FANCAST: The Justice League

FANCAST: The Justice League

The sixth and final fancast of the main section of my DC Movie-verse and now it is time for the ultimate conclusion! Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and the rest of Earth’s greatest heroes united, including story and art…SuperDude style!

Welcome dudes and dudettes!! After five previous DC Cinematic Universe fancasts I’ve finally come to the major team-up piece, joining the heroes together while introducing some new ones!

I highly suggest you read my other casts if you haven’t already, but it isn’t necessary just it may make this easier to understand.

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And now let’s go onto the cast:

The Man Of Steel

Not much is known about this alien figure, except some information obtained through brief interviews (one in particular being from reporter Lois Lane several years ago). He is mysterious, wise, courageous, and has a strong moral code that makes him the hero he is (inspiration for his hero identity mainly comes from the original Bruce Timm animated version played by Tim Daly instead of darker modern interpretations).
Clark Kent is a bumbling geeky reporter, whose writing talent sadly does not match the quality of his quick typing. Only been with the Daily Planet for a few years, he has still made great contributions as well as great friends and allies, and recently got into an intimate relationship with Miss Lane.
However Clark Kent may be known by other names such as ‘Superman’ and ‘Kal-El’ as he hides his alien nature from his friends and protects them through a superhero identity.
Not formally established but Superman is recognised as one of the leaders of the Justice League, along with Batman.


I know some people feel mixed about my choice of Trucco as Superman but I just kept wanted the a bumbling well-built Clark Kent (think cross between Dean Cain and Christopher Reeve – bumbling, dorky, but also confident, average/normal, and quite a nice guy).

The Dark Knight

After being left an orphan, and raised by his butler, Bruce travelled the world in his younger years. Throughout his journey he trained himself to become a symbol of justice and vengeance, aka The Batman.
This Bruce is stern, strict, and courageous like all his other incarnations, although he does have a more sensitive and a understanding side like most of Batman’s animated versions. Although this doesn’t reduce his darker side as the Batman as he will be far more fear imposing and dark than before, but also more high-profile millionaire who is not possibly thought to be a vigilante in a bat costume. All this however doesn’t disregard the important detective side of Bruce Wayne which would be fully demonstrated (all at least to the lengths of something like ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ Video Game). The main reference to imagine my version of Batman is a combination of ‘Arkham Asylum’ (VG) and Michael Keaton.


I never used to be a fan of Dempsey as I only knew him from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ which I didn’t enjoy, but in the past few years I’ve seen quite a lot more of his work (e.g. Flypaper, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Made of Honor) and I actually really like his acting. Now none of what I’ve seen is a clear example that he would fit Batman, but I really think he has the range and ability to do it, while also bringing something new to the character. In my mind his portrayal would be something of a modern Michael Keaton version as previously mentioned.

Former Green Lantern and Ex-Test Pilot

Recently returning to becoming part of the GL Corps, Hal is also steadily building his charming cocky personality back as well.


I know obvious, but I recently got into the show ‘White Collar’ and I just think he’d be brilliant for Jordan. He has the look, the physique, and acting range to portray a troubled hero such as Hal Jordan.

Fastest Man Alive

Barry Allen, by day a witty forensic scientist and by night the scarlet speedster vigilante known as ‘the Flash’. Allen gains his power of speed (and the other abilities that come from that) from a lab accent involving a lightning storm and the chemicals of a science lab.
After his solo film Allen was struck with the tragedy that his father had killed himself in prison. Although this film takes place a while after ‘The Flash’ it is noticeable Allen is still troubled by this, with his humorous personality becoming cynical.
McHale’s part would be similar to Mark Ruffalo’s as Bruce Banner (in the Avengers), in the sense that it is strongly noticeable he is a troubled man with his development through the movie bringing him back to a more relaxed and accepting state.


I know many of you dislike McHale for Allen, but I have faith his acting would do the role justice. I won’t argue he’s a little old for the role but I’m sure he could pull off a little younger while also having the depth and humour of Barry.

