FAN CAST: 100 Characters from Marvel's Civil War by JoshW!

FAN CAST: 100 Characters from Marvel's <font color= blue><i>Civil War</i></font> by JoshW!

For my 50th fan cast for CBM I've decided to celebrate by casting 100 of the main characters from my favourite Marvel comic book event, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's Civil War!

Villains Nitro, Cobalt Man, Speedfreek, and Coldheart had been holed up in a house in Stamford when the New Warriors members Night Thrasher, Speedball, Namorita, and Microbe located them. The New Warriors were the focus of a reality TV show and although the villains were out of their league, the group thought it would be great for ratings. When Namorita attempted to capture Nitro, he used his explosive powers and destroyed several city blocks. Over 600 civilians, among them 60 children, were killed.

Kyle Gallner as Speedball

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Tyler Labine as Microbe

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Mandy Moore as Namorita

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Donald Faison as Night Thrasher

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William Fitchner as Nitro

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Mark Valley as Cobalt Man

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Katie Cassidy as Coldheart

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Dominic Monaghan as Speedfreak

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Numerous members of the superhero community arrived on the scene to search for survivors but public sentiment towards superheroes plummeted. Iron Man felt that it was reasonable for heroes to have proper training and oversight and that the self-policing the superhero community had enjoyed until now was insufficient. He gathered his own pro-registration heroes to bring in Captain America's group and other non-registered combatants.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

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Angelina Jolie as Arachne

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Vanessa Hudgens as Araña

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Erik King as Bishop

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Emily Blunt as Black Widow

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Michael Jai White as Blade

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Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

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Matthew Bomer as Doc Samson

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Alyson Hannigan as Hellcat

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Matthew Goode as Micromax

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Billy Crudup as Mister Fantastic

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Yvonne Strahovski as Ms. Marvel

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Nathan Fillion as Nighthawk

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Ian Somerhalder as Noh-Varr

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Chris Hemsworth as Ragnarok

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Nazneen Contractor as Sabra

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Alexander Skarsgard as Sentry

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Jennifer Love Hewitt as She-Hulk

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Lyndsy Fonseca as Stature

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Katee Sackhoff as Thor Girl
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Rachel Nichols as Tigra

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Evangeline Lilly as Wasp

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David Boreanez as Wonder Man

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Patrick Wilson as Yellowjacket

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Heroes for Hire

Elisha Cuthbert as Black Cat

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Zoe Saldana as Misty Knight

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John Ch as Shang-Chi

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Milla Jovovich as Colleen Wing

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Josh Hartnett as Humbug

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Paul Walker as Paladin

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Michael Fassbender as Bullseye

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Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike

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Mark Pellegrino as Jack O’Lantern

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Paul Rudd as The Jester

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Cameron Diaz as Songbird

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Jason Statham as Taskmaster

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Timothy Olyphant as Venom

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Olivia Munn as Director Maria Hill

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Sam Elliott as Dum Dum Dugan

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Sienna Miller as Sharon Carter

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Major Government Supporters

Jodie Foster as Val Cooper

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Paul Adelstein as Peter Henry Gyrich

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Major Civilian Supporters

Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan

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James Remar as J. Jonah Jameson
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Armie Hammer as John Jameson

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Maris Tomei as Miriam Sharpe

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Captain America refused to lead a force to apprehend rogue heroes. He escaped the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier when they attempted to arrest him. He begins an underground resistance movement the press dubs the "Secret Avengers". The team apprehend a number of criminals while evading the opposing heroes and the new S.H.I.E.L.D. "capekiller" units. Other heroes join them or were liberated after their arrests.

