FAN CAST: Captain Britain and MI: 13 by JoshW

FAN CAST: <font color= blue>Captain Britain and MI: 13</font> by JoshW

Here are my casting choices for who I'd like to see play the core members of the British superhero team! Included in the cast are Captain Britain, Spitfire, Union Jack, Captain Midlands, Blade and more!

JoshW: As I’m sure many of you will have noticed, I’ve been absent from "Fan Fic" for the past 6 or 7 weeks and so have gone from posting a cast almost every other day to nothing at all during that period! There are a few reasons for this - mainly my new responsibilities as an editor and the fact that I’ve been trying my hand at writing more editorials and getting some exclusive articles for CBM. That and the fact a certain user took it upon themselves to start plagiarising my casts of course! However, that’s hopefully in the past now so here I am back with a cast of characters that hail from my home country: Great Britain! Below are all of the main members of the team along with a brief bit of information about them, the actors and what you might know each of them from! Please bear in mind that these casting choices are based on the slightly older versions of these characters from the current comic books rather than the younger versions that you’d expect to see in an origin movie! Anyway, enough talk - enjoy the cast! :)

The Story

"The series centred on the fictional British government agency MI: 13, which is dedicated to protecting the United Kingdom from supernatural threats. The main strike force is led by Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), and consists of various Marvel Comics characters that are of British descent or have a connection to the country."

The Cast

He is the defender of Great Britain and the Multiverse. A hero to millions chosen by the wizard Merlyn, he is currently working in tandem with MI: 13.

In my opinion, there is no one more perfect for the role of Captain Britain than Michael Fassbender! I’m halfway through writing an editorial about why I think that so wont go into too much detail here but needless to say, I think his past roles clearly show what a brilliant actor he is! Although he may not have the blonde hair and perfect looks that the character is often portrayed with in the comic books, I personally think he looks right for this role especially as I’d like to see a darker Captain Britain movie in the style of The Dark Knight that would separate it from the other Marvel movies while also staying true to the comic books.

As Seen In…

Inglourious Basterds
Jonah Hex

Meggan is an empathic metamorph. She is a founding member of Excalibur and the wife of Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain.

Arterton is an excellent actress and would be ideal for the current version of Meggan! If you imagine her with blonde hair, I don’t think it’s hard to see that she looks perfect for the role of the beautiful wife of Captain Britain, while her diverse acting background leaves me confident that she’d both do the character justice and would also be more than capable of handling the action sequences that would be required.

As Seen In…

Clash of the Titans
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Quantum of Solace

Pete is the director of MI: 13, the department of the UK government that handles supernatural threats. He is also close friends with Brian Braddock.

Davenport is an excellent British actor who was introduced to a worldwide audience with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and more recently, the US TV series, FlashForward. (a show that should have never been cancelled!) Anyway, both his work on them and in the UK has shown that he’s an actor capable of playing many types of characters and so I can easily imagine him doing a fantastic job playing Pete Wisdom. The fact he looks ideal for the role is a bonus.

As Seen In…

Pirates of the Caribbean
This Life

Dane Whitman is as a core member of MI: 13 and uses his power to help destroy the demons and paranormal evil that escaped into Britain during the Skrull invasion.

Bamber is a great actor, and although many could argue that he’d actually make a pretty good Captain Britain, this is a role I think he’s even better suited for. He’s actually too short to play that character in my opinion but is a far better build for Black Knight! He looks the part and I find it easy to imagine him fighting alongside Fassbender’s Captain Britain!

As Seen In…

Battlestar Gallactica
Law & Order: UK

Faiza Hussain is a British Muslim who was working as a doctor when she gained her power over organic matter.

Ok, so she’s not British but after seeing her excellent performance in Slumdog Millionaire I‘d love to see her tackle a different sort of role! I‘m not actually all that familiar with any prominent British Muslim actresses but even if I was, I still think that Pinto is the best choice to play this character!

As Seen In…

Slumdog Millionaire

Spitfire has the ability to run at superhuman speed. While running she leaves a trail of non-damaging fire behind her.

I first saw Reilly in the brilliant British horror movie, Eden Lake, in which she gave a damned amazing performance. Since then, I’ve also seen her in a fair few other TV shows and films and have been just as impressed each time. In my opinion, Reilly both looks perfect for the role and judging by her past performances would do a great job with this type of character.

