Fallout Television Series -- Teaser Posters

Fallout Television Series -- Teaser Posters

Custom made posters/ads for a television series based on Fallout 3

I had a bit of inspiration for a television series based on the game, Fallout 3, by the game developer Bethesda. To make a long story short, my idea for the series would be for a television drama, not a mini-series mind you. It wouldn't be on ABC or FX or something like that, but rather on HBO or one of the premium channels. The episodes would be about an hour long. The show's first season would be about the main character living in the vault, and escaping the vault (mainly the beginning of the game, and the character's exodus, with some story to lead into his new life outside the vault). The seasons and episodes of the show would take place in a Star Trek or early Smallville manner, with each episode having a new adventure or possibly continuing another one. Some episodes would lead into new chapters of the story though. The story in the seasons of the show would follow after the game's main story and side missions, along with some new adventures, seeing as this is a mainstream adaptation and not a singular film.

Here are the posters.

As for a fancast, I haven't been able to scrounge up anybody yet. However, I was thinking of maybe using Robert Downey Jr. as the main character's father. What do you think?
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Christuffer - 7/30/2011, 3:40 PM
The actual pictures are much much larger, so I can send anybody the larger ones if need be, but I don't think anybody will really care for that lol
airbeyonder18 - 7/30/2011, 7:26 PM
Your 2nd one is awesome.
TheGambitFreak - 7/31/2011, 6:54 AM
Never played the game, saw gameplay though, this needs to be theme for it!

Christuffer - 7/31/2011, 2:17 PM
@gambitfreak I love that album.
Christuffer - 7/31/2011, 2:18 PM
@airbeyonder18 thanks. I was going for an artsy kinda look, but I wanted to use the dude/Pip Boy without it being painfully obvious. I kinda thought just using the picture of the guy plainly would be kinda cheesy

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