Forget a movie you just want to see these people fight!!!

DC vs Mortal Kombat is an awesome crossover game... I could play that thing for hours. That's why I would love to see it in live action. Who would really win? So I went out of my way to find you the most accurate cast I could find... LEE777 keeps telling me to describe whats going through my head when I do these Fan Casts so here goes...


As long as Christian Bale is alive I won't cast anyone else for this part...

His love interest... with Underworld on her resume, tell me who's better?

Now this one needs explaining right? I was thinking bulk n bad... He doesn't need to say much, he just needs to look badass n wear makeup... controversial to say the least but I'm sticking with it.

Now I've seen a lot of people cast Ron Perlman (Not enough in shape/ugly as hell)
or Luke Gloss (I just cast him for Planet Hulk n I hate overusing actors) Besides if you let Mark Wahlberg grow the facial hair try telling me he wouldn't do a great job.

He's just so right for Wally West he should already have played the Flash in real life. How did I not see it sooner?

Again I'm a huge fan of continuity and since he's already cast I'm gonna do the same thing I did with Batman... Let him have it!

James Franco is a Ledger look-a-like not to mention a great actor. I definately think he could portray a similar Joker... I just have a weird feeling he'll go nuts too.

Michael Rosenbaum has always been the greatest to play the character and especially for an action flick like this... He's perfect.

Another perfect fit that's been confirmed by so many. So whenever you're ready DC...

Some people liked Routh some didn't. I loved him it's the movie that was soft... that's why I was looking forward to Man of Steel so much. So that the sequel can balance it out.

You'll see me go with Jody a lot and until I see someone who can truly represent Wonder Woman better I'm gonna pretend like she owns the role too.

MK (Now we're getting into characters relatively never cast before so pay attention)

After some reviewing I've changed it to Derek Mears but as a back up we got the overused Willem Dafoe...

Unlike in the movies in the video game Jax is a darker brother so Ima go with a great actor that hasn't been cast for any other black heroes so far...

Noah Danby action veteran he needs a little more hair but after a cinema worthy transformation he could own the Kano part...

Samurai Girl, DBZ both movies Chung stared in. I think she'd do great as the princess...

Probably the most important character for MK. If you don't know Rain played the lead in Ninja Assassin...

I really wasn't sure for this character... all I know is I didn't want him too old. I'ma go with trial and error here.

Ong Bak as Scorpion? Am I the only one that imagines that as amazing?

We just killed this guy on Lost so he's definitely available for the part. lol

I think it's a pretty good fit regardless that wrestlers aren't always the best actors...

I find this girl so hot... She was amazing in both Smallville and DOA

And the last but not the least... Rick Yune... You've seen this guy before.

So... any comments?


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Planet Hulk


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DC Universe vs Mortal Kombat
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Superheromoviefan - 3/6/2010, 3:46 AM
Michael Rosenbaum is already Luthor in smallvile.
Kitana is asian.
Purcell doesn't fit as Raiden.
The rest are great.Good cast.
LEEE777 - 3/6/2010, 6:03 AM
Blacks @ [frick] it, you beat me to this idea, had it planned lol, but oh well lol!

Good work, hell yes to O'FEEFE as WONDER WOMAN!!!

BALE, ROUTH, hell yeah!!!


SHAZAM, not seen him act!?

Totally HATE EVANS as WALLY WEST, totally pi$$ poor choice, and i h8 him with a passion for that role, always have, always will!!! It a pity coz thats the only pick that lets the whole cast down, i like the rest man!

Good work apart from wally west!
LEEE777 - 3/6/2010, 6:08 AM
Lol man im famous, i see my name up there lol, hey by the way, most of your MORTAL KOMBAT crew are spot on man, great job there an kudos for the information!!!

Hell apart from your Evans & Crispin picks, its pretty much near perfect dude, wicked stuff thumbs up!
Blackreverend - 3/6/2010, 6:09 AM


I fixed the Kitana issue but she didn't look too asian in the movies...
Michael WAS Lex Luthor until he quit the show. I hope they can bring him back for the final season at least for a couple episodes...

Don't get me wrong I would pay to see those two fight in Live action but not act...

@ LEE777

See that's the only thing with Chris Evans I'm just never sure which Flash to cast him as... But it comes down to this... can you name a better actor?

And you've seen Brandon Molale act you just didn't know it... Look him up on IMDB. He was in Dodgeball/ Mr.Deeds n soo much more. I found this online
1chris2 - 3/6/2010, 6:22 AM
i would love to see a mortal kombat remake now that would be sweet.
AshleyWilliams - 3/6/2010, 8:15 AM
Besides Darkseid and Lex,Thats pretty freaking Awesome!
Blackreverend - 3/6/2010, 8:21 AM
I'd like to think so... lol
LEEE777 - 3/6/2010, 9:07 AM
Blackreverend @ This is my pick for Wally West dude!!

Surprised you hav'nt seen it lol? Check out TRUE BLOOD he is Wally West!!

LEEE777 - 3/6/2010, 9:09 AM
Hmm ive got DODGEBALL on DVD i'll check it out, cheers dude! ; )
InTylerWeTrust - 3/6/2010, 10:01 AM
Very, VERY hit and miss.

You got some hits (Evans, Routh, most of the MK cast), but some are big misses (Batman, Catwoman, Deathstroke, Lex, Cap. Marvel, Raiden, Shao Khan, Wonder Woman).

