RUMOR: HANNIBAL Star Mads Mikkelsen Considered For DOCTOR STRANGE Role By Marvel?

RUMOR: HANNIBAL Star Mads Mikkelsen Considered For DOCTOR STRANGE Role By Marvel?

According to one report about Marvel's hunt for a Doctor Strange director, there's a very good reason that they're considering Nikolaj Arcel. Why? Because that movie starred Casino Royale and Hannibal's Mads Mikkelsen, and he's apparently being considered for the role...

In Bleeding Cool's report about the Doctor Strange directing candidates, they reveal that there's already one name floating about in regards to who might end up starring in the movie which is likely to be released in 2016 as part of Marvel's Phase 3 plans. "According to one pretty solid Marvel-adjacent source, Arcel’s Royal Affair star Mads Mikkelsen apparently is, or has been, somewhere in the mix for the film’s early casting discussions. I’m still trying to find another source on that, or to clarify which part it would be, and whether or not Mikkelsen might have already passed or been passed over." Bear in mind that Marvel wanted Mikkelsen for the role of Malekith in Thor: The Dark World, but he was forced to drop out due to his commitments to Hannibal. That makes it likely then that Marvel still want to work with him, and a role like Baron Mordo seems even more likely than the Doctor himself. Which character do you think he's best suited to?
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Desrow - 2/21/2014, 3:09 AM
He could be a much better Malekith, it's a bold cast if true, good move Marvel.
batmanvsuperman - 2/21/2014, 3:16 AM
Meh I don't know
marvelstudios - 2/21/2014, 3:18 AM
Awesome actor. But wouldn't want him as Dr. Strange. Maybe Baron Mordo or something.
Kurne - 2/21/2014, 3:21 AM
If this is true I assume Marvel were disappointed in letting him go (because of Hannibal).
Orphix - 2/21/2014, 3:23 AM
Good actor - always charismatic in a sort of understated way - and can play the hero as well as a villain. I remember him being the coolest thing in that King Arthur film with Clive Owen.
SuperCat - 2/21/2014, 3:23 AM
Creepy looking dude. Would be better as a villain.
SwagInScience - 2/21/2014, 3:24 AM
Kurne - 2/21/2014, 3:25 AM
Why is everyone jumping to him playing Strange?
charlie2094 - 2/21/2014, 3:32 AM
Could be why he didn't end up playing Malekith? Or maybe they just really want to work with him...

Wouldn't mind this, but I probably see him more as Baron Mordo...wouldn't be surprised if this is maybe true, whether it is Strange or not
charlie2094 - 2/21/2014, 3:34 AM

Misread article, thought it mean't he was actually up for Dr Strange...could definitely see him as Baron Mordo
DEATHbyEXILE - 2/21/2014, 3:42 AM
thor2273 - 2/21/2014, 3:43 AM
don't see as him Strange but He's awesome as Hannibal which returns next Friday Fishburne's also great as Crawford.
Jwe75 - 2/21/2014, 3:44 AM
Hmm, maybe... great actor, lets see the "Depp-card" first :)

Marvel should definetly hire this guy, even wo current role in mind. Perfect face and character for CBM
thor2273 - 2/21/2014, 3:47 AM
AllHailMegatron - 2/21/2014, 3:48 AM
This I can live with
TopCat89 - 2/21/2014, 3:51 AM

Looking forward to S2 of 'Hannibal'
Enphlieuwince - 2/21/2014, 3:51 AM
He would be an excellent choice for a villain. Let's get 'em Marvel! Keep this train rollin'...
hulkrash - 2/21/2014, 3:53 AM
He dodged a bullet with T:tdw

I can see him as strange. Much better role to take assuming this is some what true.
thor2273 - 2/21/2014, 4:01 AM
@Jwe75 I agree maybe Mordo? I would say Zemo for Cap 3 but then he would have to wear a mask and he has great facial expressions.
Ace101 - 2/21/2014, 4:01 AM
He would make am awesome baron mordo, sign him up marvel.
CaptainComicBook - 2/21/2014, 4:03 AM
Baron Mordo? Maybe?
loki668 - 2/21/2014, 4:06 AM
And the countdown to this rumor being debunked begins..........
superbigguy32 - 2/21/2014, 4:09 AM
I want him to play Brainiac
thor2273 - 2/21/2014, 4:12 AM
between Hannibal,Joe Carroll on The Following and Bates Motel returning March 3 that's a good group of killers to take over for Dexter.
SpiderFraud - 2/21/2014, 4:16 AM
Dude is great, I wouldn't mind seeing what he can do as Strange.
NebulaFields - 2/21/2014, 4:16 AM
good actor but can't see him being DR. Strange... at all.
UltimateTypeface - 2/21/2014, 4:16 AM
He is a convincing actor and you would have to be to pull that Hocus-pocus bullshit that Doc Strange gets into.

I think lots of his stories were done in the 60s by guys on acid.

...check out some of his early stuff its really freaky
SpiderFraud - 2/21/2014, 4:18 AM
Mikkelsen throwing around magic...I would believe it.
BeppoTheSuperMonkey - 2/21/2014, 4:19 AM
Wow, although I kinda still like his as a brilliant villain, this could absolutely work.
diomc - 2/21/2014, 4:21 AM
Santoro for Strange

Space - 2/21/2014, 4:27 AM
I can see him in a Doc Strange movie role.
GL - 2/21/2014, 4:28 AM
I rather have Depp
CrimsonFlash - 2/21/2014, 4:31 AM
Hmm it would be a good choice, but older reports have said they want Strange to be the new likable RDJ type. Depp fits that mold better.
CrimsonFlash - 2/21/2014, 4:31 AM
Or my personal favorite cumber batch
MagicalGoat - 2/21/2014, 4:31 AM
Mordo! Make it happen
Nenured - 2/21/2014, 4:37 AM
If true, Marvel got an ace in the sleeve. He is brilliant!
Starlight - 2/21/2014, 4:40 AM
I think they should go with a kind of "dark" version of DS as to make the "supernatural world" more convincing, also, they could later on add GHOST RIDER to the mix... :)
marvel72 - 2/21/2014, 4:40 AM
fantastic actor,he would be a welcome addition the marvel cinematic universe.
WruceBayne - 2/21/2014, 4:44 AM
I'm with this. I don't think Marvel should go with a young Dr. Strange. He should be seasoned.
CaptShipwreck - 2/21/2014, 4:46 AM
Jaime Lannister would be my pick for DR Strange
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