Ryan McPartlin as Captain America

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Omar Epps as Black Goliath

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Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Black Panther

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Michael Biehn as Cable

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Terry Crews as Luke Cage

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Edi Gathegi as Cloak

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James Marsden as Cyclops

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Annalynne McCord as Dagger

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Scott Porter as Daredevil (Danny Rand)

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Emile de Ravin as Diamondback

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Rockmond Dunbar as Falcon

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Monica Raymund as Firebird

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Natalie Portman as Jane Foster

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Bruce Willis as Nick Fury

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Sam Worthington as Havok

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Hercules

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Chris Evans as The Human Torch

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January Jones as The Invisible Woman

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Paul Wesley as Justice

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Amaury Nolasco as Living Lightning

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Sarah Wayne Callies as Night Nurse

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Ray Stevenson as The Punisher

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Kerry Washington as Monica Rambeau

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Bret Harrison as Spider-Man

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Daniel Dae Kim as Stingray

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Thandie Newton as Storm\

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Morris Chestnut as Triathlon

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Reese Witherspoon as Ultra Girl

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Garett Hedlund as Winter Soldier

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Adam Baldwin as Wolverine

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The Young Avengers

Lee Thompson Young as Patriot

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Sandra McCoy as Hawkeye

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Marshall Allman as Hulkling

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Jake Abel as Wiccan

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After numerous twists and turns, the final battle results in the Secret Avengers being seemingly victorious as Iron Man is defeated by Captain America who is set to deliver the finishing blow. Just before he can hit, several cops, EMTs, and firefighters hold him back, and he realizes how much damage the fighting has caused to the general population that they all want to protect. Wishing to avert any more unnecessary bloodshed, Cap surrenders and the team follows suit. Many of the Secret Avengers are given amnesty by the government, while Captain America is placed in jail.


Doug Jones as The Watcher

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Wentworth Miller as Black Bolt

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Liam Neeson as Doctor Strange

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Anne Hathaway as Sally Floyd

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Rachel McAdams as Jessica Jones

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Casey Affleck as Moon Knight

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Jason Behr as Namor

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Michael Chiklis as The Thing

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Jon Hamm as Ben Urich

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So that's it, let me know what you think in the usual place! Thanks for reading!

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And More..! :)
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Josh Wilding
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Batmanknight - 2/28/2010, 7:34 PM
Damn dude

Over time you've done many sweet fan casts and you know i majorly support all of'em man. you're probs the best fan caster on here

This is a great cast man it would be killer to see any of these guys in their roles, cause these picks are steller. There is not one i disagree with or would cringe at seeing in a movie.

Kudos again man and hope you do another 50 lol.
Bamf7 - 2/28/2010, 7:51 PM
Nice dude! I've also always loved your fancasts! (But you do know this is in the news section, right??)

Keep up the great work bro!
TheUnknown - 2/28/2010, 7:53 PM
DaenerysTargaryen - 2/28/2010, 7:53 PM
oh and anybody from Disney shouldn't be in a superhero film. Most disney stars can't act and are only on Disney channel because the disney executives find them attractive/marketable. Other than that good cast. :)
DaenerysTargaryen - 2/28/2010, 7:57 PM
oh and Leee777 will (hopefully) be happy that you included Arm and Hammer (opps I mean Armie Hammer)in this fancast.
JoshWilding - 2/28/2010, 8:07 PM
BatmanKnight: Thanks a lot bud, I really appreciate that! :) However, I have to disagree - I'm just one of the best...guys like you, LEE, TYLER, DDD and many others are all up there as being just as good, if not better!

I'm really pleased you like my choices though dude! I normally have at least one pick that I'm not completely sure about in my casts but I'm all around pretty pleased with this one! It's just a damned pity we'll never see this cast actually become a movie!

Lol, another 50!? Well, as you can see above I already have another 10 planned so that takes me up to 60 at least! :P

Kes: Cheers man...whilst I agree that Scarjo's hotness is nearly unrivaled (and I cant wait to see her in the costume, lol!), I think that Blunt would have been a better choice to play Black Widow!

Bamf7: Thanks dude, much appreciated! :) Yeah, as it's a Sunday and there's no news I figured that it would be ok to leave this under "News" for an hour or two! Plus, it took me ages and leaving it there means more people will see it, lol!

TheUnknown: Thanks! :)

Starsapphire: Haha, thanks! The only Disney star I can see is Hudgens who I dont find to be a terrible actress although I agree with you that the majority of them are! I think she'd be well suited for a character like Araña - she's the right age and looks perfect for the role IMO!
AshleyWilliams - 2/28/2010, 8:09 PM
Epic cast!
I can't disagree with any of them!
InTylerWeTrust - 2/28/2010, 8:12 PM
I still f*cking hate Jason Statham, and Adam Baldwin seems like a perfect 616 Nick Fury instead of Willis, but I can't complain about the others.