As Seen In…

Eden Lake
Me and Orson Welles
Sherlock Holmes

John the Skrull was a Skrull duplicate of John Lennon. He works for MI-13 under Pete Wisdom but was executed by another Skrull during the Secret Invasion.

In all honesty, this is a character who I doubt will ever make it into a movie and I’m perfectly happy with that! However, I thought that I might as well include him here (seeing as he was a part of the team) and Clive Owen actually seems like a good choice. I think he could be made to look a little more like Lennon and is a great enough actor to easily be able to pull it off. There are other, bigger, Marvel parts I’d like to see him in but in this cast I think he’s a good fit for the role!

As Seen In…

Children of Men
Shoot ‘Em Up
Sin City

Eric Brooks was born a vampire possessing all their strengths but none of their weaknesses. He has dedicated his life to destroying the occult world of vampires.

Yes, I know that he’s going to be playing Heimdall in Thor but Blade is actually British and so who better to play him than a brilliant actor like Idris Elba? If another Blade movie were to be made, I’d prefer a younger actor, but in the context of this cast Elba fit’s the role perfectly in my opinion.

As Seen In…

The Losers

Like those who held the title of Union Jack before him, Joey Chapman is an athlete in peak physical condition. In addition, his strength, speed, and stamina are enhanced by the Power of the Pendragon. Chapman usually carries a handgun of some variety and a silver-edged dagger used for supernatural foes.

I’ve wanted to see Gorman in this role for a long time now especially after his excellent performance in the first two seasons of Torchwood! He handled action scenes brilliantly in that show as well as the more emotional ones and everything about him there just screams Union Jack!

As Seen In…

Bleak House
Layer Cake

Under the Super Soldier program of the early 1940s his strength, stamina and agility were increased to the peak of human fitness. This allowed him to fight as a British super soldier during WW2. Unlike Captain America, he was not frozen or preserved in time and therefore has aged accordingly.

For a start, Stamp looks absolutely perfect for this role and is a fantastic actor who I think would give a really unique and interesting take on Captain Midlands. I find it easy to imagine him playing this older, battle hardened mentor type role and an actor of his calibre could make what some might consider an uninteresting character, actually interesting!

As Seen In…

Yes Man

So that's a wrap! Please feel free to let me know what you think in the usual place and as always, thanks for reading! :)

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Dead Space
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
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Posted By:
Josh Wilding
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DDD - 6/2/2010, 7:49 AM
Awesome line-up!

Fassbender would kickbutt as Captain Britain!
I can also see him in THE AVENGERS!

MMMMM Gemma! What a hot and incredible actress!
I can just see her in that skin-tight green
costume! Oh, myyyyyyy!!!!!

Davenport perfect as Wisdom! Man, I really like
him as an actor! He is so natural he doesn't
seem to be acting when he is! I'm gonna miss his
character on Fastforward like losing an old friend!

The rest are all so fitting it's a bit creepy! Yep
Josh you should start your own Casting Company!
;D ;D ;D

Man, you took a break for awhile but you haven't
skipped a beat! You still got the juice!!!!
Holy Moley, Guacamole!!!!!!

DDD - 6/2/2010, 8:28 AM
Hey Josh@ check out my Marvel western characters
in a fanfic about the Old West Ghost Rider and
some of those Marvel gunslingers fighting demons
in the Old West!

I gave them the name THE DEVIL RIDERS.

It's way down the line...most people passed it up!
Oh, well, guess western characters from Marvel
ain't very popular! I like westerns but we don't
get many of them at the theaters anymore!
Oh, well!

Wadey09 - 6/2/2010, 9:35 AM
great cast! you haven't lost your touch! can't wait to read more. if they every make a Captain Britain film, i hope they pay attention to your cast!

y'know i'll go check out your Devil Riders in a few minutes.
JoshWilding - 6/2/2010, 11:03 AM
Stubbyswof: Thanks man and hell yes to Fassbender!!!

DDD: Cheers bud! :) I love Gemma Arterton...I know I'm actually from the UK but her sexy English accent gets me every time, lol! Davenport really showed again what a great actor he is with FlashForward - I know exactly what you mean because I'm gutted that it got cancelled!

And thanks again man - I should take some time off more often if it means I'll get this extent of praise! You're too kind and just as deserving of your own casting company! I will go and check out that story right away! I rarely venture into "Fan Fic" these days so I'm afraid I missed it the first time around too!

