No Wolvie Tie Ins For Deadpool

No Wolvie Tie Ins For Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds confirms that the next installment of the Deadpool franchise WILL NOT include Wolverine.

Ryan Reynolds had this to say when asked about the Deadpool spin off including any Wolverine references: "Without saying too much, I can't imagine that there's gonna be any tie-in to the Wolverine movie at all,"

Ryan Reynolds has at least two other projects he has to complete before he is able to put the deadly mutant assassin back up on the big screen. Ryan vows to make the next installment of Deadpool a movie that will be loved by the fans.

Ryan goes on to say: "There's so many variables to play. It's tough because when you have a character like Deadpool, to the greatest extent of your power, you want to bring as much authenticity to that character as possible. And by 'authenticity,' I don't mean that you'd want to make him somebody that you'd have a Starbucks coffee with, I mean that you want to make him as close to the comics as possible," Reynolds states. "And there's nothing that I wouldn't do to make sure that ends up on film, but sometimes things are out of your control, things that you can't change. But I'm really happy, in these early talks, that the studio is as obsessed with making it as close to the comic book source material as possible. And that's all I really needed to hear. Cuz I will [email protected] a herd of cattle to bring Wade Wilson to life as the real deal."

Sounds like if Reynolds has his way we will get the wise cracking, smart mouthed, lets cut the BS, Deadpool that we should have gotten in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

"There's nothing else like that in movies, or comic books, for that matter. I would like to make him self-aware; I'd like to have a bit of a pop-culture air going on throughout the film," Reynolds states. "I mean, the greatest villain in a Deadpool comic is Deadpool."

Will Reynolds ultimately sacrifice showing his mug so that the fans will get a scarred, masked Deadpool?

"There's no way to do this without having the scarring, having the mask, having it all. And it can be done. It's a no-brainer in that sense. You gotta have the character of Deadpool. You don't want to just invent something new and call it Deadpool."

Sounds like Reynolds has got the fans of the comic material's back. Let's hope they chose to make a solid Deadpool movie the right way inspired by the source material. Cant wait to see the proper Deadpool up on the big screen.

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UltimateSpidey - 6/1/2009, 2:00 PM
Lets hope this is actually gonna happen the right way
vonstallin - 6/1/2009, 2:04 PM
ah...they just keep greezing their palms and jerking up for years...then produce something less than stellar...then tell us next time i will give you what you want.

Seriously....they didnt know what we wanted a few years b4 Wolverine?

I mean even McG listen to the fans his n boo at the original ending of T4...

Oh well...sitting and waiting patiently for 2012/2013...
SpiderBat209 - 6/1/2009, 2:05 PM
COOL! :)
GUNSMITH - 6/1/2009, 2:07 PM
Set2Fallfirst - 6/1/2009, 2:18 PM
ITs gonna be badass Ryan Reynolds will be bomb
RyanTcone - 6/1/2009, 2:18 PM
lol, you're going to get upset if his eyes aren't whitened out? Derp!
Supermike - 6/1/2009, 2:21 PM
I really don't see these movie happen
RyanTcone - 6/1/2009, 2:22 PM
Yeah I can't imagine they'd make an already confirmed movie, I heard GI Joe isn't happening either.
RorMachine - 6/1/2009, 2:33 PM
Actually its not unheard of for a movie to be greenlit only to end up in development hell. But i doubt that willl happen with Deadpool..but ye never know!

As for Reynolds, well i appreciate the fact that hes a massive fan of the character and says he wants to see him done right..i also appreciate that he already played him one..WRONG. So ill be skeptical until we see some pics
Betty - 6/1/2009, 2:36 PM
This makes it sound like Deadpool is going to be better than Wolverine. Hell, "Stop! Or my mom will shoot" is better than Wolverine. J/K
RyanTcone - 6/1/2009, 2:38 PM
Terminator paint job
RyanTcone - 6/1/2009, 2:39 PM
Come with me if you want to edit jpeg's
DarkAvengers - 6/1/2009, 2:39 PM
If RR is on the same page as all of us, that's great. Lets not forget that FOX is in charge though. I cant see him wearing the mask a whole lot. I'd be happy with a decent amount of mask time.

RorMachine - 6/1/2009, 2:40 PM
Well, theres no fooling you is there Lisa Simpson teeth head!

come with you where sir?

Betty, i liked Wolverine!..i know its a damn crime in these here parts but thats how i roll! sure shibaz will be along any time now calling me a Fox plant!
LEEE777 - 6/1/2009, 2:40 PM
WOW!!! Lostsa news! ; D

Like anyone wants WOLVERINE in DEADPOOL anyways?? Cool!!

Hey there's RORSCH! Hi ROR!!! ; )
RyanTcone - 6/1/2009, 2:41 PM
RyanTcone - 6/1/2009, 2:44 PM
But yeah, I'm glad that he cares about Deadpool and wants to do the film right though.
YohonKalic - 6/1/2009, 2:48 PM

Wolverine was good. Yes there was alot wrong with it, but it was still a fun movie.

shibazz - 6/1/2009, 3:16 PM
@Ror-01I already did Boyo , in another thread i said somethin to the effect that you are a somethin or rather.... And it is good to know you are not Dead yet (damn i want my 1'500 back) I mean yeah its great to have you back!