Oh, and I did an editorial on the Superman reboot, it even includes McPartlin somewhere, decided to pimp it :)
BLADE44 - 2/28/2010, 8:13 PM
O.K. I dont like the watcher,thing,nor falcon,but
the rest of the cast is GREAT!!!
JoshWilding - 2/28/2010, 8:19 PM
NightAvenger4: Thanks bud - I'm glad you like it! :)

TYLER: Thanks dude, and feel free to keep on pimping! I'll head over there and check it out now!

blade40: Cheers man! With CGI, I think Jones would be perfect for Watcher! I didnt really want to use Chiklis as Thing but as I used JDM (who I would like to see play the character! for Hercules in this cast I didnt have much of a choice, lol! Dunbar would be perfect for Falcon IMO though!
DaenerysTargaryen - 2/28/2010, 8:22 PM
Vanessa does look kinda good for the part. :)
AshleyWilliams - 2/28/2010, 8:22 PM
@Josh-Not to sound like a Douchebag,but Have You seen my JLA cast?
Ugh - 2/28/2010, 9:37 PM
Josh@ Alexander Skarsgard is a really inspired pick, man. Plus I love your picks for Dum Dum, J. Jonah Jameson and Taskmaster. Tyler@ I know hes now more known for the Transporter and Crank series, in which the acting and credibility is garbage. However, I liked his performances in Lock, Stock and Snatch; as well as in London.
Talontd - 2/28/2010, 9:52 PM

Damn homie, that was f*ckin impressive! There might be one or two that i would like to change.....but this is so well done i won't even bring them up. Congrats bro, best cast yet!
superotherside - 2/28/2010, 10:11 PM
loved civil war but doubt if this happens it won't be for a while. before they do a film like this they need new people reboot of FF, Spidey, DD, X-men (with origin movies first), and then after a while they could do this but the would have to do it in about 3 or 4 or more parts because it would take too long to explain the story lines.

Hey lee where r u?
Wadey09 - 2/28/2010, 10:25 PM
hey i'm planning a series of interconnected fan fics.
it actually is only based on a Spider-man reboot.
Josh, great cast!!!!!!!
as always, i like most but there are a few that irk me just a LITTLE.
anyway, Josh how do you create links to other articles INSIDE of an article?
like the links to your Marvel Fan Casts.
some help would be most appreciated.
can't wait to see your next cast!
DogsOfWar - 2/28/2010, 10:30 PM
Josh-Phew! That's a doozy of a casting. Excellent job. That is very impressive, no point disagreeing on anything as that would be nitpicking.

I like that you included Scott Porter as he is one of my faves for the actual role of Captain America. Here's hoping that will be settled Monday (which it already is for you).

Would love to see an Age of Apocalypse cast from you

@Wadey09-check out for some great tutorials.
THEHAWK - 3/1/2010, 12:50 AM
Great cast bro!!!!

I honestly have only one major problem. I would prefer to see Ali Larter as Ms. Marvel.

i can live with your Cap choice. But trust me my friend, there would have been Hell to pay if you cast Stephen Lang as Cable!

There is only Beihn!!!!

HAWK out
DDD - 3/1/2010, 2:00 AM

Fan-50-freakin'-tastic Josh@!

There is so much here I couldn't begin
to try and comment on them all!

What a job! What a celebration!!!
Congratulations on your 50th Fancast!
And keep on casting onward and upward, BROTHER!



JoshWilding - 3/1/2010, 3:29 AM
OZY: Thanks - I'd be happy with Statham as Bullseye because I'd rather see Fassbender as Captain Britain to be honest! Not sure about Lang as Cable though...although I'm not completely happy with Beihn for the role either! I might try and find a competely new actor for the role when I do my Cable fan cast! And yeah, thanks for the Uncharted idea!

FutureFoe: That's a good "Holy Shit!" right, lol? :P

Ugh: Thanks dude! I've never really been sure who to cast as Sentry and I've cast a fair few actors in the role in the past but I think Skarsgard is the best choice yet! Remar for JJJ would be brilliant IMO, so I'm especially glad you like that choice!

