Doctor Strange Fancast

Doctor Strange Fancast

Love me some Doctor Strange decided to make a version that I would like to see.

With all this buzz of Doctor Strange movie in development I figured I would jump on and give my take. Dr.Strange is a great character and deserves his own movie but he has to be done right. I have been hearing a lot of people’s ideas sound like BATMAN BEGINS, where he gets in his accident and goes out to be trained. Probably is it’s just like BATMAN BEGINS. His training should not be the focus of the movie that could get boring.
I would like it to take place when Stephen has already gone through training and he is in his first year or so dealing with the magical arts. We would see through flash backs throughout the film of what he did and how he was trained. He is still unsure of himself and has doubts within his limits. He regrets the life he lived before and figures he deserved what happen to him. He now lives with Wong and is a private physician but people of the mystical world know of him and that he has taught under the Ancient One.

Umar comes into the picture searching out for Strange, she tells him she needs his help. After going back and forth he decides to use his skills to help her. Umar tells Strange that her daughter Clea is stuck in a dimension and needs to be rescued. Once Strange goes in with Wong and Umar and finds Clea, he finds out this was all a trap. Umar needed Strange to travel inside the dimension to find her mother Dormarru. Panicked Strange grabs Clea trying to return to his home but gets stuck in Shuma Gorath’s Dimension. Now he is drained and is stuck there for the moment. As he searches for a way out Clea and him butt heads, while Wong has to play referee. Clea is aware of her family being evil and that they are corrupting the magic world. Once they are attacked Clea realizes where they are and they will have to go. Strange didn’t know but Umar followed through the portal. Clea meets with Shuma Gorath sacrificing Clea to use her to channel an opening to our world. Clea informs Dormarru on a through their astral plane that she has found someone stronger than him and will use Clea, so Shuma can enter our world. Dormarru disgusted with her sister talks to Clea and tells her that her mother will sacrifice Strange to Shuma. He insists that she works with him to get him to jump to the dimension.

Strange refuses to let Clea to bring Dormarru over, after all he has heard about her family and says he will figure out a way to fix it. Strange goes to meditate and Clea secretly works with her Uncle to save Strange. Strange ends up channeling the Ancient one, who meets him on the astral plane. He feels like a failure and he can’t figure out how to get out. . Wong sees Dormarru enter the realm and panics trying to get Strange to leave the Plane. As this happens Shuma ends up taking control of Clea starting to open up to the world. Strange hears Wong but won’t let go of the Ancient One because he doesn’t know how to beat them. The Ancient One explains about sacrifice and putting yourself before others. Doctor Strange realizes he has to take Cleas place. Strange returns and finds Umar and Dormarru fighting but he tries to make it to Clea but see the portal opening. He yells at Shuma to take him instead that he was trained by the Ancient One. Once Shuma hears this he moves over to Strange but doesn’t take hold of him. He then sees the Ancient One there being taken hold of. The Ancient One took himself there to save Strange. He tells him he is now the Sorcerer Supreme. The Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto appear on him. Dormarru looks on in awe because he now wants what Strange has. He takes away Dormarru and banishes into an abyss. Umar tries to battle Strange but he levitates and beats her down. We have a moment where Clea says she is going to leave her there. Strange yells at Shuma to let go of the Ancient one.

Now the portal is fully open, Umar tries to run but Strange knocks her back. Other creatures try to exit and Wong and Clea keep fighting them off. The Ancient One tells Strange he has to kill Shuma but it will kill him. The Doctor doesn’t want to but realizes it is the fate of the world. He attacks Shuma but he defends himself, he looks at the Ancient One and realizes if he kills him he will kill Shuma. The Ancient One nods and Strange destroys him killing Shuma. With the portal closing, Wong, CLlea and Strange make it out. At the end we would Dormarru in another dimension and would find Nightmare.

Guillermo del Toro should direct this. He can do the mystical world great justice with demons and such.

I am a huge Doctor Who and David Tenant fan. I think he is a great actor and has what it takes to play the arrogant, yet sophisticated Strange. He is the right age and picture him with a goatee in an episode of Doctor Who and walla! We have our hero.

Jeffrey Wright is a great actor. He has a look that you never can really tell what his ethnicity is and that's what I think the Ancient one should look like. Make him look older and he would bring a great voice to the character.

Wong needs to be the Doctor's straight man but can dish out some humor. This guy Sung Kang was my favorite thing about Fast Five his character is so smooth and we know he can fight, if you checked him out in Ninja Assassin.

Clea needs to be strong and have a bit of a sassy side.I wanted her to be pretty but also have some humor to play off Doctor Strange. Now this isnt a comedy but I see Doctor Strange being insulting to people in a funny matter.Jennifer Morrison has been doing some great things in Once Upon a Time. I would like to see her bring Clea to life.