ANIL: Great cast dude! Have you considered actually doing a fan cast? If not, you should!!! Anyway, thanks a lot mate - I'm glad you like mine! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll see Captain Britain fighting alongside the, that would be [frick]ing awesome!

Wadey09: Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate that! :) I'm not sure when I'll have my next cast up because I have a lot of other projects for CBM that I'm working on at the moment but I'm glad you guys all still remember me, lol!
Batmanknight - 6/2/2010, 5:15 PM
Very good casting

Everyone was picked perfectly. It's a shame this movie probably wont be made. Unless it's made by a Brit I couldn't see an American making it.

You Haven't done a casting in a while man where you been? Most of the past regulars haven't done much lately either. Good you're back though.
Wadey09 - 6/2/2010, 8:35 PM
have you seen Part VI of my Spider-man story?
in a matter of days, it got pushed down like fifteen places! i can't believe it.
anyway, if you haven't here's the LINK
MrMurdock - 6/3/2010, 12:47 AM
I agree with all your choices. Especially diggin Fassbender! He would make an awesome James Bond aswell. Nice work man, glad to see you back doing some fancasts!
LEEE777 - 6/3/2010, 4:49 AM
I'm innnnnnnnnnnnn! : P

Dude cool work, i knew you'd keep to your FASSBENDER choice, which is cool, i can see him as CAP BRIT too as well as BULLSEYE, though BULLSEYES still perfect for COLIN FARREL though not anymore coz of the [frick]ing reboot! : (

I can see all your picks done, well bar one, dude ELBA does the most horrible american accent ever, I'm serious dude he cannot play BLADE! An we can't have a cockny BLADE either, i kinda liked some of your past BLADES man! This is BLADE 8 right? ; D

Heh heh, i jest, but overal great casting, got me own CAP BRIT 'n' MEGGAN picks of course but i can see these guys too easy, great stuff dude!

Hey didn't you already do a CAP BRITAIN casting? I lose track lol. Anyway I'll give ya a thumbs up man, well apart from ELBA but I'll ignore that one lol, put MJW in! : P

Very cool pick on BLACK KNIGHT, touch!

DDD/SHAMAN @ If your reading this, having trouble getting into fan-fic (gotta sort out me google crome) keeps timing out on me, at moment can (just) get in main, arghhh. Try an see your stuff asap!

coolbeans - 6/3/2010, 5:22 AM
Definitely interesting Josh as usual, but this time i gotta disagree with nearly all of your choices,

Fassbender is a great actor but i think he would be much more suited to playing Pete Wisdom, i like Jack Davenport but Flashforward showed he has got a bit old and fat.

As for Captain Britain i think Charlie Hunnam is quite a good choice but maybe even better would be Alex Pettyfer, hes got a new movie coming out and he's got a very heroic look about him.

Freida Pinto and Idris Elba are great choices but Burn Gorman? i think Matthew Marsden from Rambo would be much better.

Gemma Arterton would probably be a good Spitfire and Alice Eve (if she isnt an Avenger) has the perfect look for Meggan.

that just leaves the Black Knight, i like Jamie Bamber, he could even be a good Captain Britain, but as BK is American i think it should be an American actor, someone like Bradley Cooper maybe to sell it in the U.S.?

what do you think?
JoshWilding - 6/3/2010, 6:48 AM
BatmanKnight: Thanks you mate, I appreciate that! :) As I've said above, I've just been busy working on some different sorts of articles although I definitely missed talking with you lot here in "Fan Fic"! I actually wrote and editorial about the chances of seeing a Captain Britain movie a few days ago - just click on my name above to visit my fan site and chek it out! It probably is unlikely that it'll ever get made but Marvel Studios have a chance to make a really different and unique sort of CBM so I think they'd be foolish not to! The success of Sherlock Holmes showed that with a few big name American stars and a British cast, movies made here will appeal to a worldwide audience!

Wadey09: Damn, that sucks man! (that's one thing I definitely didnt miss about "Fan Fic"!) I completely forgot to check it out when you were pimping it a few days ago, so thanks for the reminder! I'll take a look at that and DDD's when I get some time later today! :)

MrMurdock: Thanks man, that's kind of you to say so! I wont be posting them as often as I used to but feel free to follow me on Twitter to get updates as to when and what they might be, lol! (ok, pimping over!) Seriously though, I have a few more planned at the moment so keep your eyes peeled! And cool, I could actually see Fassbender as Bond - I'd like to see him taking on some more action orientated roles!