Talontd: Much appreciated bud! :) I really thought that once I had done this cast I'd have run out of ideas and would leave them for a while...then I think of 10 new ideas, lol! Here's hoping I can top this one!

otherside: Yeah, I doubt we'll ever see a live action Civil War movie (just imagine the budget, lol!) Still, a decent animated movie would be great! And yeah, where is LEE? He's normally one of the first to comment on my fan casts!

Wadey09: Thanks man...I look forward to seeing your future casts! The best thing to do is to just Google, 'How to embed links' and you should easily find somewhere that will tell you how! DOGS' link in the comment below yours is probably the best place to go though! :)

DogsOfWar: Thanks mate! Scott Porter would make a decent Danny Rand but he's definitely the best choice out of the short list that was released...I wouldnt actually be too bothered if he were cast! Strasinski on the opther hand? Noooooo!!! ;) I'll definitely do an Age of Apocalypse cast at some point! Thanks for the Shi'ar Empire idea!

THEHAWK: Cheers dude - it's great to see you back on CBM! (alive, lol!) While I completely agree with you about Lang, you'll never change my mind about Ms. Marvel...Strahovski was born for the role man! :)

DDD: Haha, thanks bud - high praise indeed!!! :D How many are you up to now?
LEEE777 - 3/1/2010, 3:30 AM
Thumbs up m'man!

Nice going, i knew you was doing a CIVIL WAR, i just knew it for your 50th lol. I didn't say anything, didn't wanna spoil it for anyone but knew it lol and what a movie it would be!!! ; )

Only a couple like WASP (ugh lol) and DD i dont like, wtf = HALLLLL!!! (????) And dont faint lol, but your DR STRANGE is perfect for this (was thinking the same thing) great older STRANGE (no good for origin, but great for in a CIVIL WAR movie many years later). Great stuff.
; D

Much much better for SENTRY than VENOM too!!!

Great work dude, damn i see you loved January Jones, great one!!! And PERFECT!!!! ; D

Don't like Hammers or Hamms (damn just noticed that lol) parts (but you know why lol)...... but PERFECT FURY, BLACK PANTHER, CAP, TASKMASTER, HANK PYM, CYCLOPS, CABLE, VENOM II WINTER SOLDIER etc!!!

Great work bud!!! A Thumbs up from me!!! (wheres the thumbs down come from, wtf??? All i can think of its becoz of the CAP AMERICA casting JOSH, i find if we put CAP in any casting (no matter who he is, you get haters), shame ppl cant look past just CAP and by the way ppl, ( It pisses me off people don't think past and beyond Captain America solo casting, and DC's Superman for that matter). Anyways... RYAN McPARLIN is a near PERFECT CAPTAIN AMERICA!!! Great work man and deff a thumbs up from me dude!!!

; )
LEEE777 - 3/1/2010, 3:41 AM
LEEE777 - 3/1/2010, 4:22 AM
Oh,,, i'm here JOSH lol!!!

JoshWilding - 3/1/2010, 5:24 AM
LEE: Thanks a lot bud!!! :) Damn, am I that predictable, lol? Seriously though, I was indeed always planning on doing a Civil War cast...I could have made it bigger because there were some other minor characters like Typeface and even the Two Gun Kid but who cares about them! I just stuck to 100 of the series' main characters instead!

Dont worry, I still want Hall for Daredevil but Iron Fist was DD during Civil War! (I dont think that was supposed to be the plan as he appeared with red hair at one point but in his own title, Matt was either in prison or Franca...I cant quite remember!) I knew there would be the one or two odd ones you dont like as you have your own picks but I agree that Neeson is perfect for this versionof Strange but Depp is better for the characters,hopefully upcoming, solo movie!

And yeah, I have YOU to thank for the January Jones idea - that has to be one of, if not THE, best casting decison you've ever made! I'm not sure about the whole thumbs thing to be honest as there isnt a single negative comment here! You're probably right about characters like Cap having something to do with it but I find the comments from you and everyone above more important than the pointless thumbs anyway, lol!

