DCTVU: Writer Needed

DCTVU: Writer Needed

I, BatmanHeisenberg, am planning to do a fan-fic universe, and need just one writer at this time for a commitment to the project. I need someone who has knowledge on Parks and Rec and Wonder Woman. It will just be posted on this site. Click the jump if you're interested!

Hello guys! I recently posted a fan fic, and I am writing a sequel to it, and have a lot of stuff planned with a buddy or two. I am creating a universe called the DCTVU, which stands for Dc television universe, where a comic boom character is the same person as a tv character. I have Batman/Heisenberg, a friend has Superman/Frank Underwood, and I need someone who has decent knowledge on Wonder Woman, and watches Parks and Recreation who can write and is willing. If yiu accept, I can give a world more of info on the whole project. If you're wondering what I'm expecting, read my first article in the project, though I might need more pages, and comment below:

Fan-Fic is here!

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