I love Game Of Thrones and Lena got's the cold hearty woman down. She is sexy. And I know she is playing young for Jennifers mom but it is magic, they all look young.

Hoping Guillermo del Toro would Direct I am sure he can fit in Ron Perlman in for this role. Imagine Hellboy but all demonfied... well less red more magical looking. He has a great voice for the character as well.Ron Perlman.

And of course Shuma would be a huge CGI eye!

Thanks for reading.
Be nice and shoe Strange some love.
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MikeZ - 1/27/2012, 4:53 PM
- I'm a little shaky on David Tennant. After seeing him in Fright Night, I think he'd benefit in a humorous role. More likely Toad, but I'm just thinking out loud.
- You're right about Jeffrey Wright. He played various races, so he'd work fantastically as The Ancient One.
- I never saw Ninja Assassin. So Kang can fight, huh? Genius!
- Ah, Jennifer Morrison, eh? I could see that working somehow.
- Ooh, I'm digging Lena Headey as Umar. She played a vixen in Gossip. It wouldn't be hard for to get dark at all!
- I like Tim Curry for the role or Dormammu, especially after Brutal Legend and Legend. But Ron Perlman is also a strong contender.

An overall great cast. I've also done a Doctor Strange fancast, so check it out. Also, peep my other fancasts.

- Blade the Vampire Slayer
- X-Men Reboot Preview
- Gears of War
nowtheresaBATman - 1/27/2012, 6:02 PM
Yeah I don't like Tennant either.

Love Headey & Morrison though!

Surprised nobody's picked Jim Caviezel for Strange yet with a pic of him as the Count of Monte Cristo. When watched that film in 2004 I thought he'd be perfect for the role esp. how he acts as the Count w/ an aura of mystery.
TheManWithBigEars - 1/27/2012, 6:12 PM
Pretty cool cast, I'm not really feeling Tennant; my pick is Jon Hamm, but other than that pretty cool casting; I'm actually not all too knowledgable on Dr Strange, but most of ur cast seems to fit

Hope u can check out my Batman cast!
TheSoulEater - 1/27/2012, 10:26 PM, Not Tennant, I mean he's amazing, and if they went with him, it'd be...interesting...but he's not Doc.

DDD - 1/27/2012, 10:49 PM
Nice cast, everyone except TENNANT.
He just does NOT fit!
Jolt17 - 1/28/2012, 1:49 AM
I've never seen David Tennant in anything, but I can tell he's not the man for the Doctor. I really like your pick for Wong, Sung Kang probably was one of the good bits from the Fast & Furious franchise IMO. The rest are fine, good job.
LucasMend - 1/28/2012, 10:24 AM
Tennant is an awesome actor. But no good for Doctor Strange
soundwave129 - 1/29/2012, 11:16 AM
Pretty good picks, but after seeing Sherlcok, Benedict Cumberbatch is my only choice for the role of Dr. Strange. I think he can perfectly play the arrogant Stephen Strange, and the heroic sorcerer supreme.
DDD - 1/31/2012, 4:41 AM
I agree with you LOGICOFLAME@!

I don't think PATRICK DEMPSEY fits either for
the very exact reasons you gave.

Doctor Strange is a handsome dark-haired
Jewish (American of Israeli Descent) man.

He has a square jaw and straight features.
He looks a lot like TONY STARK.

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH does not fit at all!

Strange looks like JOHNNY DEPP, JIM CAVIEZEL,
ISRAELI actor).
DDD - 1/31/2012, 4:44 AM
JOSEPH FIENNES & CHRISTIAN BALE also have this look.
DDD - 1/31/2012, 4:52 AM
Why does everybody think that actors
shouldn't look like the comic book
characters. I don't understand that?

Comics are a completely visual medium
with a story written behind them.
To not make the actors look like the
characters is so wrong on so many levels!

All the actors in THE AVENGERS MOVIE
look like the characters, DUH!

To change the characters around is
incorrect and absurd!

look like their comic book counterparts...
up until he jumped the trolley with TDKR.
BANE is a tall LATIN AMERICAN man, period!
Not a short white guy! WRONG,WRONG, WRONG!!!!
DDD - 1/31/2012, 5:00 AM
This is a fantastic fancast except
for TENNANT! I mean great!

TENNANT is a fantastic actor and
I love him as DOC WHO but he just
doesn't fit the physicality or
personality of the tall, dark
ruggedly-handsome, Jewish-American
doctor who became THE BADASS SORCERER

No offense meant LOGICO@!
DDD - 1/31/2012, 5:05 AM
fancast way down the page here.

Scantily clad actresses and ALL THE AVENGERS SUPER-

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