Honestly Wolverine :Abhorigins was as bad as GhostRider, actually worse.

ps ... man people were talkin ish while you were gone , but i was like Hey! Listen up Cracka's Ror is a stand up dude, and then they said somethin about yor Momma, and i was like "Oh no you didnt!"....... at least thats what i heard
adamant877 - 6/1/2009, 3:18 PM
Totally agree, Wolverine had its "dissapointments", but all-in-all it was a good movie.
ThunderCougarFalconBird - 6/1/2009, 3:20 PM
I have mixed feelings about this post. I think Ryan is the right man for the job but "sometimes things are out of your control, things that you can't change", he's basically telling us that he's so desperate to play this part he will take any slice of Deadpool Fox will throw at him and then roll over and lube up to say thanks!

If it's done right and Ryan speaks up to the people who matter this film could be great! So what he's not an "A-list" comic character but people outside of the comics know him better than Punisher (Tom Jane) when that came out and that was a great movie!

As for his face and mask, we can have both! Have him fully masked but have flash backs of his origin. Show why he joined weapon x and show him getting scarred, but once that mask is on it better not come off for anything! Not even an upsidedown kiss with a nipple erect female! That mask is there to hide his identidy from himself more than anything. He doesn't want to be reminded of how his face has changed!
RorMachine - 6/1/2009, 3:22 PM
Well, now this dog is back in da hood, all thses homies need to be shuttin up playa, you feel me? Punk ass.

I need to work on my ghetto speak!
LEEE777 - 6/1/2009, 3:25 PM
lol! : D
LEEE777 - 6/1/2009, 3:27 PM
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy i liked GHOST RIDER!!! ; D
ThunderCougarFalconBird - 6/1/2009, 3:29 PM
Wolverine Origins was riddled with holes but so is my colander and that works fine! As wrong as they got most of the film it was still enjoyable.

shibazz - Only "Hulk" can be placed on the "Ghost Rider" rung of the comic movie ladder!
LEEE777 - 6/1/2009, 3:38 PM
I liked HULK too!!! ; )
LEEE777 - 6/1/2009, 3:39 PM



GHOST RIDER in talks for GR 3 already! =

'You heard it here first'
RorMachine - 6/1/2009, 3:40 PM
I really think its crazy how people differ on these movies! Its great that it creates so much discussion. I mean, not only did i like Wolverine, but i also liked Hulk! Yes, the FIRST Hulk. Ghost Rider..not so much, but i didnt think it was as bad as ..PUNISHER: BOREZONE!..see shibazz/Leee..i got some game baby!
LEEE777 - 6/1/2009, 3:50 PM
BillyBlack - 6/1/2009, 3:52 PM
Ang Lee's HULK was a gem! Which made the acting in the "reboot" look like a Canadian, made for TV, movie. Apologies to all the Canadians oot here who are aboot to roast me. I was expecting a bucket of green slime to hit Liv Tyler in the face after she said "I don't know", but that would've been an improvement.
shibazz - 6/1/2009, 3:58 PM
@Ror-01 arent you supposed to be on "hoiday" or sumthin?

I think Punisher Warzone was alot better than Wolverine:Rorigins HA!') or at least it was a lot less of a disappointment. I mean would you want that kind of review from your next lover? Oh and The Incredible Hulk movie was F'ing kick ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BillyBlack - 6/1/2009, 4:09 PM

You Canadian sympathizer!! I knew it!! It was the Seagrams 7 and "Girls from Degrassi High" calendar that gave you away ;)

...and while were on the topic of angry man 2, they should've called it "The Incredible Disappointment"
shibazz - 6/1/2009, 4:20 PM
Goddammit Billy Black! come on the Hulk Dogs had no Hulk Dog Balls... Hulk dogs and absorbing man working thogether? I did love that movie though... but that ish was dumb! the new one made Canadians look cool at least, still dont get the connection unless we are callin Ror a Canadian.

Hi Kevvy ;)
LEEE777 - 6/1/2009, 4:25 PM
INCREDIBLE HULK was 10 times more of a movie than WOLVIE was!!! ..... Infact, HULK was too lol! : D

Damn that GAMMA POODLE though, nearly as bad as OFF'ing MICRO in his very first movie appearance!!!
BillyBlack - 6/1/2009, 4:35 PM
HAhah shibazz

You slay me girl. My point was more to say that Canadian soap operas have better acting than that Incredulous Hulk movie. I'm not gonna say that Ang didn't take some liberties with the material, he totally did. But if you take it character by character, the performances in HULK were monumentally better than those in Incredible. I've said it before, save for the Abomination battle, there isn't one thing Incredible had over HULK.
BmanHall - 6/1/2009, 4:36 PM
Thank God! Like we need another [frick]ing movie with Wolverine in it...
YohonKalic - 6/1/2009, 4:43 PM

HAHAHAHAH I just thought of something, Wolverine wont be in it, but Logan will.

LEEE777 - 6/1/2009, 4:49 PM
Lmao @ YOHON !!! : D
RorMachine - 6/1/2009, 4:51 PM
Shibazz, i was on "Holiday", but now im back..mores the pity:(

Billy your dead right. Incredible was entertaining but it had no meat on its bones. Hulk smash is all very nice if thats all you want from a movie but i dont so i preferred Hulk, silly dogs and all! But really the 2 movies combined would make one great green bastard of a movie i think.

Its sunny here in Ireland for the first time in..oooh, ever!
LEEE777 - 6/1/2009, 5:04 PM
ROR @ I sorta said you was on holiday, but i was only making a funny lol! : D

Hey, where'd ya go? England?? Spain???

I agree with ya on THE HULK, damn if they could put them movies together! It would be one of the greatest comic movies ever made!!!

P.s. I hate laptops! : D
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