UPDATE: ARROW: Special "Full Circle" 3-Minute Preview From This Week's Episode, 'The Promise'

<span style="color:#FF0000">UPDATE:</span style="color:#FF0000"> ARROW: Special "Full Circle" 3-Minute Preview From This Week's Episode, 'The Promise'

The CW has just released a special 3-minute "Full Circle" preview for this week's huge episode of Arrow and from the looks of it, it doesn't seem like anyone in Starling City is safe. Come check it out! Also, catch brief glimpses at the Suicide Squad, Huntress, and Deathstroke in action! New clip added.

In addition to the special preview above, the CW has released a preview clip from the upcoming episode as well. It features Roy practicing his archer skills and Sara receiving some bone-chilling news.. Check it out below:

THE TURNING POINT — Oliver (Stephen Amell) is shocked when he learns that Slade (Manu Bennett) has come to Starling City. Back on the island, as Oliver, Slade and Sara (Caity Lotz) prepare to take over the freighter from Ivo (guest star Dylan Neal), Sara pulls Oliver aside and tells him he needs to kill Ivo to prevent him from telling Slade what happened with Shado. Oliver feels immense guilt over the situation but realizes Slade’s growing rage from the Mirakuru makes him unpredictable and he could turn on his friends if he thinks Oliver is to blame. Oliver agrees to kill Ivo and the battle begins. Glen Winter directed the episode written by Jake Coburn & Ben Sokolowski

Arrow is a modern retelling of the DC Comic character Green Arrow. Multi-millionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing, and presumed dead after a shipwreck at sea. He is found five years later, having survived on a desert island off his wits and by mastering the bow and arrow. When he returns to Starling City however, he discovers that it is rife with corruption and crime. Oliver decides to put his skills to use by taking on the persona of Arrow and becoming the vigilante that Starling City needs.

Arrow features:
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Arrow
Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak
David Ramsey as John Diggle
Willa Holland as Thea Queen
Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance
Susana Thompson as Moira Queen
Paul Blackthorne as Detective Quentin Lance
Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
Colton Haynes as Roy Harper
Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/Canary

Arrow returns March 5.

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Dmon - 3/4/2014, 4:41 PM
[frick]ING BAD ASS! Can't Wait!
Dmon - 3/4/2014, 4:42 PM
Best Comic Book Show on TV ever!
ALegendaryPanda - 3/4/2014, 4:47 PM
Oh dear god!!!
patrat18 - 3/4/2014, 4:52 PM
Holy shit. Dc won the week.
McGee - 3/4/2014, 4:52 PM
Caity Lotz gives me an arrow in my pants.
McGee - 3/4/2014, 4:52 PM
....I'm talking about my dick.
McGee - 3/4/2014, 4:53 PM
....and of it being fully erect from wanting to have sexual intercourse.
iZinDiaN - 3/4/2014, 4:55 PM
SkipKahless - 3/4/2014, 4:56 PM
i found that to be acceptable.
ManofSteel23 - 3/4/2014, 4:58 PM
I'm calling it...sarah dies in the season finale, someone has to die by slade
but this looks SICK! I hope the flash is just as good as this
whittaflash - 3/4/2014, 5:00 PM
God damn...
Hutch113 - 3/4/2014, 5:01 PM
So pumped for this!!!
poop23 - 3/4/2014, 5:02 PM
Never watched the show before,.. going to my dvr right now to change that
Zordan - 3/4/2014, 5:04 PM
Awesome trailers today! DC IS WINNING!
BubSnikt - 3/4/2014, 5:07 PM
Ineedrevelation - 3/4/2014, 5:08 PM
That was beyond incredible.

I was wondering how the rest of the season would compare to the first half but it looks like we haven't seen anything yet.

Dear Lord...
 photo 65402-dear-god-its-beautiful-mugatu-Zmxe_zps864d2da1.gif
CPIXLEY - 3/4/2014, 5:08 PM
JoeMomma29 - 3/4/2014, 5:11 PM
That looks amazing...............???
JoeMomma29 - 3/4/2014, 5:12 PM
I am actually excited to see the Suicide Squad now!!!!!!!
JoeMomma29 - 3/4/2014, 5:13 PM
And yes folks that TV preview did feel like a trailer for a movie!
BboiBlack - 3/4/2014, 5:18 PM
Better than Agents of Shield and without having to sell cameos from the movies.
McGee - 3/4/2014, 5:19 PM
*McGee Actually Watches Clip*

ComicFan523 - 3/4/2014, 5:20 PM
That was awesome, this is show is so badass. Didn't expect to see Huntress in that promo.
Moohika - 3/4/2014, 5:21 PM
Holy Freakin Shit! That's all in one episode!!!
TheProfessional - 3/4/2014, 5:22 PM
Jesus this was just awesome.
The suicide squad episode may not have the suits lots of people want, but you know it's gonna give is a [frick]ing kick ass story.
Hemsey - 3/4/2014, 5:24 PM
Ineedrevelation - 3/4/2014, 5:25 PM
But hold on...

Warner Bros. Television?

When has that ever been on there? The legally can't use that logo without prior approval.

I think this means they're connected guys!
DimiPoint - 3/4/2014, 5:25 PM
holy smoke things are getting serious!!! did i see oliver get punch by diggle?
HavocPrime - 3/4/2014, 5:29 PM
DC seriously needs to consider tying this in to the movieverse they are trying to build, as Arrow is proving to be getting better and better.

Never thought I would say that about a CW show but times change I guess.
JasonBlue - 3/4/2014, 5:31 PM
LeeroyJenkins - 3/4/2014, 5:33 PM
holy [frick]ing shit
Hemsey - 3/4/2014, 5:34 PM
Deathstroke, Suicide Squad and The Huntress !! THIS IS TOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!
DeathstrokeTerminator - 3/4/2014, 5:38 PM
All of that in one episode!

WeaponX93 - 3/4/2014, 5:43 PM

Thats how you do a f***ing trailer!!!!!!
dckizzle - 3/4/2014, 5:44 PM
Wtf that was amazing should be a movie
yonny616 - 3/4/2014, 5:48 PM
TheDarkKnightofSteel - 3/4/2014, 5:52 PM
It was like watching the trailer to a huge blockbuster summer film!I never though that the CW was capable to create something like this,and Arrow in general.

And guys i don't want to be the buzz killer but at least 3 episodes are previewed in this trailer.

And just a thought : Seems like Laurel is attending a funeral.Hmmm...
TheRealRemyLebeau - 3/4/2014, 5:56 PM
kevberg - 3/4/2014, 5:57 PM

thats because Arrows borrows most of its shit from Smallville and only requires you to not shave for a few days to be cast in it.

Mothchild - 3/4/2014, 6:00 PM
that was cool
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