FAN-ticizing: My intro for Thanos in Avengers

FAN-ticizing: My intro for Thanos in Avengers

Could this be a possible take on How Thanos is to be introduced? Read on to find out...

I think it should go more like this.... We see Loki Thor and Odin all on the Rainbow Bridge (the camera is coming in from the side so the bridge is on the left and the characters are hanging off in the center of the screen). Then, we see Loki falling into the vortex thing behind him (camera follows him as he is being pulled through different dimensions only to end up in the negative zone). Once there, there is a light in the distance, pulsating, and getting bigger and bigger (screen flashes white then cuts to black).

(Screen cuts to Loki under over head light).(Deep voice in dark room) Loki... so good to see you again. Tell me, how has your plan been so far? Successful, i hope. HA-HA-HA-HA! I told you you would be back. Here, take this as an aid in your everlasting quest to conquer the universe. (Bright blue gem is tossed from shadows into Loki's hands). I want you to kill them Loki. Kill. That is, if you want us to succeed. Right, Loki?(Cuts to Loki, fear in his face, trembling) Yes, Thanos.. (Screen cuts to Thanos revealing his face from the shadows, grinning) Good. (screen zooms in on Thanos' glowing eyes, fades to black, and reveals Marvel Studio's The Avenger's 3D)
Leave your thought's, questions, and idea's in the comment section below.
(Oh, and special thank you to MarvelWeiner for helping me to accomplish my first CBM article)
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TheRaven20 - 1/2/2012, 7:10 AM
Ok, dialogue seemed a bit cheesy, but that would be a very probable intro. I really hope the title just says Avengers though. Whenever they tack 3D on to the title like that, I tend to take the movie less seriously.
optimusbibby - 9/30/2013, 4:00 PM

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