Amazonian Princess

Princess now turned superhero, Diana struggles to cope with this new land but with her commitment to justice and friendship of her team she stays to help the world (similar to Steve Rogers – 2012’s Avengers)


Although I’ve seen a lot of her small work, the most obvious inspiration for this choosing is her long time role on successful detective-show ‘Castle’. Although her role is not much similar to Diana, it does show her great range and attention to detail, and after watching various interviews it’s clear she is the type of actress that would put in full attention to getting into character.

Last Survivor of Mars

Now living on Earth in double identity as Detective John Jones and the League’s Martian Manhunter, J’onzz first came to Earth after his race was attacked and killed. Leaving him as the only Martian alive he went to Earth to prevent another destruction, these events leading to the formation of the Justice League.
J’onzz would be the only way to defeat Amazo, as in the cartoon, but this ability would have great risk.


Marster’s is mostly known for his comicbook-genre roles as Spike in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and Brainiac/Brainiac 5 in ‘Smallivlle, and with just those I know he’d be great at a stern, logical character with emotional struggle like the Martian Manhunter. Although of course I’ve seen other of his works, even his music, but those more display just his range rather than inspiration.

King of the Seven Seas

Originally raised above ground as human Curry later discovered his true heritage and power, eventually leading to him leaving to his own people of Atlantis. Although over several political challenges and battles, his people questioned his loyalty and the next following events lead to his return to the dry land and rise as hero Aquaman.
In the same way as Hawkeye in The Avengers, Aquaman wouldn’t have much significance as other characters but he would be presented as a rather badass superhero and his little time would just enhance impact. I just thought that was important to mention as I hope this film could change public opinion of the water superhero.


I’ve seen quite a lot of his acting and although nothing clearly displays his ability to play a role such as Aquaman I do believe he has the range and talent to act as this royal and challenged hero of two worlds.

Professor Ivo’s indestructible Android

Professor Ivo’s android, Amazo's special ability is to replicate the special abilities of various superheroes and supervillains he comes into contact with. Created as an enemy towards the Justice League by Lex Luthor (with the help of Ivo).
This incarnation would be greatly similar to that of Bruce TImm’s animated version, not only in appearance but also having a more internal struggle between intelligence and emotion, with more personal rather than simply being Luthor’s puppet.
He would be largely CGI, but motion capture would be used with Johnny Lee Miller (who would also provide his voice).


Occasionally Miller’s acting used to bother me, but ever since his theatre performance as Dr.Frankenstein/The Monster is Danny Boyle’s production of ‘Frankenstein’ I’ve began to love his acting more and more. Most recently people will know him for CBS’s Sherlock Holmes show ‘Elementary’, with his character’s robotic mannerisms being one of the reason’s I’ve chosen Miller for the role.

Respected fearless reporter for the Daily Planet and Boyfriend of Clark Kent

Raised by a General, this reporter not only has massive skills in writing but also courage. Winner of various prizes for her articles, and now known for her ability to report some of Superman’s greatest triumphs.
Lois and Clarks relationship would has developed much from the first ‘Superman’ film and ‘World’s Finest’ becoming intimate and a comfortable couple.
Although at the beginning of ‘The Justice League, Lois does not know of Clark’s double identity, although she will discover it by the end of the film. Lois’s and Clark’s relationship in the film will be only a little more focused than Tony and Pepper’s in the Avengers.


I’ll admit this isn’t the most original choice, but I just can’t get the idea of McAdams as Lois out of my head. However I should say her Lois would not be anything like the character seen in ‘Superman Returns’ but a gutsy reporter that she is mostly seen as.

Loyal Butler of Wayne Manor

Alfred serves as Batman/Bruce Wayne’s loyal tireless valet, assistant, confidant, and surrogate father figure. McKellan will mostly be present as a voice in Batman’s communicator as Alfred remains at the Batcave to help with research, tactics, etc (similar to Jarvis in Iron Man/The Avengers).


