Origins #3 Origins #3

What if everyone's favorite online battlefield was a real life battlefield? Who would live and who would die? Some will become idols, some will be hunted. Hit the jump to check out the third entry in the (fictional) history of!

Origins #3 by DEVLIN712
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Pasto is sitting on an upturned crate in a dim, cluttered room. Doom is standing by a whiteboard covered in maps and plans, he is in the middle of explaining the attack, "Here's where they'll come out onto the street, Batz fires two warning shots, this alley'll be their only escape route. That takes them straight to Heis."
BatmanHeisenberg walks forward to the board, pointing to a section of the map, "the second they enter this square we can block them. Abary can take them from the building to their left and Starlord has a shot if they try and leave on the north side."
Batz walks to join the two men at the front of the room, "Everyone understand?" he asks the group of 12.
"Not in the slightest," sighs Pasto as Levi pushes him aside.
"I'll make sure he stays in the van."

Devlin is sitting on a sofa in a penthouse apartment, he's resting a beer cooler in his arms. Doopie enters from one of the apartments many rooms and lets out a shout, Devlin takes out a beer and throws it his way. 
Doopie, somewhere between drunk and sober, slumps down onto an armchair, "You seen Nova?"
Devlin takes out an ice cold can and places it against the side of his head, soothing a bruise, "He's at "work", probably wiping Cipher's ass or something like it,"replies Devlin, "Because, you know, one of us has to earn money."
"Please," laughs Doopie dismissively, "Ciph isn't charging us rent on this place, he screwed something up, BlackJack got out of the Institute, you remember him right? He's the one you spoke to last night."
"I'm not turning him in," Devlin answers, "Not yet."

Batmor is sitting back in an office chair with his feet up on the bank counter, tossing a tennis ball in the air. CherryBomb is in the next checkout.
"So... I heard about you an' Pas..." begins Batmor, Cherry instantly stops him.
"Don't. Even. Start."
"Okay..." an explosion in the side wall knocks Batmor off his chair.
Cherry looks up quickly to see BlackJack enter through the hole in the wall, "What's up bitches?" he shouts as he shoots a shotgun in the air, "Hands behind your heads, open the safes, no one has to get hurt this morning."
Cherry pulls a gun from under her desk, leveling it's aim on BlackJack, "Don't move."
BlackJack looks at Sid before laughing, "C'mon Cherry," he says as he begins to walk forward, "We're part of..." Cherry fires the gun, hitting BlackJack in the left shoulder. Soto and JamesMan jump at Cherry, pinning her to the ground, Sid helps up BlackJack, "Impressive," BlackJack bends over, "The gang could use a spare dishwasher." BlackJack spits in Cherry's face before standing up, he turns to Sid, "I'm gonna duck out, new plan, meet in Fan Fic in half an hour."

Doom is watching the Dead Rabbit Gang emerge from the bank's main entrance from a window four floors above. He looks at the crowd, checking two or three times before picking up his radio, "Pasto, something's wrong, BlackJack isn't there."
Back in the makeshift control station, currently manned by Levi and Pasto, a worried Pasto grabs a radio to his left, "What?! Where is he?"
MrMartin crackles in from a second channel, "Pasto, V8 and I see him, he's cutting through a back alley on Reviews, he's heading your way."
Levi is looking at a computer screen in the other corner of the van, "Don't even think about it P, you don't leave the van." Levi stops after a few seconds, still awaiting a reply, he turns around to see the back doors of the van wide open, "You idiot" he mutters under his breath as he runs out after Pasto.
BlackJack limps awkwardly down an alleyway, nursing his shoulder. He limps past a dumpster as Pasto jumps out from behind it, clothes lining BlackJack. "You dense motherfuc..." BlackJack's insult is interrupted by a kick to the stomach. BlackJack gets up onto his hands and knees, "Impressive Pasto."
Pasto turns around and begins to pace back and forth as he monologues, "You knew it was coming BJ, didn't you? It was only..."
"Shut up you piece of shit," interrupts BlackJack. Pasto turns to see BlackJack pointing a small, silver revolver at him, "You are too stupid, Pasto."
Levi comes running around the corner, BlackJack aims behind himself without looking and fires, hitting Levi in the knee. Levi falls to the ground, groaning. BlackJack removes all but one bullet from the gun's barrel, "Let's have some fun, shall we?" BlackJack spins the barrel and drops it back into place, cocking the pistol and aiming it at Pasto. He pulls the trigger; the gun clicks, "You always had an unrivaled amount of luck didn't you?" BlackJack taunts as he respins the barrel, he turns around, pointing the gun at Levi and pulling the trigger. A bullet fires, hitting Levi in the head, "He didn't."
BlackJack walks down the alley as Pasto runs over to Levi's body, "DOOM, get down here now," Pasto shouts into his radio, "Levi's been hit!"