But Cena as Darkseid? I'm sorry, but that has to be one of the absolute worst suggestions I've ever heard on this site.
seanxvito - 3/6/2010, 10:09 AM
dislike the routh choice for Superman but i'm sticking to that...i didn't like him in SR and i don't think he is very superman-ish.

Cena as Darkside=terrible terrible idea!!!!!!!!

wahlberg as Deathstroke i'm not too keen on but he's had the ability to pull off some miraculous feats before...just don't know if he could pull it off though.

and i'm gonna have to get on board with Ryan Kwanten for Wally West's Flash!!! definitely not Bart or Barry Allen but he's perfect for Wally West...just depends on which way you want to go with that.

rest of the cast is pretty good though. definitely on board for Kate Beckinsale as Catwoman. she was great in Underworld and i think she'd fill Michelle Pfeifer's shoes just fine.
Blackreverend - 3/6/2010, 10:13 AM
@ LEE777

Interesting... Hmmm. I'll check that out!!! lol I can't wait for True Blood to come back

Ryan Kwanten huh? You know what?.. I can see it and Patrick Wilson as Barry Allen... WoW you actually converted me!!!


himynameiszach - 3/6/2010, 11:38 AM
you suck at casting
LEEE777 - 3/6/2010, 12:02 PM
Blackreverend @ CENA is better than [frick]ing MICHEAL CLARK DUNCUN with grey make up pretending to be DARKSEID dude, CENA ain't a bad pick, thats IF you have MICHAEL IRONSIDE as the voice over!!!

TYLER @ The worst suggestion i have ever herd of this site is having 007 as Aquaman or Qunito Spock-boy as Namor lol???

: D

MCD though perfect = KILOWOG people!

Blackreverend @ Great stuff man!

Hey... i've just noticed you changed the FLASH pick, very cool, quality casting m'man!

And me too about TRUE BLOOD, luv that show!

himynameiszach @ Dude, big words, wheres your casting man lol? ; P
InTylerWeTrust - 3/6/2010, 1:27 PM
"The worst suggestion i have ever herd of this site is having 007 as Aquaman"

Once again, you have never explained why you don't like this pick. You always say "hey where's the info??? why ya want all these PICKS, etc.???" Well, where's YOUR info on why you don't like some picks? Christ, pointing out your contradictions has become really monotonous.

And your points on MCD make NO sense. Him in grey make-up? Yeah, because that's what Darkseid (and Apocalypse for that matter) look like! Any actor would have to do that! I don't support him for Darkseid, but you use the same argument against him as Apocalypse, and it makes absolutely no sense.
Blackreverend - 3/6/2010, 1:51 PM
Wooooh and the claws are out!!!

FYI the only reason you'll never see me cast Michael Duncan is because I see him in every movie and Fan Cast but he is damn good at what he does n I'm proud of the brother...
LEEE777 - 3/6/2010, 3:35 PM
Blackreverend @ ; D

TYLER @ Dude having MCD as DARKSEID is LAZY plus all he'd look like is a big African American dude in grey make up, which DARSEID or even APOCALYPSE are not, same goes for MR SINISTER too!! : D

TYLER @ Your B1TCHING about BALE or even STATHAM and VANDERVOORT all the [frick]ing time .... is more than [frick]ing monotonous!

We know you don't like the actors, most do, so STFU about them!!! ; P

InTylerWeTrust - 3/6/2010, 4:25 PM
"Dude having MCD as DARKSEID is LAZY"

ROFLMAO, and MCD as Kilowog is the most inspired casting ever? Bullshit.

"all he'd look like is a big African American dude in grey make up"


Darkseid and Apocalypse are not white either. They're aliens and mutants. The mutant one is Egyptian, and African American is closer to Egyptian than white is. They're f*cking grey skinned. As far as I know, NO ONE on Earth is grey skinned. If they got ANYONE to play either role, they'd be put in grey make up. Same goes for Sinister too, because no one on Earth is pure white skinned like he is.

"Your B1TCHING about BALE or even STATHAM and VANDERVOORT all the [frick]ing time"

Just like your bitching about Ackles, Neeson, Craig, Goss, Tennant, Lerman, Renner, Lilly, Evans? Hm, another contradiction. Most like those actors, but do I EVER tell you to STFU about them? No. Because I can handle other people's opinions when they disagree with me. You can't.

I "bitch" (even though that's the term a 10 year old uses when they see someone disagree with them) about Bale when he is cast as Batman in fan casts. Because I don't like his Batman. I bitch about Statham because he's a crap actor. And I've only criticized Vandervoort twice. So, basically, you're only complaining because I have a different opinion, which is sad and immature.

"We know you don't like the actors, most do, so STFU about them"

And we know you don't like MCD as Apocalypse, most do, we know you don't like Lilly (even though I've pointed out your hypocrisy in that subject), but most do. Please, you need to accept that other people have different opinions.
BLADE44 - 3/6/2010, 10:28 PM
I dont like the DARKSEID pick I think Micheal Duncan
Clark would be a better DARKSEID.

Purcell as RAIDEN I really dont see it...I think whats needed is a younger Sean Connery
type for that role, but not too young late 40's-early 50's.

JAX is a big strong bruiser that's not Underwood at all. He's
not even fit I think Micheal Jai White would be better suited for that part.

Well if this movie fancast is every made into a movie it would
be cool with a few changes I mention.
HotHead - 8/18/2010, 2:59 AM
TheEmperor - 11/24/2010, 8:53 PM
Is there a way to sign on to do one of these?

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