Fan Casting Suggestions for Batman 4 (The Dark Victory)

Fan Casting Suggestions for Batman 4 (The Dark Victory)

These are my suggestions for a fourth Batman film obviously made after Justice League the 2015...


Jonathan Nolan


Jonathan Nolan, David S. Goyer, Christopher Nolan


Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer, Jonathan Nolan


Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer, Jonathan Nolan


Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyword

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox

Gary Oldman as Commissioner James Gordon

Tom Hiddleston as Joker

Wes Bentley as Joker

Jude Law as Joker

Neil Patrick Harris as Joker

Ryan Gosling as Joker

Aaron Paul as Joker

Charlie Hunnam as Joker

Jesse Spencer as Joker

Scarlett Johansson as Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn


Ben Barnes as Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Ellen Page as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle

Logan Lerman as Tim Drake/Robin

The Royal Flush Gang, the Gang of the Joker


Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent/Two-Face

Ray Liotta as Tony Zucco

Bob Hoskins as Oswald Cobbleppot/The Penguin

Powers Boothe as Rupert Thorne

Brian Cox as Rupert Thorne


My ideal would have been to include the character of the Joker in this Fan Casting, but as the actor who played him (Heath Ledger) died of an accidental drug overdose in 2008 I have been unable to add another actor to take its role in a Batman movie or maybe even a sequel to the Justice League


Jamie Foxx as Simon Baz/Green Lantern


Iain Glen as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin


Cedric the Entertainer as Cleveland Brown


Piper Perabo as April O'Neil

Estella Warren as April O'Neil

Evan Rachel Wood as April O'Neil

Claire Danes as April O'Neil

Giancarlo Esposito as Dr. Baxter Stockman
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Optimus83 - 12/28/2012, 9:10 PM
¡¡¡Good Fan Casting!!!. ...¡¡¡Ever!!!
ager - 12/28/2012, 9:26 PM
god u suck
Kakarot - 12/28/2012, 9:38 PM
Both of your Joker choices are fair enough actors but not for the role. Ben Barnes would actually make for a pretty cool Nightwing! I've had Liotta for the obvious role of Zucco for awhile now. ScarJo is an interesting choice for Harley. The rest of the cast seems pretty obvious. Maybe you should've listed choice for the Royal Flush gang? And where's JGL if this is a sequel to TDKR?
Optimus83 - 12/28/2012, 9:42 PM
JGL does not appear in this casting because his character John Blake died in the Justice League and inspired Phil Coulson like to join the team. ...

JGL no aparece en este casting porque su personaje de John Blake murió en la Justice League y sirvió de inspiración igual que Phil Coulson para unir al equipo. ...
Jolt17 - 12/28/2012, 9:47 PM
Can you please just stop posting, ¡¡¡Ever!!! again?

And I don't know how desperate you are that you have to praise your own work.
Optimus83 - 12/28/2012, 9:58 PM

you think exaggerating the theme of the photos. ...

that is no impediment to continue publishing post, and if you look closely the minority of photographs are taken from elsewhere

in fact most are made ​​by me, and I am not surprised that some people use my photos without permission

so, why so much trouble for some pictures?

Freshness live life and do not worry about how for some pictures. ...¡Peace Bro!


creo que estás sobreexagerando con el tema de las fotos. ...

eso no es impedimento para seguir publicando post, y si observas bien la minoría de fotografías son sacadas de otros lados

de hecho la mayoría son hechas por mí, además no me extrañaría que algunas personas usen fotos mías sin autorización

así que, ¿porqué tanto problema por unas fotos?

vive tranquilo tú vida y no te preocupes de sobre manera por unas fotos. ...¡Paz Bro!
Optimus83 - 12/28/2012, 10:08 PM

in USA understand there is something called "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" in the "FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION" that I can apply as long as you want while "NOT OFFEND AND INSULT ANYBODYany"

and so far I have not insulted anyone, much less offended

in fact I've been more offended every time you publish something and that is not is not followed

I actually took a long time to plan a post before publishing

also greatly exaggerated the theme of the photos

Besides, who assures them that I am the only one who does?