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Abary - 5/7/2014, 3:12 PM
DEVLIN712 - 5/7/2014, 3:14 PM
Oh, that weren't meant to be no cliffhanger. He got hit in the head, he be dead
Abary - 5/7/2014, 3:21 PM
But I consider it a cliffhanger because it ended right before the team got to show a reaction. The moment is suspenseful. WHAT HAPPENS NOW THAT THE INFAMOUS LEVI HAS BEEN SHOT?!
MsDarkPhoenix - 5/7/2014, 3:30 PM
No catfight between me and Cherry?? I'm disappointed...

We are Emma and Jean of CBM
Abary - 5/7/2014, 3:48 PM
Dev misspells everyone's name.
DEVLIN712 - 5/7/2014, 3:50 PM
MrMart I n
Duly noted and fixed

Shush! I got it right this time!
MrBlackJack - 5/7/2014, 4:00 PM

MrBlackJack - 5/7/2014, 4:01 PM
I sound like a complete and utter asshole...this is accurate.
CherryBomb - 5/7/2014, 4:01 PM
YES! This is awesome. I'm so bad-ass.


Of course we are darling ;)

Abary - 5/7/2014, 4:02 PM
I noticed that, thanks, and much like Martin I don't get why people add that "R". lol
CherryBomb - 5/7/2014, 4:02 PM
Well, I didn't like being spat on the face.....
Abary - 5/7/2014, 4:03 PM
Is it just me, or does Dane DeHaan look A LOT like a young DiCaprio?
SidDaAstroSloth - 5/7/2014, 4:16 PM
Great stuff DEV. As always. Keep up the good work!
SidDaAstroSloth - 5/7/2014, 4:19 PM
My favorite part is where i didnt get killed!

My only complaint is i wasnt in it enough ;)

MrBlackJack - 5/7/2014, 4:19 PM
We need to get Sid and JamesMan more involved in these things.

They go way back.
SidDaAstroSloth - 5/7/2014, 4:21 PM
We do. Were inseperable!
MrBlackJack - 5/7/2014, 4:56 PM
[frick] it, I'm going to try and get as much of the DRG fanfic tonight Sid.
LEEE777 - 5/7/2014, 7:32 PM
Well it was a billion times better than X-Men Borigins: Wolverine :p

Thumbs up.
MightyZeus - 5/8/2014, 1:05 AM
That was actually an interesting read.

You get a thumbs up from me.
MrBatmor - 5/8/2014, 1:58 AM
please tell me iam not dead!!! i will be back right??:P
MrBatmor - 5/8/2014, 2:10 AM
@bj dont hit me!!! you will pay!!!:P'

Stay away from me!!

Vegeta - 5/8/2014, 5:09 AM
So I was reading this, enjoying it, and then something occurred to me. There isn't even a BatManiac cameo! I mean what the hell DEVLIN?! I'm not the Hawkeye/Martian Manhunter of the DRG! I'm the mother[frick]ing BatManiac! The worlds greatest serial killer! I lace my batarangs etorphine! I kick all kinds of [frick]ing ass!

Luckily for you, I already hit the red glove.
Niklander - 5/8/2014, 5:59 AM
I like this hurry up with the xext one
Niklander - 5/8/2014, 5:59 AM
I need to get me some popularity dammit
nibs - 5/8/2014, 6:39 AM
Damn no nibs in there?? I guess I need to make more of a CBM name for myself
DEVLIN712 - 5/8/2014, 6:42 AM
@Nik and BatManiac
You two bastards are part of the dead rabbit gang, you two are there don't worry. I meant to have a scene with all of the gang in a meeting but ran out of time.
DEVLIN712 - 5/8/2014, 6:43 AM
Don't worry Nibs, I'm sure I can fit you in
nibs - 5/8/2014, 6:52 AM
sweet Dev. Pasto doesn't like me, if you need a good plot point!
DEVLIN712 - 5/8/2014, 9:48 AM
Does Pasto really like anyone?!
V8ER - 5/8/2014, 10:20 AM
Woohoo! Got a mention!
MrBlackJack - 5/8/2014, 2:47 PM
Just in case you want a list of all who's in the DRG, I'll rattle them off for ya:








(goes by BatFleckReturns these days)



(although he's rarely on the site)


And GiantNerd0720 is an honorary member.
batz11 - 5/8/2014, 3:38 PM
Haha, this stuff is great!

"Kneel before Batz" wanna be able to say that to Cherry and Phoeny ;P a beautiful batz-oreo!
Comedian03 - 5/9/2014, 12:55 PM


Comedian03 - 5/9/2014, 2:20 PM
This is me

All handsome and dapper and shit.

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