Build Up for Justice League (Fan Fic)

Build Up for Justice League (Fan Fic)

Here is what i think the build up of the Justice League Movie should be..

One of the most important things that need to do with Team Comic Book Movies is build up..Avengers did so well because it has build up..but sadly i really don't think Justice League will have many build up movies but i figured it is what i think DC should do


Played by Henry Cavil

Build Up Movie:

Man of Steel:

Henry Cavil needs to return for Justice League..Man of Steel will be awesome and he is very likely to be in the Justice League Movie

Batman (John Blake)

Played by Joesph Gordon Levitt

Build up Movie:

Dark Knight Rises

I know this is a very unpopular choice but i have good reasons why i think John Blake will be batman. First JGL has becomes very famous and having a recognizable actor in JL will help it.I know the JGL Reps have denied him being in the JL movie but i still JGL is going to be Batman especially Chris Nolan's reaction to the question (Is JGL going to appear in Justice League.So i think it's a safe bet we will see JGL in Justice League


Played by Stephen Amell

Build Up TV Show:

CW'S Arrow:

Personally i think he would be a great character in the Justice League. The Public know about CW's Arrow so he would be instantly recognizable in the Justice League Movie.I also think he could be very different and unique from the rest of the Justice League Movie.

Amazon/Wonder Woman

Played by Shelly Hanning

Build Up TV Show:

CW'S Amazon:

I know the Descpriton of the CW'S Amazon wasn't very good but honestly i feel it could be really well..hell CW'S Arrow was really good and if they do it similar to think it will be really good.As for who should play Wonder Woman..yell i think Shelly Hanning would be a great Job for the role of WW..honestly i think she looks like WW and is a great actress..

To be honest..i wanted to just focus on the Justice League Members..not the villains or Supporting characters. Overral i think Justice League would work if they did this similar to my ideas.
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Jolt17 - 12/16/2012, 4:01 AM
Linking the dead Nolan's Bat-series and the CW's outings to the cinematic universe? No, thanks.
Jolt17 - 12/16/2012, 5:09 AM
It is technically dead. Being a fan of the series myself, I find it pretty hard to say it, but I think it is best to leave it as a legacy to be remembered. And John Blake without Nolan and co., and the universe where he belongs behind him? I need an extensive explanation that can entirely convince me that it can REALLY work, without raising any conflicts, both internally and externally.

And how is it likely that those CW's outings will be an important part of this bigger universe, again? Even from the very first place, CW's Arrow alone has already established itself as a universe without the presence of any superpowers. I refuse to see a DC cinematic universe merged with that kind of attitude. Sure, you can argue that it can be changed somehow in the future, but I think it is highly unlikely instead, as it will contradict everything that the show's developers have been trying to stand for so far.

I haven't mentioned how lacking of creativity this article is. Y'know, I was expecting the "build-up" this article is supposed to showcase to have a lot of creativity around, boasting new ideas, et cetera...well, so far, I haven't succeeded in finding any part of the article that doesn't merely put up pre-existing ideas, apart of Shelly Hanning (who?) as Wonder Woman.
TheHawkWithin - 12/16/2012, 10:52 AM
Clicked on this expecting what I see on every DCCU article, solo films for all the characters then leading into the JLA. But this one's different, I like how this one isn't like all the other whining fanboys's articles.

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