FANCAST: The Man Without Fear Trilogy

FANCAST: <font color= red>The Man Without Fear Trilogy</font>

Set in the current MCU, everyone's favorite blind super hero gets a fancast like never before, with almost entirely new picks!

The Man Without Fear
In Hells Kitchen, a blind lawyer named Matt Murdock who moonlights as the masked vigilante, Daredevil, faces for the first time the Kingpin of crime and his top assassin, Bullseye. While trying to maintain a healthy relationship with his daytime lover, Karen Page, and his best friend, Foggy Nelson, Murdock must attempt to take down his foes in both the courtroom and the crime filled streets.

The Man Without Fear: Elektra
Murdock's relationship with Karen becomes strained when a former lover of his, Elektra Natchios, returns from a long absence over seas. Not aware of Murdock's alter-ego, the deadly Elektra joins Kingpin as a replacement for the now imprisoned Bullseye. An attraction reignites, but Elektra's choice of employer leaves a rift between her and her old flame.

The Man Without Fear: Hells Kitchen
A now drug addicted Karen reveals Daredevil's identity to the Kingpin, putting all of Murdock's loved ones in danger. The now escaped and even more crazed Bullseye seeks to take revenge on both his replacement and the devil that locked him up in the first place. Conflicts are now personal, and of the four combatants, only one will come out alive.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my fancast for The Man Without Fear Trilogy:

Refn has more than proven himself as a director through films such as Drive and Bronson. These films both showcased his style, one that is ideal for an adaptation of Daredevil. If anyone deserves a shot at the charater, it's Nicolas Winding Refn.

Daredevil/Matt Murdock is a very hard part to cast. I discovered that many of my original choices were either too old (Guy Pearce), or far too young (Wilson Bethel). I finally settled on the excellent and underrated actor Lee Pace. Pace has the ability the convey a dark presence, as needed for Daredevil, while also being able to portray a genuinely likeable guy, for Murdock. Pace could play this part to a T, and give a truly memorable performance.

For Karen someone is needed who can play a sweet, innocent girlfriend, and also be able to turn into a heroin addicted porn actress. Guillory could give us both. She fits the role much better than her often suggested counterparts.

Foggy needs to be played by someone who can provide comic relief in the midst of a dark story. That person is Jason Segel. One of the best comedic actors working today, Segel also has a not often showcased talent for serious situations. His character would really ground Matt Murdock as a person.

Norman Reedus is my one and only choice for Bullseye. His talent as an actor is very under-appreciated. Reedus can play very serious, and very violent. He would nail the sadistic, murder happy Bullseye.

Noomi Rapace has more than proven her acting skills. And with her recent recognition by American audiences, it would not be surprising if she appeared in a superhero film soon. Elektra is the character for her. Her look and acting ability would really favor the character.

Although most often recognized as a comedic actor, Serafinowicz has a voice and stature to suit Kingpin. At six foot five, the voice of Darth Maul himself would be a powerful antagonist to the series. A fat suit would have to be used to thicken Serafinowicz out, but other than that he is set to become another memorable villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thank you again for reading. As usual, comment below, and have a wonderful week! And for all you men out there, please enjoy this...

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