Thanks again bro - here's hoping that when they announce the casting for Captain America (today hopefully!!!) it will either be McPartlin or even Hammer who's a better choice than anyone on that short list! Oh and Jensen Ackles of course! ;)
LEEE777 - 3/1/2010, 6:08 AM
Main characters are perfect dude your right, don't need TWO GUN etc, and you are lol, hey but you did give me a clue your 50th would've been a biggie, my only conclusion was CIVIL WAR as i know its your favorite and MARVEL lol.

Oh yeah, damn im dumb lol, course IRON FIST lol, damn i should think before i type heh heh! : p

Yeah and i think too many people are to lazy to comment or make an account maybe?? Yeah ya right, the thumbs up thing is pointless anyway as if they can't be bothered to comment, whos cares lol.

Sweet on the DEPP thing and kudos on JANUARY JONES, also
i doubt they will give us the news today, you know what HOLLYWOOD is like lol, but you never know!

Man it would be sooo sweet, if it was McPartlin, or Hammer (of course lol), arggh your right about the short list, ...though i do see Steve in PORTER and maybe HEDLUND (though of course he's the perfect WINTER SOLDIER!)

As for Acks, hey,,, if i didn't luv him for Hawkeye so much, or if they cast CLINT, before CAP, i might change my mind about that dude, but you never know?!?

Again awesome casting, i was gonna pop mine up (a casting) today but, will leave it for 2morro, don't wanna knock yours down (Did it all yesterday, just gotta put it up, and yeah its not this big lol). Also got something else i'm nearly done on, was gonna put it in FAN FIC but heck its probably more EDITORIALS anyway so i'll put it there!

Cheers again bro!
AlexDeLarge87 - 3/1/2010, 8:02 AM
Michael Fassbender is perfect choice for Bullseye! And Ray Stevenson was ok as the Punisher!!
TANKGIRL - 3/1/2010, 10:04 AM
i like it josh good job so your next article is the x-men

me too
MikeZ - 3/1/2010, 10:10 AM
To be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing Mandy Moore play a superhero. She's been in romantic comedy after romantic comedy, so now it's time for a change of pace. Besides, she seems like a sweet kiddo.

I think Donald Faison's got the "Terry Crews as Luke Cage" syndrome, being cast in serious roles, when he's better off as a comedic guy. Same with Alyson Hannigan.

I think Nitro is a kid during "Civil War". Love Fichtner, though.

Interesting seeing some of the "Lost" stars in here.

Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz are too big to play the roles you gave them.

Can't get excited for Vanessa Hudgens. Like Starsapphire said, Disney Channel stars are attractive/marketable, not working actors/actresses.

Black Widow, Doc Samson, Storm, and Wolverine have been or are already cast.

Jennifer Love Hewitt would be good as Jennifer Walters, but not as She-Hulk.

Some of your choices for the Young Avengers, besides Allman and Abel, are too old.

Wow, good choice for Thor Girl!

Not too sure about Lilly as Wasp.

Get a taller actress as Black Cat. I wonder what even happened to all the "Eliza Dushku for Black Cat"? votes?

Zoe Saldana and Milla Jovovich deserve bigger roles than the ones you gave them.

Timothy Olyphant makes for a more calculated villain than an unhinged one. I'd like Will Arnett to play Mac Gargan.

Olivia Munn is already playing a Marvel character: the Iron Maiden.

Dum Dum Dugan is Irish-American, last I know. Then again, Sam Elliott played General Ross in the first Hulk, so who am I to argue?

Interesting throwing Sienna Miller's name in there!

I could see Jodie Foster as Val Cooper. Don't know the character well, but nice try.

Someone get AnnaLynne McCord to appear in a comic book movie. Please? Especially since the choice she was given was exciting.

I think Sam Wilson, the Falcon, is at 6'2" according to Marvel's Wiki directory. Just because he's 5'11" in the Super Hero Squad Show doesn't mean anything. Right?

Too bad they're using Ultimate Nick Fury. Bruce Willis is a name thrown around as 616 Fury.

I love Dominic Morgan as Hercules more than Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Gotta stick with Europeans for roles of mythical gods.

It would be cool to see Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis return as 1/2 of the Fantastic Four in a future reboot.

About time Kerry Washington got fan casted.