I’ll be honest, originally I wanted Hugh Laurie but he would’ve been way too young for my Bruce Wayne who I didn’t want to change so Alfred had to be recast. I was thinking obvious choices like John Hurt and Malcolm McDowell, but I did want to go for someone a little more original even if it could be obvious, leading to Ian McKellen.
Now he is usually known for badass epic roles like Gandalf and Magneto in the CBM world so Alfred would seem a little of a down for him, however I’ve always actually seen Alfred as a little bit of a badass in his own right and anyhow McKellen must be getting a bit tired now at his age so a calm but main role might be a nice thing for him critically and personally.
Anyhow I think McKellen is a great choice for Alfred, as he has the ability to encompass all the other portrayals of Alfred, be faithful to the comics, and bring a sharp new twist to the character. And we all know McKellen is a badass anyhow.

Intern Photographer at the Daily Planet

Jimmy Olsen is a young photographer, just entering the world of work. After his lucky internship Olsen has now gained a full-time (but cheap) job with the Daily Planet. Due to his ‘great’ photography skills have been assigned to the help of reporter team Lois and Clark.
Olsen would only be the film for a minute of two, due to much focus going on the actual team, but I thought his part was still worth mentioning.


I’ll admit I’ve only seen Keir Gilchrist in the film ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story’, but I also wanted to explore a more realistic direction for Jimmy which I felt Gilchrist would fit wonderfully. Unlike previous incarnations Gilchrist would keep his black/brown hair for the role rather than dying it red.

Intelligent scientist, mathematician, philosopher, and CEO of LexCorp

CEO of LexCorp, worldwide known businessmen, and now candidate for US Presidency. Lex is known as one of the world’s most powerful villains to the League but no evidence is ever recovered, hiding his dark side from the public as he builds their gracious opinions of him.


I’ve never seen Toby Stephens in a Luthor type role (or at least my version of Luthor), but I do think he definitely has the talent for to play a fantastic Luthor.


A sinister professor with a strong fear of mortality, hired by Lex Luthor and has been made to produced weapons in various manners e.g androids and robots, and Ivo does so for unknown reasons but is hinted to do with technology he can’t obtain or money. Ivo would only appear in a human form, no mutations from serums or such like in the comics.


Most people who know of Lindsay probably remember his as the dad ‘Ben Harper’ from the British sitcom ‘My Family’ although apart from that he has a large theatre and dramatic background and from that acting I think he is just amazing and would be perfect for my version of Ivo.


- Unlike previous fancasts I’ll just give vague details to a plot.
- The story would take place roughly a year after the League’s formation, showing the team now becoming more of a family rather than simply a superhero force. This was because I felt if was an origin story then audiences would just find it too similar to The Avengers and get bored, while a story set after might be more interesting to follow while looking at different aspects of characters.
- Lex Luthor would be the secondary villain. His running for President with his hidden evil doings being the larger scale while less focus in the film, only the true power revealed when it is announce at the end that he wins the election.
- Amazo however would significantly be known as the main villain. He’d have massively more time and focus than Lex, but he is less of a villain in a sense as he is coming to terms to life and his great power.
- The main theme through the film would be double identities/two worlds, each character having struggles of their secrets while balancing themselves as a team, Lex’s hidden dark nature from the public, the League’s public controversy, and various other opposing elements.
- Like Joss Whedon’s ‘The Avengers/Avengers Assemble’ the film wouldn’t specifically focus on one character but each with their almost equal amount of focus, however there would be some more significant that others.
- The details of the story would roughly follow the animated Justice League episode "Tabula Rasa, Part 1 and 2", you may be able to view the episodes on Youtube.


Some you that view my DeviantArt page may know of this, but for those that haven’t I’ve basically created some fan art to represent the promotional material (e.g. posters) for my Justice League film:


Like my ‘World’s Finest’ fancast I’ve chosen to include some vague soundtrack/score ideas.

Kasabian – Club Foot (Album - Kasabian)

This song was just specifically a vision I had in my head as to how The Flash would be introduced into the movie, maybe even the first scene of the film. It was just basically a song I keep imagining in my head as something where I could see the Flash running and listening to it, and I just really want it in.

White Lies – Death (Album – Too Lose My Life...)