I have seen other post and do not comment the same

Is it because I'm Latino?

And what if the TRILOGY OF NOLAN has ended?

my vision is fourth. ....point


en Estados Unidos entiendo existe algo llamado "LIBERTAD DE EXPRESIÓN" que figura en la "PRIMERA ENMIENDA DE SU CONSTITUCIÓN" que puedo aplicarlo siempre y cuando que quiera mientras "NO OFENDA E INSULTE A NADIE"

y hasta el momento no he insultado a nadie y mucho menos ofendido

de hecho yo he sido más ofendido que ustedes cada que publico algo y eso no es tampoco es seguido

de hecho me demoro mucho en planificar un post antes de publicarlo

además exageran mucho con el tema de las fotos

además ¿quién les garantiza que soy el único que lo hace?

porque he visto otros post y no comentan lo mismo

¿será porque soy Latino?

¿y que tiene si la TRILOGÍA DE NOLAN terminó?

es mi visión de cuarta parte. ...punto
Jolt17 - 12/28/2012, 10:19 PM
Optimus83: Did I even accuse you of stealing images? That's not the point. Your work has always been perhaps the least creative, especially the fact that you keep on insisting to use Nolan's trilogy to some extent. It has ended, leave it there. If you want it to continue, then please put up something that can explain how and why it should happen, and more importantly how to make it sound acceptable to us.

And now that you've brought it up, your images' inconsistency raises a suspicion in me that indeed, most of the images you put up there aren't actually yours. I'll be glad if you can specify which one is yours, and which one is someone else's. (I dare to be your Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, and Harley Quinn ones aren't yours.)

By the way, I respect that you're a Latino, but you can drop the Spanish segment from each of your comment. With all due respect, it serves no purpose at all.
Jolt17 - 12/28/2012, 10:22 PM
We get it that you want a fourth movie, but that's hardly a point. Especially when any chance of it happening has been eliminated.
Optimus83 - 12/28/2012, 10:23 PM

why it is "MY VISION". ...

and from my point of view Harvey Dent is not dead and locked in Arkham by Gordon and Batman orders

waiting for the right time to exit

and if you think bad article, what a shame

but well I think, and if you do not like to read other articles walks that are of interest

still do not understand why waste time reading articles that do not like

rather it is a question of overcoming the TRILOGY NOLAN

simply is a more a la Marvel Studios franchise

Many rumors also say that the path of the Justice League in 2015 could be similar to Marvel Studios

starting with rumors Gordon-Levitt in Justice League and the post-credits scene in Man of Steel

and there is a saying:



por eso mismo es "MI VISIÓN". ...

y desde mi punto de vista Harvey Dent no está muerto y encerrado en Arkham por ordenes de Gordon y Batman

esperando el momento exacto para salir

y si te parece malo el artículo, que pena

pero así pienso yo, y si no te agrada anda a leer otros artículos que sean de tú interés

todavía no entiendo porque pierdes tiempo leyendo artículos que no te agradan

y no se trata de una cuestión de superar la TRILOGÍA NOLAN

simplemente es una visión más al estilo Marvel Studios de la franquicia

además muchos rumores señalan que el camino de la Justice League el 2015 podría ser parecido al de Marvel Studios

partiendo por los rumores de Gordon-Levitt en Justice League y la escena post-créditos de Man of Steel

y hay un dicho que dice:

Optimus83 - 12/28/2012, 10:33 PM

I got over it long ago. ...So I have it clear, it is you who think otherwise

in fact the death of Heath Ledger has been the hardest part because I would have liked to see him in the Justice League

but do not worry about my mental health, because I am very healthy

in my opinion the death of Harvey Dent is not as real as we face and that alone

but if you are hard to find another Joker that may be at least at the level of Loki in The Avengers


yo hace tiempo que lo superé. ...eso lo tengo claro, son ustedes quienes piensan lo contrario

de hecho la muerte de Heath Ledger ha sido la parte más difícil porque me habría gustado verlo en la Justice League

pero no te preocupes por mi salud mental, porque estoy muy sano

en mi opinión la muerte de Harvey Dent no es tan real como nos plantean y solo eso

pero lo difícil si va a ser encontrar otro Joker que pueda estar al menos al nivel de Loki en The Avengers
Optimus83 - 12/28/2012, 10:35 PM

but has shown interest in "DIRECTING" a DC character. ...unknown so far


pero ha mostrado interés en "DIRIGIR" un personaje DC. ...desconocido hasta el momento
Jolt17 - 12/28/2012, 10:51 PM
Funny, how you're constantly defending such a
weak stance, while you don't answer any of my

You see, JokerFanHAhaHA there only stands on ONE point while you try to send out more and more arguments, and he still stands righteous.

The way you put Jonathan Nolan as the director seems like just a desperate attempt to make it look "different" than the previous trilogy. All the while the same creative team stays.

And, bravo! People are all competing to make the Justice League movie as different as possible than The Avengers, and you want it to take the exactly same route, only with Blake rather than Coulson. Brilliant.
MrBlueSky - 12/28/2012, 10:57 PM
Wow. I was going to say how uncreative and godawful this article is, and how much of a moron you are, but ager, JokerFanHAhaHA, and Jolt17 already did that. I wish that somebody would just ban you from this site.

And also:

Jolt17 - 12/28/2012, 11:16 PM
My God. If by your perspective Harvey Dent is NOT dead, then there clearly must be something wrong with you, or you just have such a high sense of ignorance. Or maybe, you'd like to continue Nolan's saga, while also destroying everything it has always been standing for all this time.
GoldenMan - 12/29/2012, 12:36 AM
TheRaven20 - 12/29/2012, 8:33 AM
Leave the guy alone. Do I think this is a dumb idea? Yes. But the guy has every right to post this no matter how dumb an idea it is.
Kong - 12/29/2012, 10:24 AM
Wtf! This is so stupid
JimBronson - 12/29/2012, 2:01 PM
@JokerFanHAhaHA "I don't care if your latino, American, European, Australian, Indian, Native American, or even from outer space. A horrible article is a horrible article." LMFAO

@optimus83 You hit it man. Right on the wrong track.

@JokerFanHAhaHA, @Jolt17 But guys...guess what...all this arguing don't make it better. In fact it's right the opposite.

@optimus83 PS,did you really praise this like it's a masterpiece...with the first commentary ??? Man that's not just a matter of lacking IQ...tat's beyond that hermano. Way beyond. I need some Loopershit to overcome this :)
Superman8 - 12/29/2012, 5:32 PM
Stupid idea for many reasons.

1) like mentioned many times above, Nolan's universe is done and has nothing to do with the Justice Leauge.

2) The Justice League coming together because of the death of John Blake is absurd. Something a lot more intense than the death of a rookie cop that doesn't even exist in DC comics should be the reason the world's greatest super hero team comes together.

3) They didn't replace Heath Ledger in TDKR, so what makes you think they'd do it now?

And oh yeah, don't praise your own work.
superherofan21 - 12/30/2012, 9:00 PM
If this is supposed to be the Dark Victory story, why is Dick Grayson Nightwing and not Robin? And what is with your odd fascination with wanting to continue Nolan's series? It's done. Nolan has said that he will NOT make any more Batman films, and I doubt Warner Bros will continue without him. In Justice League, there will be a new Batman. It'll be a reboot of the Nolan version. As much as I like Nolan's films, I'm not afraid to say THEY'RE DONE. Dark Knight Rises had a definitive ending to the character that stayed true to the theme of the series. Continuing it would completely go against anything the series stood for.

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