Is Stingray of Asian decent.
JoshWilding - 3/1/2010, 10:11 AM
LEE: Thanks again man! Feel free to post your cast...I'll just keep pimping the shit out of this in news, lol! ;D

Porter would probably be my choice as well from that short list but at this point I think I'd be happier with either Sam Worthington or Jason Lewis rather than Krasinski!!! (wow...never thought I'd say that, lol!)

Looking forward to seeing your cast man! Plus, you have me intrigued about the editorial thing! Roll on Captain America casting news!

AlexDeLarge666: Fassbender would indeed be a great Bullseye but deep down I still want to see him play Captain Britain! I think Sevenson was better than Jane simply because his version of The Punisher felt a lot closer to the comic books!

tea: Thanks a lot mate! :)

ANIL: Lol, cheers bud!!! Greatly appreciated as always! Keep on commenting and I'll keep on making 'em! ;)

TANKGIRL: Thanks - the X-Men probably wont be my next cast! They're just in alphabetical order! I'm working on most of them at the sam time so we'll just wait and see what I finish first, lol!

RoadDogXXIV: Thanks for your comment!

Mandy Moore is both incredibly beautiful and talented IMO so yeah, it would be great to see her take on a different type of role and Namorita would be perfect for her I think!

Personally, I think Faison would be well suited to Night Thrasher - he can do dramatic just as well as comedic and the New Warriors was kind of an off beat, funny title at the time so I think he'd be well suited to the character!

I'm not sure - I'm pretty sure he's an adult...he's been around a fair few years although Fitchner may be a few years old! 30's would be about right I'd say!

Jolie and Diaz are pretty big names and probably wouldnt star in minor parts but this movie will never get made so it's not that big a deal, lol! However, I think if either characters were to have their own film or be a bigger part of another film (Songbird in Thunderbolts for example) then they probably would be fine with playing them!

I personally like Hudgens! :)

I think Blunt would have made a better Black Widow, I didnt like the guy who played Doc Samson all that much (and he didnt have a huge role in The Incredible Hulk anyway!) or Halle Berry as Storm and I'd personally like to see Wolverine re-cast if only Marvel could get the rights back to a lot of these characters! As well as that I wanted to avoid putting actors who have already been cast in this as then it would have been pretty boring!

Agreed about Walters - She-Hulk should be CGI with her likeness though!

I think they could pull off playing younger to be honest!


I'm telling you man, she'd be perfect for Wasp! Brilliant actress and looks perfect for the role in my opinion!

I'd like to see Cuthbert as Black Cat but I'd also be happy to see Diora Baird or Eliza Dushku in the role...I dont really have a definite choice!

Maybe, but I still think they're well suited to the roles I gave them!

Iteresting choice - I'd be more than happy with Olyphant though!

Ah forgot that...I dont think it's a huge part though is it? I'll wait and see - might have to recast that role in future!

Fair point - I also like Robert Deniro for Dum Dum!

Thanks - she'd be good for a few other CBM roles as well IMO!

I dont know the character that well either to tell you the truth...from what I do know though, I think she'd be weel suited!

Lol, I'd just be happy to see her in a cotume!

To be honest, I have NO idea about that show - I've never even seen it, lol! I've wanted Dunbar as Falcon for a couple of years now! With a character like Captain America, I think height is important but with other characters I dont think its as important as long as they're well suited to the role!

I'm not all that bothered about them going Ultimate with Fury but Willis would have definitely been my top choice for the classic version!

Cant see Dominic as Hercules - surely he's too small!

They're probably the only two I'd be happy to see return...although I'd rather see JDM as Thing! Chris Evans was the only good thing about the two FF movies...though SIlver Surfer was handled pretty well!

She's a great actress (especially alongside Patrick Wilson in Lakeview Terrace!) so I was happy to include her!

As far as I know, yes!

Phew, that was one hell of a comment! Thanks again for taking the time to leave some detailed feedback! :)
Shaman - 3/1/2010, 11:48 AM
Nice job, Josh!!! Very decent choices! I have got to say that Hedlund would make an epic Winter Soldier!!! :)
LEEE777 - 3/1/2010, 12:13 PM
Lol @ JOSH, nah i'll post it 2morro man, its only sa D group anyways! : P

Hey id have WILL SMITH than THE OFFICE guy for CAP lol, um maybe not though lol!