Either the actual song or simply the instrumental would play a part to the film, just the band’s great instrumental impact made me think one of their songs would be great for the film, perhaps specifically a fight sequence.

The Killers – Battle Born (Album – Battle Born)

This song is the main focus for me mentioning the soundtrack. This would be played as the lead in to the credits/the credits themselves, and I know it doesn’t have particular reference to the story I’ve suggested or the Justice League themes but it’s just so powerful and I think it’d work.
Also this is where I’ll mention that I hope The Killers would perhaps have more influence than this song, maybe if they like the idea of contributing maybe they would write a song for it. To be honest as long as Battle Born is included it’s fine, just they’re such a powerful band and I think they could almost become my version of what AC/DC are to Iron Man.

Star Trek XI – Enterprising Young Men (by composer Michael Giacchino)

This is more to mention the score, and I thought Michael Giacchino’s score for Star Trek was a good example. So either take this as an example of what I wish the film’s score to be like or simply a wish for Giacchino to score to the film with a new creative direction.

FILMS TIMELINE:This section will be updated after every fancast for my DC Universe.
FANCAST: Superman
FANCAST: The Batman
FANCAST: The Flash
FANCAST: Green Lantern: Redemption
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FANCAST: The Justice League

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I hope you guys all like this, please comment and thanks for reading!!
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MikeZ - 11/22/2012, 11:48 AM
Finally, casts are starting to get better now!

- Trucco is a great actor, and stands taller than Henry Cavill. He can easily play the Daily Planet reporter and Superman.
- A little sketchy on Patrick Dempsey. Sure he can nail Bruce Wayne, but Batman is probably playing a risky deck of cards. Also, Batman should be a little younger.
- I'd be definitely down for Joel McHale as Barry Allen. I <3 Community!
- I read Stana Katic knows Greek, so with her exotic-ish looks, she could nail the most accurate Wonder Woman portrayal.
- I think Martian Manhunter needs to be played by an African American actor, because the alter ego John Jones is of that particular race.
- Sir Ian McKellan as Alfred Pennysworth is quite the impressive pick!
- I think Toby Stephens played a Lex Luthor-type villain in Die Another Day (Gustav Graves), but I haven't seen that film in a long time, so I don't know what the role was.
- Great posters!
- Neat musical choices. "Club Foot" has been used to death, and it already was used well in the Serenity trailer, but it's a good song nonetheless!

Great pitch!
BobGarlen - 11/22/2012, 12:09 PM
- Love Trucco, he would rock as Supes.
- I'd be willing to buy Dempsey as Bats. Better then him as Dr. Strange for the Inth time!
- Not sold on McHale, but I've been wrong before.
- Stana is a neat choice, i dig it.
- I don't think it matters I've seen comics where John Jones used a white Alterego, this is all about talent and Marsters has it.
-Love this, just doubt he'll live long enough for it.
- Yeah I'll take McAdams as Lane.
-Kier seems a but young for Jim.
-Toby looks like he'd be a better Hush.
- Lee Miller as Amazo? Eh.... I mean I'd probably go stunt man in suit or if neccessary CGI. But Getting an actor for it is being a bit more respectable to the fan base.
-Bob Lindsey is a great choice for Ivo.
Kakarot - 11/22/2012, 12:37 PM
I can get behind this. The graphics are a nice touch btw.
MrCameron - 11/22/2012, 1:33 PM
Great cast!

Great to see some awesome original choices!

Cool posters as well!
MikeZ - 11/22/2012, 1:54 PM
@ RobertGarlen

Oh, Martian Manhunter had a Caucasian alter-ego? See, I'm more of a Marvel reader, and from what I seen from DC, I thought John Jones was primarily black!
AshleyWilliams - 11/22/2012, 4:11 PM
Not a fan of the Worlds Finest picks. I'm all in for Cavill and Fassbender.

The rest are pretty solid.
MCott - 11/22/2012, 4:44 PM
Katic is a great choice. My only reservation is that I picture her more as Talia Al Ghul (who she voiced in Arkham City) but that's just me. Awesome choices.
bazinga85 - 11/22/2012, 7:10 PM
Wow, you really put some effort into this. Great cast(except for mchale as flash) and plot:)
Jolt17 - 11/23/2012, 12:06 AM
Wow, great job, man!

