Deadpool Deadpool (Wade Winston Wilson) is a fictional character, a mercenary and anti-hero appearing in Marvel comic books. Created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool first appeared in The New Mutants #98 (Feb. 1991).
A disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary, Deadpool originally appeared as a villain in an issue of New Mutants, and later in issues of X-Force and in several ongoing series. Deadpool is one of the primary antagonists of the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds.[63] He is a highly skilled, wisecracking but greatly immoral mercenary who wields a pair of samurai swords with superhuman speed and skill sufficient to deflect fully automatic weapons fire. He is later killed offscreen by Sabretooth, only to return transformed by Colonel William Stryker into Weapon XI (stunts portrayed by Scott Adkins), a mutant killer who possesses other mutants' powers, including Scott Summers' optic blasts, John Wraith's teleportation, Chris Bradley's technopathy, Wolverine's healing factor, and a pair of extendable blades resembling Wilson's prized swords. He is referred to by Stryker as "the Deadpool" because the compatible powers of the other mutants have been "pooled" together into one being. Wolverine and Sabretooth fight Deadpool in the film's climax and manage to defeat him by decapitating him and sending him falling into a cooling tower of a nuclear power plant, although a post-credits scene appearing in DVD releases and some theatrical presentations of the film implies Deadpool is still alive. A spin-off of X-Men Origins: Wolverine starring Deadpool is in development, and Reynolds is attached to reprise his role. According to Empire, a script is in development, and Deadpool will "break the fourth wall" during the film. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have been attached to write the script for the film. On April 8, 2011, Tim Miller was hired to direct the film. Originally the film was set to be rated PG-13, but the rating was later reconsidered with the possible addition of gore.
The issue is set in the 1990s and centers around revealing Deadpool's big "original sin," has to do with his parents, his role as an assassin, and how he took the news of being a father. Hit the jump for the full review!
Look inside Deadpool #34 as we look at the art and give an overview of this last Deadpool Original Sin tie-in issue.
This October, Marvel celebrates its milestone 75th Anniversary, but guess who's come to spoil the party? That's right, Deadpool will be photobombing a number of iconic Marvel variants as some of the publisher's best artists reimagine them with a demented twist. Hit the jump to check them out!
The 90's were a simpler time, but also a pretty terrible time for comics. It was also a time when the action was extreme and pouches were really in style. Today, Marvel have released a 90s fueled look at Deadpool #34, a tie-in to Original Sin...
How bad is the art of John Lucas in Deadpool #33? See for yourself as we provide you this Video Review of the latest Deadpool Comic.
Are you a fan of DC's 3D covers? Do you wish they had more Deadpool? Well, you're in luck - next month, a 3D motion variant cover for Deadpool #34 will be available. Did we mention it was in 3D?
You've seen the video, you've seen the Twitter campaign, and now the director of Deadpool himself, Tim Miller, has a few words to say! Check out his advice to Deadpool fans right after the jump.
Team DeadPool needs your official 'vote' of support! Let's break the internet!
People always say "IF DEADPOOL IS PG-13 THAN IT WON'T BE TRUE TO THE CHARACTER AND IT'D BE CRAP!!!" I however, believe that a Deadpool movie could actually work incredibly well with a PG-13 rating, handled the right way. Click the words above to see how!
After the HD sizzle reel/test footage leaks on the interwebs, Deadpool creator Robert Liefeld has revealed that the current script under review at Fox calls for a PG-13 reasons, and his reasons may actually surprise you... Hit the jump for more!
Featuring Ryan Reynolds in a motion-capture suit while reprising his X-Men Origins: Wolverine role for Deadpool director Tim Miller's awesome concept footage, check out this behind-the-scenes photo!
It wasn't FOX, It was HACKERS. Read more after the jump
In this editorial, we're going to say how much Deadpool movie is important to us and with many reasons, why this movie should have been released on Trank's reboot date now.
My thoughts on the recent Deadpool movie test footage and the CGI used mercenary.
Although they've had their stinkers (X: TLS, XO Wolverine, F4, F4: RotSS), the people over at 20th Century Fox can get it right (X-Men, X2, X: FC, X: DoFP). Their last film was very well received and I hope that their upcoming ones are as well. Last time you joined me in the editorial section we talked about X-Men Apocalypse and Wolverine's third solo film. This time we delve in to X-Force, Deadpool, and even more!!! So without further ado, I give you the 20th Century Fox Cinematic Universe!!!
Deadpool Decided to Raid a zoo and unlock all the animals and drive them into the city to make everyone panic! MinoTaur Aka Asterion Breaks the seal and attacks Deadpool! Will Deadpool get Past Zebra-man or will he die trying! Hit the jump to check it out!
That's right, we're getting yet another Deadpool comic book this Fall! Hit the jump for details on this new 4-issue mini-series from New York Times Bestselling writer Peter David (All-New X-Factor, The Incredible Hulk) and fan-favorite artist Scott Koblish.
Is a Deadpool movie ever going to made!? Like come on seriously I know you guys are just dreaming for one. But for now I will still keep you in the dream loop with this awesometacular Deadpool fan cast! Hit the jump for more!
Hit the jump to see two incredibly lovely ladies, Shelle-Chii and Pantara Lynne, covered in body paint so that they can portray Marvel characters, Deadpool and Venom.
With many of the Marvel Universe's secrets now revealed, the Merc with the Mouth is heading back in fight vampires?! He's going to need some help though, and that comes in the form of Dazzler! Hit the jump for a first look at this week's Deadpool #30.
Join us as we review Deadpool #29, part of the "Original Sin" Crossover. We look inside the comic while avoiding major spoilers.
If he's truely one of the most popular comic book characters out there today, why doesn't Deadpool have his own movie yet? The answer is that pesky R-rating! But does his film really need to be R-rated to be good?
So what about that planned movie featuring the Merc With A Mouth? Is there more going on behind the scenes than we thought? Well, according to The Daily Superhero there is. Find out more after the jump!
Hit the jump to see even more Deadpool video game concept art created by conceptual illustrator, Jose Emroca Flores. Also, listen to a new video from StudioADI that addresses fans negative criticism of the Deadpool design in Gavin Hood's X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
"Deadpool is still alive and we're just waiting for the studio to embrace what an amazingly f*cking awesome film this would be," says director Tim Miller, before adding that they now have a revised script and that the project has indeed taken some serious steps forward recently. Check it out!