LEE: Lol, thanks bud! I've done a Captain Britain cast based on both the Alan Moore series and Excalibur but this is the first one on his latest - cancelled - series! Glad to hear you like my picks though dude...I get your point about Elba (although I always thought his America accent was pretty decent) and this muct me my third or fourth choice for Blade at the very least, lol! Erik King from Dexter is still my top choice although I'd be happy with bringing Snipes back! Cheers again mate!

coolbeans: I'm sorry to hear that but thanks for your comment! I of course have to disagree with the majority of what you've said because otherwise I wouldnt have chosen these actors, lol! I like your suggestions though - especially Alice Eve for Meggan! Good point about Black Knight! He's been so heavily involved with Captain Britain, I often forget that he's an American character! And yeah, I could see an actor like Bradley Cooper helping to appeal to an American audience although I still think that Captain Britain, like James Bond, is such an interesting character it doesnt really matter than he's not from the US - this would make for one hell of a unique superhero movie being set here in the UK! :)

ANIL: Thanks for the tip! Where can I find it? The usual places like Newsarama or CBR?
CRITIC17 - 6/3/2010, 8:19 AM
Great cast @JOSH!!!!! I've never gotten into Captain Britain but I might check out Moore's run on the series. It sounds really SWEET!!!! I agree with all of these!!!! Glad to have you back at FanFic bud!!!!!!
safecrash - 6/3/2010, 12:57 PM
Awesome casting!

Now on to the comments:

Captain Britain: I'm looking forward to your editorial, though I'm almost convinced that Fassbender is the best choice for Cap Britain. BTW, since Fassbender is German, he'd make an awesome Nightcrawler.

Meggan: I've been trying to find a character for Gemma Arterton. I've thought of Wasp, Spider-Woman and Crystal, but never though of Meggan, maybe it's the hair, I don't know. IMO, Meggan should be played by Kelly Reilly and Gemma should play one of the characters I mentioned.

Pete Wisdom: Great pick for Wisdom. I haven't seen Davenport much cause here in Brazil, "FlashForward" is broadcasted at the same time of "V" and "Lie To Me", and I love those shows, besides, after a few episodes, "FlashForward" has got a bit boring to me. Anyway, I've seen Davenport enough to agree with you in this casting. BTW Stephen Moyer would be a great Pete Wisdom too.

Black Knight: Awesome casting. This casting was the reason Fassbender is my pick for Captain Britain too. Luke Evans would be a great Black Knight too.

Faiza Hussain: Another awesome casting, Freida would be great as Dr. Hussain. She's an outstanding actress, I'm looking forward to see her in "Immortals" and in the new Woody Allen's movie. BTW, there is an actress called Bipasha Basu that would also be great as Dr. Hussain, she's really hot and from what I read, she can act.

Spitfire: I think Reilly is an amazing actress, but as seen on a previous comment, she's my pick for Meggan. IMO, Alice Eve should play Spitfire, and maybe that's the role she's being rumored to play.

John Lennon: Dude, I have to agree with you, that character probably won't appear in a MI: 13 movie, but if it does happen, then Clive Owen shouldn't play him, it'd be a waste to have a big name in such a little character. I say Matthew McFayden for John Lennon.

Blade: Elba would be good, but I prefer Erik King or Noel Clarke for Blade. If Elba didn't get cast as Heimdall, he'd be my pick for Black Panther,

3rd Union Jack: I haven't seen Gorman in anything, but I don't think he looks the part. My pick for Chapman is James Darcy. BTW, Pierce Brosnan for the first Union Jack and Jim Sturgess for the second Union Jack.

Captain Midlands: I'm a big fan of Stamp. Great casting.
TANKGIRL - 6/3/2010, 4:02 PM
i love cast

my cast would be charlie hunman for cb

and i think rosamund pike should play meggan just remember brunette jessica alba playing blonde and kate blonde playing brunette

pete widson my pic is joseph fiennes

black kinght i thought that henry cavil made great fight sword scene in tudors that my pic

frieda should play dust in possible new x-men movie

overall great cast
lc - 6/3/2010, 5:16 PM
nice work josh :)

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