. When if first started out, the producers of Arrow said unequivocally that there were no super-powers in the Arrow world. They were trying to re-make the Nolan Batman universe.

When they realized that that wasn't what the fans wanted, they changed.

So I would say "This is why Arrow rules. It's not afraid to learn and adapt".
IDKwhatToChoose - 2/5/2014, 6:53 AM
Smallville started in 2001 a year after the first XMen movie. It was made to show the transition from Clark Kent to Superman. They announced they weren't doing suits and things (like arrow was originally intended with no superpowers) the show ran for 10 seasons and like any show declined but saying it was a failure or that it sucked when he didn't wear the suit makes no sense. The show could have run for an 11th season of it wasn't for Welling wanting to do other things. Also during its height on this very website people were praising the show. I know most of you are still relatively new to this site and have joined the popular bandwagon of bashing a show that is no longer on the air and made superheroes again ok to be on tv. And for those saying Smallville wasn't dark enough.. It was based off Clark Kent who had until Snyders work been portrayed as campy and cheesy.
beto - 2/5/2014, 7:04 AM
@fart indeed the adapt ability is something not everybody has.

Also for some twisted reason I want a show/movie of Batman vs Hannibal Lecter
WeaponX93 - 2/5/2014, 7:06 AM
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