- I can't tell if Trucco would suit Superman well as I've only ever seen him through his rather brief appearance in Castle (in which he showed quite a great chemistry with Stana Katic), but I can tell that he's a nice actor, so that's an interesting - and most importantly, original - pick.
- Like you, I've yet to see much of Dempsey, but he does seem to have those qualities required to portray a Bruce Wayne.
- Bomer's my Batman, but I wouldn't complain if he ends up being the new Hal Jordan. Great actor, and he does look for the role.
- I've never heard of McHale before (I think; I'm not that good in memorizing people!), but he can be somewhat interesting in the role, I believe. God bless you and your sense of originality.

- Finally, someone who also thinks that Stana Katic should be Wonder Woman! She's perfect for the role, man, and I know that you know that.
- Marsters owned Brainiac in Smallville, and that being said, he can also nail Martian Manhunter with only a little adjustment needed.
- His name is new to me, too, but once again another original pick, and I think he could be interesting in the role.
- I greatly despise Elementary, but I've heard a lot of good things about Miller! I'm planning to watch one or two episodes of the series just to see his performance, but I can tell that he'd fit some CBM roles. Amazo would be a great one for him.
- A common pick, but I wouldn't complain if I get to see McAdams as Lois.
- Too bad that he's been Magneto before (I'm just not a big fan of seeing an actor that has been in a CBM before portraying another one, despite of the different universes, et cetera), but Sir McKellen is undoubtedly a great actor that can nail both "big" characters such as Gandalf, or more "down to earth" characters like Alfred.
- Is it me, or does Toby Stephens look like Michael Fassbender? That being said, with a lot of people wanting the latter for the role, I think he can be a great substitute for the overused actor physically, but Stephens gains my favor for the originality.

As I've mentioned before, overall, great job! I really like this for the originality mainly, but you have some terrific ideas, and nice plot, too. (Although I think an origin story is still required, and that's what I'm doing with my Justice League Fan Fic - look out for it in a few days.) The art could use some more work, but nice concepts and great use of the existing images in the manipulations.
Jolt17 - 11/23/2012, 1:53 AM
Considering that J'onn J'onzz is a shape-shifter, I don't think the actor's race matters! I pick Lance Reddick for the role myself, but John Jones has also been a white man in the likes of DC: The New Frontier, and black in some others - maybe Phil Morris in Smallville being the most notable. (I'm not sure of his "primary" form, because the most I read about the character was in his solo series, which mainly focused on his Martian days.)
SuperDude001 - 12/1/2012, 4:57 AM
RoadDogXXIV @ Thanks about Trucco!
I know Dempsey’s a little old, I don’t know why but I just prefer my league to be older.
Finally someone that likes the idea of McHale as Barry!!
Thanks about Katic!
Well as you’re now aware Martian Manhunter’s human form is not primarily black, but in modern editions he is mostly seen as that so I suppose an African-American actor may work (tbh I was thinking of giving him several human forms, so maybe if I write a sequel idea I’ll add an African-American actor).
Thanks about McKellen!
Well Toby Stephens sort of did. The role in ‘Die Another Day’ was poorly written, pretentious and very stereotypical rich-British villain, but as far as I know that’s the closest type of role he’s had to Lex Luthor.
Thanks about the posters!
Thanks about the music! I guess ‘Club Foot’ has been used quite a lot, although in recent days I haven’t seen it much so maybe a return would be good...ohwell it would only be in the film for a very short part.

So yeah overall thank you so much for your elaborated comments!

RobertGarlen @ Thanks about Trucco!
Yeah imo there are better actors for Dr.Strange, not that he wouldn’t be good, but he’s better suited for something like Batman.
I understand about McHale. Many people have disliked my choice for him as Allen, but I just think he’d be good.
Thanks about Stana, Marsters, and McAdams!
I assume you were referring to McKellan when saying “doubt he'll live long enough for it”? Well I find that quite the pessimistic view, but thanks for still liking the choice.
Toby would be a good Hush...just not in my universe.
Well CGI motion capture might be good with a large heavy-built stuntman for appearance, but facial details and voice would all be Lee Miller. I want Amazo to have some really character in him.
Thank you about Robert Lindsay!

