Batman - Reboot Idea Trailer Script

Batman - Reboot Idea Trailer Script

Hi, here is my outline idea for a Batman reboot. Some of you may have read this before, but I didn't have the embed code working that is why I have re-submitted. Anyways new or old reader would love to know what you think.

Here it is, hope you enjoy.

Batman- Year Ending PDF
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GuardianAngel - 10/15/2012, 6:03 AM
Sweet! Is this an origin?
Knightrider - 10/15/2012, 11:23 AM
@GuardianAngel Na, will actually be set some 10years into his career as Batman, but with the occansional nod to how he became Batman, as origin has been done rather well in begins, but feel need to establish that in my version, so small flashbacks
Knightrider - 10/15/2012, 11:27 AM
I guess the reason I need to slightly show the origin is because I wanted to make my Bruce Wayne a bit more tech savvy, so he is able to take certain things E.G. A car, and modify it himself without relying on outside help too much. Mr. Fox will still supply certain high-tech weaponry, but everything else Bruce will have made.
comiccow6 - 10/15/2012, 3:26 PM
I like it! Reminded me of Rorscatch in the Watchmen trailer. I like how Bruce will be more hands on with his tech. I wrote a full series of Batman fan fics once. It's an origen story. It was one of my first with full dialogue. Check it out if you get the chance!
I don't usually do this. Call it payback for putting one on mine.
Knightrider - 10/15/2012, 3:51 PM
@comiccow Paybacks a b**ch isn't it. hahahaa

Cool will check it out ASAP, hopefully will get to read on my lunch break.
chasenrises17 - 10/15/2012, 7:07 PM
Good to see some professional stuff in the fan fic section.

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