Dunno about you, JOSH, you too SHAMAN, but all this CAP BS BS is getting a bit sad, and frightening the stuff that comes up lol!!

And hey, i thought you said you waz taking a lil break after this one lol!! : D

Good work again man!
joob234 - 3/1/2010, 12:49 PM
great cast!!!! all except for one........... i hate bret harrison, lol
peterparker420 - 3/1/2010, 2:09 PM

Vanessa Hudgens- wow!, nmm nmm nmm, she is HOT!

Yvonne Strahovski- I LOVE HER in CHUCK! super hot!

Olivia Munn- awesome choice! NMM NMM NMMM NMMM

BIGBMH - 3/1/2010, 2:25 PM
Congratulations on hitting 50! And what a way to hit it! This is impressive! I don't even know half these characters.
JoshWilding - 3/1/2010, 3:17 PM
Shaman: Thanks man! :) That's the Captain America I'd like to see him as - we all know that Steve Rogers should be played by McPartlin or Ackles!

LEE: Yeah, I really hope that we're not going to have towait weeks for a casting announcement! I'm starting to dread the movie more than the next Singer directed X-Men movie, lol! They need to make a great casting decision to restore my faith in the film!

It's strange actually - I was going to take a break or start doing smaller casts similar to the editorial type format that TYLER did with his Superman one...however, I then had a pile of ideas which I quickly wrote down! I'll see what happens when I've worked through them, lol!

joob234: Lol, thanks...49 out of 50 aint bad! I like Harrison for Spider-Man though!

PETE: Cheers bud! Lol, three hotties who would all look pretty damned amazing in the costumes...especially the stunning Yvonne Strahovski! ;)

BIGBMH: Thanks a lot dude! :) If you havent read Civil War you should definitely pick it up! Amazing story and stunning art!

OZY: Cool man - I'd advise you to pick up some of Alan Moore's Captain Britain stuff! The character has never really had a lot of decent stuff written about him (which is probably why he keeps getting cancelled!) but they're some of the best! I think that Marvel's Heroic Age is going to bring him back into the spotlight though which would be great! :)
MikeZ - 3/1/2010, 5:51 PM
I think I mean to say Dominic Purcell, not the Lost guy. Leave him be, he might be good for the role you chose for him.
THEPHOENIX - 3/1/2010, 6:44 PM
WoW! Amazing cast! I love em all!

Hathaway is an amazing choice! I never would have thought of her!

You now have TWO of the largest fancasts on here!

I think the order is:

1. THEHAWK's 330 X-Men character cast

2. Your 205 Marvel character cast

3.LEEE's 116 Avengers Cast

4. THEHAWK's Complete 108 member Justice League cast

5. This casting

This plus the other 48 castings makes you THE CASTING KING OF CBM!

i am truly impressed, all quality picks.
JoshWilding - 3/1/2010, 7:07 PM
tea: Haha, cheers mate! Miss Wales 2008 thanks you! (the only way she knows how, lol!) ;D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

PHEONIX: Thanks a lot! :) I struggled to cast Sally Floyd but I think Hathaway is a great choice! I think you're right about the order up there...I dont see myself ever being able to top HAWK's mighty 330 cast though...I just dont have the patience or willpower! The casting king? Wow, thanks again! Just dont let HAWK hear you say that, lol!
hewilldefytheirgravity - 3/1/2010, 7:33 PM
Great casting bro. They will probably do an animated Civil War movie though. Either way it would be a good look.
THEPHOENIX - 3/1/2010, 8:22 PM
@Josh. That pic scares me...

Anyway, HAWK is good, no doubts there, but he seems to have given up on casting. All he does is write his stories, which he hasn't released for a while. He had to rewrite his Superman story basically from scrath.

I think when his computer crashed it broke him from casting. He had nearly completed an epic 689 character cast...but it was lost when his computer died. He is still pissed, I think something died in him when he realised that.

I feel bad caue I swore if he did another one like that, I'd leave him... seriously, you know how much time he spent on that damn thing? I was starting to feel like Bonnie Hunt.
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