Kakarot @ Thanks dude! And glad you liked the graphic stuff!

DaRaginScotsman @ Thanks about the choices and originality! And thank you about the posters!

NightAvenger @ Cavill would be good. Fassbender, massively overrated in opinion when it comes to the fanchoicing of him as Batman. If you dislike the other characters/actors from my ‘World’s Finest’ cast then I don’t know what to say, cause I’m going for an original new universe, not following the Man Of Steel or traditional blockbuster choices.

MCott62094 @ Thanks about Katic! I get the Talia Al Ghul need though, but I think for her to perform it in live-action I just vision it as a TV show and not a movie. Thanks about the rest!

bazinga85 @ Thanks about the effort and choices dude! Sorry you don’t like McHale. But still, glad you liked it and the plot!
Jolt17 @ Even with your little knowledge of the actor thanks about Trucco!
Thanks about Dempsey!
Yeah Bomer would work as Batman, I just have always seen him as GL, thanks though!
Well even if you don’t know McHale still thanks! And I’m glad you like the originality of the choice! (if you’re interested in McHale his most famous work is probably from the comedy series ‘Community’)
THANK OYU ABOUT STANA KATIC! Finally someone that simply views her as perfect for the role!
Thanks about Marsters!
Mabius appeared in the first ‘Resident Evil’ movie and starred in ‘Ugly Betty’. I’ll admit he’s still not well known. Thanks still that your glad with the choice and interested to see him.
In my opinion ‘Elementary’ is surprising great. It gets better with each episode. Although it is a lot better if you don’t think of it as a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ show. Like imo Miller is a great modern Holmes, giving the viewer the Holmes-elements that Cumberbatch didn’t in ‘Sherlock, but the rest of the show is very dodgy in a Sherlock Holmes universe but is still a great detective TV show. So I suggest watch an episode or two. Anyhow I’m glad you still like the choice of him as Amazo.
Yeah McAdams is quite a common pick, but I’ve loved the idea of her as Lois since when she was quite an original choice. Glad you wouldn’t mind her though.
I understand if you wouldn’t want McKellen as Alfred after being Magneto, I just thought with such difference in character and his ability a general audience wouldn’t mind. But glad you know he’d be good in the role, thanks!
Stephens does look like Fassbender a bit hmm. I think Stephens is like an English-appearance version of Fassbender (him being the Scottish/German). Glad you’d like him for the originality.

Thanks about the cast, plot, and ideas! I understand if you’d still want an origin, tbh I strongly wanted one but it was too hard to fit without it being strongly comparable with ‘The Avengers’. Still looking forward to your interpretation.
Thanks about the art! I understand it could do with work, but it was just more to give an idea than be certain great pieces.
(I think Martian Manhunter was primarily white in the early comics, but in the last decades has more commonly been black...well that’s what I remember being talked about on Smallville fansites when Phil Morris was cast)
Jamesob5 - 1/13/2013, 11:08 AM
Great cast ... I'm still not over Bale being done as Batman so here's mine. Check out Fill the Part, they allow you to enter your own cast for the Justice League:

*Superman / Clark Kent - Henry Cavill
*Batman / Bruce Wayne - Christian Bale
*Wonder Woman - Olivia Wilde
*Green Lantern - Ryan Gosling
*Flash - Justin Timberlake
*Aquaman - Bradley Cooper
*Martian Manhunter - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
*Darkseid - Michael Ironside
SuperDude001 - 1/31/2013, 7:46 AM
Jamesob5 @ Thanks!
Hmm okay cast, Timberlake I'm a but iffy on. Very mainstream cast that may cost a lot for Warner/DC but could work.
Checked out Fill the Part, quite nice, although I think I'll stick to CBM.

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