My cast for the next Batman trilogy...

Batman: Reborn

This a cast for BATMAN reboot with Batman already established in Gotham City…
My aim was to make this realistic and gritty …In the end it turned into a Batman film that could’ve possibly been directed by Martin Scorsese….
I’ve tried extremely hard to make this cast original……….SO ENJOY!!!!

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Clive Owen (Sin City/the International) OR Mark Wahlberg (The Departed/Four Brothers)
Clive and Mark are both very good at playing brooding/conflicted/lone wolf type characters. Yeah, I know… Marky Marks an odd choice…but think about it!!!
I’ve decided that that Josh Brolin would make a better Superman….
BTW, If I wanted someone younger I would go for Ian Somerhalder or Eion Bailey

Alfred Pennyworth: Timothy Dalton (Two James Bond movies…License to Kill and The Living Daylights???)
Another odd choice…I spent almost an hour searching for an actor that would be on par with Michael Caine….I could not find one…so, I decided to go with James Bond.
Ian McKellan was considered…

Jim Gordon: Mel Gibson (Mad Max)
Don’t ask…I went with instinct
Chris Cooper and Ted Levine were considered

Harvey Bullock: Donal Logue (Life)
I personally believe that this was a good choice because Logue looks like the character and is a decent actor…

Dick Grayson: Garrett Hedlund (TR0N Legacy)
I’ve picked a good actor and fan favourite for a cool character…
Ian Somerhalder was considered (I use him way too much)

Jason Todd: Johnny Pacar (Eli Stone)
Decent actor who has the look of a young villain…

Lucius Fox: Danny Glover (Lethal Weapons and Shooter)
You can’t have Mel Gibson without Danny Glover, who is a very good actor…he was the villain in Shooter (a Marky Mark movie)

Commissioner Loeb: Alec Baldwin (The Departed & 30 Rock)
Think of Loebs character in the comics and Baldwins character in The Departed

The Joker: Vincent Cassel (Oceans 12 and 13 and Eastern Promises)
He looks the part and is good at playing creepy/twisted characters…
Lachy Hulme and Skeet Ulrich were considered…

The Riddler: Damian Lweis (Life)
Another actor from Life (which was cancelled last year)…If you were a fan of the show you would know why I’ve cast Lewis as The Riddler…
Harvey Dent: Rob Lowe
Good actor who was part of the Brat Pack…I was going to use Jason Patrick but I find him annoying…

Penguin: Bob Hoskins (Doomsday)
It’s obvious….

Scarecrow: Adrian Brody (The Village)
Really good actor who has the ideal built of the character…

Black Mask: Joaquin Phoenix (The Village and We Own the Night)
Phoenix has appeared in We Own The Knight…I mean Night alongside Mark Wahlberg and The Village with Adrian Brody…He has that menacing and evil look that is required for this character…

Bane: Javier Bardem (No Country for old Men)
He is the only actor I know that physically resembles the character…I considered Benicio Del Toro…

Deadshot: Brian Austin Green (Smallville and Terminator: SCC and a former rapper)
I know this is a very odd choice…This guy was awesome as Metallo so I decided to give him a shot as Deadshot…
BTW,Tom Hardy is my Nolan Deadshot…

Ra’s Al Ghul: Jason Isaacs (The Green Zone)
Fantastic actor…I wanted Viggo Mortenson but Isaacs has the look…

Talia Al Ghul: Gemma Arterton (Clash of the Titans)
One of my favourite actresses who is perfect for this role…

Death stroke: Ray Stevenson (Rome)
I’m not sure why exactly I chose Ray, I mean he was a mediocre Punisher…He was awesome in Rome BTW…

Hush: Michael C Hall (Dexter and Gamer)
Hall is one of the coolest and creepiest actors on television…Some want him as Riddler or Lex Luthor but I thnk that he would make an awesome Tommy Elliot…

Carmine Falcone and Sal Maroni: Al Pacino and Rob De Niro (Heat and Righteous Kill)
These two actors seem perfect for the roles of two opposing mob bosses…There also good at playing gangsters and mob bosses…

Thank you for reading this...Please leave a comment!!!
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TheSoulEater - 7/9/2010, 6:01 AM
I'm going to go down your list accordingly...

First of all, LOVE your batman choice, Your Nightwing choice.

Do not like your Todd choice.

Nor your Alfred choice.

Your gorden choice i can oddly beleive but at the same time cant see happening.

Lucious choice, will do Your bullock choice is okay

Villains:"Joker, EPIC

Riddelr, Great, scarecrow, also excellent but could ALSO play joker.

Dent, Dont know him. Bane, woould work...

Black Mask, perfect, but wouldn't cause he's gone back to his "Music"

Penguin: epic. Deadshot, will do

Rhas Al Gul:"Perfect

Talia: okay...




The SoulEater has spoken

BIGBMH - 7/9/2010, 6:23 AM
Nice work, but I don't agree with the direction you would take it. Personally, I believe they should start trying to build up a DC movie-verse. Batman is a crucial part of any DC universe, so in order for him to fit in with these super powered heroes, his world has to be less girtty and realistic than that established in the Nolan movies. I don't mean change the characters and make it campy, just a little lighter. I elaborate on this topic here.
DDD - 7/9/2010, 7:13 AM
Good quality actors but I agree with you
BIGBMH@! Batman needs to be less gritty
realism and a little more light-hearted
superhero-like to fit into a proper DCU.
superman7 - 7/9/2010, 8:52 AM
all great, but the only one i can't see is batman. i think i like bale too much though. If he didnt act like he had throat cancer Bale could be the best batman of all time.
Rhys - 7/9/2010, 3:08 PM
Don't like your Harvey pick, Eckhart is so hard to replace!!! I actually LOVE Marky Mark as Wayne! I can't see anyone replacing Murphy as Scarecrow, I like that actor to much! The rest are pretty good, but why no Harley or Ivy?!
antonio - 7/9/2010, 7:27 PM
nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i woner if his name is now brian austin green fox????the luckiest mutha fukcing person on earth!!!!!!!!!!!

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